11:21 Ticket #2015 (UM Automatic resubmission using rose) closed by ros
fixed: Excellent. Glad you managed to get it cycling. I'll close this query …
11:13 Ticket #2022 (Failed to start rose job on archer) closed by ros
11:12 Ticket #2023 (Diagnostic information) closed by ros


17:10 Ticket #2013 (Requet fo rincreased quota on PUMA) closed by annette
11:50 Ticket #2030 (Archer job got stuck in the compilation and running indefintely) created by Emre
Dear Helpdesk I wanted to bring to your attention a situation which I …
09:25 Ticket #2029 (PUMA Account) created by isssjp
Hi, I no longer work for the University of Leeds and therefore no longer …


20:50 Ticket #2028 (UM jobs failing to build the codebase (can't locate ConfigEntry.pm)) created by gmann
Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk, This evening when trying to submit UM job from …


15:34 Ticket #2027 (GC3 model (copy of u-ac825) does not run) created by peterh
My suite is u-ai218, a copy of u-ac825 listed on the NCAS page here: …
09:12 Ticket #2026 (Startdumps required) created by shakka
Hello, Apologies if this is not the place to request these (if it is …


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14:01 Ticket #2025 (No resources allocated) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I'm having difficulty identifying the reason an ensemble of …


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11:48 Ticket #1997 (no resubmit, xmrsm. Turning off radiation response to clouds.) closed by willie
11:46 Ticket #2004 (Reconfiguration Randomly Failing) closed by willie
11:21 Ticket #2021 (CUMF Tool) closed by willie
10:53 Ticket #2024 (UKCA job runs for 16 days and then walltime is exceeded) created by dilshadshawki
Dear Helpdesk, I have a job, xlqqg which manages to give me output for 16 …


19:10 Ticket #2023 (Diagnostic information) created by s.varma13
Hello, I am trying to find more detailed information about cloud …
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14:27 Ticket #2022 (Failed to start rose job on archer) created by markr
Hello CMS I just tried to start a rose job on Archer (from Puma rose edit …


08:59 Ticket #2021 (CUMF Tool) created by s1374103
Hi I would like to compare two dumps (same date but different model …


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13:38 Ticket #2020 (ssh failures on archiving) created by simon.tett
Dear helpdesk, I get the occasional ssh failure (1 in 10 or so of …


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17:37 Ticket #2019 (Hybrid levels to pressure levels) created by ucfaako
Hello, I'm currently looking for a way to interpolate the vertical …
16:29 Projects/INSPECT/ShaCoNEMO-ORCA1-ARCHER created by annette
14:53 Ticket #2018 (Monsoon to Jasmin (python/iris)) created by s1374103
Hi I am running UKCA on monsoon and I archive the data on moose. I also …
10:50 Ticket #2017 (housekeeping error) created by amenon
Hi, In my nested suite, housekeeping is failing with the following …


16:04 Ticket #2016 (Fast-JX spectral fields required for UM-UKCA runs) created by ee10hp
Hello, A couple of us at Leeds have experienced UM-UKCA run failures over …


15:31 Ticket #2015 (UM Automatic resubmission using rose) created by oma
Hello, I've been trying to setup automatic re-submission (NRUN, CRUN) for …


19:01 Ticket #1989 (Error from routine file_manager: All units are in use, cannot provide unit) closed by jeff
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11:26 Ticket #2000 (making ancillary file for ENDGame grid with Xancil) closed by jeff


17:10 Ticket #2014 (Ancillary file error) created by valerio
Hello, I am trying to run a vn8.4 job (xmqhc); the job is submitted …


10:09 Ticket #2003 (UM version 8.5 (GA6.0, N96) with ECMWF start dump) closed by willie


14:56 Ticket #2013 (Requet fo rincreased quota on PUMA) created by s1374103
Hi, I have multiple branches checked out of FCM and I am running various …
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