13:08 Ticket #1936 (STASH section 17 diagnostics) created by csteadman
Hello, I'd like to output some additional fluxes, and I believe section …
08:41 Ticket #1916 (Modifying JULES at UM 8.4) closed by ros
08:39 Ticket #1888 (Task state not changing on exvmscylc) closed by ros
completed: This problem was part of general problem on MONSooN which the Metomi & HPC …
08:36 Ticket #1880 (My job will not follow re-submission pattern on a CRUN) closed by ros


13:32 Ticket #1934 (Rose test job does not build on archer) closed by earhg
fixed: Hi Annette, Thank you very much for spotting this. When I did module list …
13:09 Ticket #1935 (Unable to copy u- suite) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Matt, I was just going to say that to you! You do appear to have your …
12:56 Ticket #1935 (Unable to copy u- suite) created by mattjbr123
Hi, I'm attempting to copy suite u-ad131 from the MOSRS rosie-u repo so …
11:52 Ticket #1931 (puma is not working - I can't submit jobs) closed by ros
11:43 Ticket #1934 (Rose test job does not build on archer) created by earhg
hi I copied job u-aa774 (which is UM10.5) following the instructions here …
07:56 Ticket #1923 (CRUN not submitting qsub error) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Alex, Sorry I didn't get back to you. You should be able to tell if …


15:55 Ticket #1933 (UM Rose 10.4 job with extra CASIM code fails on extract) created by earhg
I'm trying to make a nesting suite in Rose (job ID on PUMA is u-af357) to …
13:42 Ticket #1932 (Rose-bush access locally) created by mattjbr123
Hi, Am wondering whether there's a way to view Rosebush in my local web …
12:11 Ticket #1931 (puma is not working - I can't submit jobs) created by im13009
Hi, I can't submit any job through puma. Every time that I type the …


15:23 Ticket #1930 (Moose - cannot archive (error 2)) created by s.mangeon
Good afternoon, I had a run prepared to run for 15 years (um8.4, nudged, …
08:58 Ticket #1884 (Pressure solver convergence failure) closed by grenville
answered: Ben Thanks for the update - knowing your solution/workaround may come in …
08:55 Ticket #1928 (Quota increase on /work) closed by grenville
answered: Simon Increased to 1TB — it may take a short time to be usable. …


16:35 Ticket #1929 (Running standard suite, FCM_make fails) created by mattjbr123
Hi, I'm in the process of learning how to use Rose to run UM tasks/suites …
12:00 Ticket #1928 (Quota increase on /work) created by simon.tett
HI, I want to run two sets of ensembles of HadGEM3-A at N96 resolution. …
10:45 Ticket #1927 (Ensemble running) created by simon.tett
Hi, I want to run an ensemble of simulations though with different SST …
09:51 Ticket #1926 (Start dump request (November 2009)) closed by willie


10:21 Ticket #1925 (FW: UM submit fails - timeouts during submit?) closed by ros
answered: Matt's response: If rose host-select xcm fails with "command timed …


17:01 Ticket #1926 (Start dump request (November 2009)) created by bharvey
Hello, Would it be possible to retrieve ECMWF start fields for the …
14:06 Ticket #1925 (FW: UM submit fails - timeouts during submit?) created by ros
Forwarded from MONSooN ———————————- Hi, I'm trying to run a …
11:51 Ticket #1924 (Modifying archive scripts -- not going to work/bin) closed by grenville
09:05 Ticket #1924 (Modifying archive scripts -- not going to work/bin) created by simon.tett
Hi, I am modifying the archive scripts to use David H's cf-archive to …


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12:29 RoseCylc/Hints edited by annette


17:56 Ticket #1923 (CRUN not submitting qsub error) created by ucfaako
Hi, This morning my CRUN (xmfck) stopped after 1 hour although it should …


17:41 Ticket #1922 (qsub submit file not found) created by l.j.wilcox
Hi CMS, I'm trying to submit my job xkukc as a CRUN, to run on ARCHER …
11:54 Ticket #1824 (MONC on ARCHER: Slow Writing) closed by willie
11:48 Ticket #1858 (MONC Segmentation Faults) closed by willie


12:12 Ticket #1910 (Obtaining data on the Met Office Cray) closed by willie
10:23 RoseCylc edited by annette


14:00 UM/MesoscaleModelling edited by willie


17:45 Ticket #1921 (UM FCM Tutorial - Running a job) created by ajamieson
I'm trying to run the tutorial job from this page: …


12:47 Ticket #1920 (umui submit failing on ARCHER today) created by dan
Hi All, My umui jobs are failing to submit to ARCHER today - the …


11:28 Ticket #1919 (where do I input my Archer username in a rose suite?) created by mrusso
Hello, after successfully running the rose tutorial suite I have now …
09:49 Ticket #1915 (Archiving directly into the /nerc space) closed by grenville
09:48 RoseCylc edited by annette
09:01 Ticket #1918 (N96 AMIP ancillaries) created by jonny
Is there a set of N96 AMIP ancil files somewhere that get updated from the …


09:16 Ticket #1917 (Archive directory) created by simon.tett
Hi, /nerc/n02/n02 seems to have disappeared… That means attempts to …


15:19 Ticket #1895 (Problems with new flux diagnostics) closed by annette
11:29 Ticket #1914 (Xancil OZONE issue) closed by jeff
fixed: Great!
10:17 Ticket #1897 (ACUMPS Diagnostic error) closed by grenville
10:03 Ticket #1748 (My job has stopped as I have unexpectedly exceeded the time limit 10800) closed by annette
10:03 Ticket #1901 (No such file or dir MAIN_SCR) closed by annette
fixed: It looks like you have been able to submit jobs again so I'm closing this …
09:53 Ticket #1904 (UKCA 8.4 nudging job) closed by grenville
09:28 Ticket #1909 (Error in routine: UM_WRITDUMP) closed by grenville
answered: Valerio Yes - that's right. I more frequently use SAFE (which is only …


19:03 Ticket #1916 (Modifying JULES at UM 8.4) created by csteadman
Hello, I'm adding an interactive soil NO emissions scheme to the UM at …
17:10 Ticket #1915 (Archiving directly into the /nerc space) created by valerio
Dear CMS helpdesk, I've been trying to set up automatic archiving of my …
11:45 Ticket #1914 (Xancil OZONE issue) created by dan
Hi Jeff, So I'm trying to create an OZONE ancillary from the following …
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