12:49 Ticket #2012 (change compiler settings for files/directories in Rose) created by luke
Hello, I'd like to be able to play around with the compiler settings of …


13:55 Ticket #2011 (Automatic archiving to /nerc) created by markmuetz
How can I turn on/enable automatic archiving to e.g. …
12:50 Ticket #2010 (Removing tracers from stash/ removing updates) created by vegan
Hei, I'm running into problems taking a working job (xmzh.a) computing …


10:04 Ticket #2009 (qsub: script file:: No such file or directory MAIN_SCR: Submit failed) created by Alcide.Zhao
Hi I'm doing the UM tutorial. my job ID is xmzde. I submited my job as a …


22:55 Ticket #2008 (Running WRF) created by simon.tett
HI, I'm helping colleagues at Glasgow with a proposal — providing …
16:36 Ticket #1979 (Suite error) closed by ros
16:26 Ticket #1984 (rose sgc not updating) closed by ros
16:25 Ticket #1986 (gcylc does not update status) closed by ros
answered: I shall close this ticket now, but if you encounter any further problems …
16:22 Ticket #1993 (DrHook setup) closed by ros
16:19 Ticket #1995 (qsub: Archer: Please specify walltime) closed by ros


09:37 Ticket #2007 (more disk space) created by lboljka
Hi I am trying to run a 30-year long run on Archer, but am afraid that it …


14:29 Ticket #2006 (Restart error after archiving failure) created by ucfaako
Hi, my simulation xmfcl stopped following an archiving failure, …
11:53 Ticket #2005 (retrieve deleted branch) created by marcus
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have deleted by accident a wrong branch. Is there …
11:49 Ticket #2004 (Reconfiguration Randomly Failing) created by s1374103
Dear Helpdesk, The job I am developing is behaving quite erratically. …


15:07 Ticket #2003 (UM version 8.5 (GA6.0, N96) with ECMWF start dump) created by a.chevuturi
Hello NCAS-CMS I am trying to initialize UM version 8.5 (GA6.0, N96) with …


09:04 Ticket #2002 (qsub error - n02 /work/ resources over limit?) closed by ros


12:16 Ticket #2002 (qsub error - n02 /work/ resources over limit?) created by ucfaako
Hi, I've been trying to submit a CRUN but been getting an {{{qsub: script …
10:52 Ticket #2001 (Moving files exceeds walltime limit) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I'm attempting to move a large number of files from /work to …


19:05 Ticket #1999 (Xancil for 3D user ancillary file) closed by earhg
14:25 Ticket #2000 (making ancillary file for ENDGame grid with Xancil) created by marcus
Hi, I am trying to create ancillary files to replace fields in a start …


12:39 Ticket #1999 (Xancil for 3D user ancillary file) created by earhg
hi, I have a netcdf file of ion production rates from radon which I have …
12:36 Ticket #1998 (Transfer from ARCHER to JASMIN using rose suite) created by cthomas
Hi, I am running a rose suite on ARCHER, launched from puma. At present I …


11:12 Ticket #1996 (Job submission from PUMA failing/permission denied) closed by vegan
fixed: Thanks, it now worked - I submitted successfully.
11:04 Ticket #1997 (no resubmit, xmrsm. Turning off radiation response to clouds.) created by 21001998
Hi, I have tried implementing a model run (xmrsm) where the radiation …


12:09 Ticket #1996 (Job submission from PUMA failing/permission denied) created by vegan
I'm having difficulties submitting a HadCM3-job (xmxb.a) via the UMUI from …


16:04 Ticket #1994 (Request for more disk space on Archer) closed by grenville
completed: Amulya Increased to 500GB — it may take s few hrs to be accessible. …
11:01 Ticket #1995 (qsub: Archer: Please specify walltime) created by ucfaako
I created a new job (xmfcl) from my job xmfck to continue the simulation …
10:43 Ticket #1994 (Request for more disk space on Archer) created by a.chevuturi
Dear CMS Helpdesk Can I please have more disk space for my work directory …
09:39 Ticket #1993 (DrHook setup) created by Emre
Deaar HelpDesk, I have been trying to set up DrHook on archer to do …


17:51 Ticket #1992 (Adding new prognostic tracers and reconfiguring them) created by luke
Hello, I believe that I have an issue similar to #1795, although the …
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