13:38 Ticket #1963 (Run failure) closed by grenville


16:09 Ticket #1926 (Start dump request (November 2009)) reopened by willie
Hi Ben, There are a few issues here. The GRIB API for 10.x jobs is not …
10:34 Ticket #1965 (UKCA compile failed) created by emxin
Here there, When I run UKCA, I was told that the 'build failed' (see …


14:33 Ticket #1964 (netcdf module for UKCA job) created by emxin
I started to run um-UKCA again (my last run was almost one year ago). when …
09:00 Ticket #1963 (Run failure) created by simon.tett
Hi, I have had a couple of runs fail last night with the following error: …


15:47 Ticket #1962 (Running LEM on more than 1 processor) created by harveynj
Hi, I have the LEM running on ARCHER but ideally I would like to run it …
07:54 Ticket #1961 (INCOMPASS suite fail) created by amenon
Hi Ros, Problem 1 Reconfiguration jobs …


12:59 Ticket #1960 (N96 on GA3 on Monsoon) created by simon.tett
Hi, how many node hours/simulated year does GA3 at version 7.8 need on …
12:05 Ticket #1938 (POLARIS UKCA run) closed by grenville
07:47 Ticket #1958 (RDF/archive problems) closed by ros
answered: Hi Simon, There was a problem with the RDF on Thursday night which was …


10:54 Ticket #1959 (Self-copying fcm.bld.lock) created by Emre
Dear People, I ran into a strange situation where my jobs (xmufc, …
09:03 Ticket #1958 (RDF/archive problems) created by simon.tett
HI, was the RDF behaving itself last night? I had a bunch of …


16:41 Ticket #1957 (Extracting data from netCDF files) created by simon.tett
Hi, I am extracting data from lots of netcdf files on the ARCHER archive. …
07:30 Ticket #1899 (qsserver failure in archiving) closed by ros
07:28 Ticket #1885 (FATAL ERROR WHEN READING/WRITING MODEL DUMP) closed by ros


18:02 Ticket #1896 (RosePopenError / Jinja2Error on job submission) closed by ros
17:51 Ticket #1946 (Frustrated by rose stem submission failures) closed by ros
13:48 Ticket #1956 (Increase Quota on PUMA) closed by andy
fixed: Quota increased as requested. Cheers Andy
13:40 Ticket #1953 (Getting a "disk quota exceeded" in my work directory) closed by grenville
12:24 Ticket #1956 (Increase Quota on PUMA) created by simon.tett
Hi, I'm running an ensemble of simulations on ARCHER. All use the same …


11:36 Ticket #1955 (Error message when opening gedit) created by tcowan
Hi HelpDesk, When I'm opening Gedit on ARCHER I get this error message: …


11:50 Ticket #1954 (problem with accumulated fields / time profile?) created by anmcr
Hi, I'm having a problem correctly archiving accumulated fields in the UM …
11:34 Ticket #1953 (Getting a "disk quota exceeded" in my work directory) created by tcowan
Hi Helpdesk, I'm trying to run xconv in my work directory …


19:25 Ticket #1952 (Rose edit search crash) created by mattjbr123
For some reason when I search for 'vert' (without the quotes) in rose edit …
11:52 RoseCylc edited by annette
11:47 RoseCylc/Hints edited by annette


17:55 Ticket #1951 (Unknown time profile error) created by mattjbr123
Hi, Having some trouble with STASH in Rose. I have some variables in the …
16:47 Ticket #1917 (Archive directory) closed by ros
16:46 Ticket #1920 (umui submit failing on ARCHER today) closed by ros
16:45 Ticket #1930 (Moose - cannot archive (error 2)) closed by ros
09:25 Ticket #1922 (qsub submit file not found) closed by willie
09:24 Ticket #1918 (N96 AMIP ancillaries) closed by willie
09:24 Ticket #1900 (UM run will only start in September??) closed by willie


17:33 Ticket #1950 (aerosol dry depositions zero everywhere in regional outputs) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I requested UKCA aerosol dry depositions, STASH items …
08:37 Ticket #1949 (Archiving failure at timestep) created by ucfaako
Hello, my run xmfck stops after running successfully up to a certain …


10:16 Ticket #1948 (Routine generating error: Atm_Step after 30 successful model years) created by ih280
Hello, I have three model runs (xltli, xltlj, xmveb) that are all …
08:06 Ticket #1947 (Model trying to read old file) created by l.j.wilcox
The model is definitely trying to read a file that's not there, but I'm …
07:57 Ticket #1946 (Frustrated by rose stem submission failures) created by ros
Hello Monsoon, I have been trying since Friday to complete this rose stem …


16:47 Ticket #1943 (HadGEM2-ES -- how fast) closed by ros


12:10 Ticket #1945 (job limit) created by simon.tett
Hi, I am doing data conversion of field files to netcdf by submitting …


14:16 Ticket #1944 (Building UM vn10.5 documentation on PUMA) created by markr
Hello, I am trying to build the trunk of the documentation checkout in: …


16:08 Ticket #1941 (Setting up UM environment variables on ARCHER (need permission)) closed by willie
14:33 Ticket #1943 (HadGEM2-ES -- how fast) created by simon.tett
HI, apologies for an urgent request. I am considering a proposal for the …
12:26 Ticket #1942 (Unable to build UKV job) created by kz821407
I am currently trying to run a global run to generate boundaries for my …
11:57 Blog: Mule utilities available on ARCHER edited by annette
11:55 Blog: Mule utilities available on ARCHER edited by annette
11:54 Blog: Mule utilities available on ARCHER created by annette
11:47 ToolsAndUtilities/mule created by annette
11:41 ToolsAndUtilities/UmFileTools edited by annette


14:33 Ticket #1941 (Setting up UM environment variables on ARCHER (need permission)) created by tcowan
Hi, I'm a new UM user and I'm trying to get environment variables set in …
14:13 Ticket #1932 (Rose-bush access locally) closed by annette
12:57 Ticket #1940 (Compiler License FCompL error) created by dstevens
Hi I'm trying to compile UM (old: vn4.5.1) code (on ARCHER) that compiled …


16:35 Ticket #1939 (Probel with new JULES routine (no rule to make target)) created by s.mangeon
Good afternoon, The name of the job I use is xmegi. The local branches on …
16:20 Ticket #1919 (where do I input my Archer username in a rose suite?) closed by annette
16:10 Ticket #1938 (POLARIS UKCA run) created by earhg
hi, I am getting some strange looking errors when trying to run a copy of …
13:28 Ticket #1937 (UNRECOVERABLE library error) created by anmcr
Hello, My job name is u-ae592, which uses Stu Webster's nesting suite, …
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