13:48 Ticket #2066 (Removing UKCA) closed by luke
answered: Hi Cameron, That's great - I'm glad it's working. Thanks, Luke
08:26 Ticket #2075 (Increase PUMA space) created by pmcjs
Hello, I have currently exceeded my PUMA quota of 1GB but I need …


15:02 Ticket #2074 (Using MOOSE archiving) created by nfreychet
Hello, I'm trying to save output from a run using MOOSE. I switch the …
12:04 Blog: CF Checker 3.0.0 Released created by ros
10:22 Ticket #2073 (Problems with rearranged fields in 3d ukca ancillaries using xancil v0.56) created by ee10hp
Hello, I am trying to use xancil v0.56 to build some N96L63 multi-level …


19:41 Ticket #2072 (UKCA dust) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I want to activate the modal dust scheme in UKCA in my copy of …
15:08 Ticket #2071 (Quota disappeared) closed by grenville
fixed: Addressed by emal
13:21 Ticket #2071 (Quota disappeared) created by jscreen
My ARCHER quota has vanished. This morning I had something like 900kAU and …
12:41 Ticket #2070 (Ancillary files with Gregorian Calendar?) closed by grenville
11:56 Ticket #2061 (UM Nesting Suite: re-using LBC files) closed by dsergeev
10:47 Ticket #2070 (Ancillary files with Gregorian Calendar?) created by nfreychet
Hello, Is there a default directory on MONSooN with SST, sea ice…. …


13:53 Ticket #2043 (Nested Antarctic Peninsula runs failing on _FRAMES step) closed by shakka


12:57 Ticket #2062 (UM 6.6.3 jobs hanging) closed by willie
10:43 Archer edited by ros
10:21 Blog: UM Introduction Course (29-31 March 2017) created by ros
10:17 Blog: Christmas closure dates edited by ros
Remove from news feed.


14:08 Ticket #2069 (Monthly mean dump?) created by nfreychet
Hello, I'm doing a test run of 1 month 1 day on MONSooN with UM8.5 In …
12:40 Ticket #2068 (Simple UM suite from training not working) created by jmo210
Hello, I am fairly new to running the UM through Rose on ARCHER. I'm …
10:23 Ticket #2067 (XCM machine down?) created by nfreychet
Hello, Since yesterday I cannot connect to the XCM machine on MONSooN. …


10:11 Ticket #2065 (Startdump request: February 2014) closed by willie


14:58 Ticket #2066 (Removing UKCA) created by s1016670
Hello, I am trying to create a specified chemistry version (xmslk) of a …
10:21 Ticket #2064 (Startdump request) closed by dsergeev


16:59 Ticket #2065 (Startdump request: February 2014) created by rwjuea
Hi, Could you please provide me with startdumps for the following times: …
11:26 Ticket #2064 (Startdump request) created by dsergeev
Hi, Could you provide me with start dumps for the following times please? …
10:09 Ticket #2063 (files overwritten by gui?) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Thank you Annette. The rose editor GUI takes the state of the suite …


17:39 Ticket #2063 (files overwritten by gui?) created by ggxmy
HI, When I was doing UKCA tutorial 4-5, I added following lines to …
13:30 Ticket #2062 (UM 6.6.3 jobs hanging) created by jscreen
Hi I'm trying to run HadGEM2-ES (6.6.3). I have a number of so-called …
11:26 Ticket #2061 (UM Nesting Suite: re-using LBC files) created by dsergeev
Hi, I've got a small question about running the UM Nesting Suite on …
11:19 Ticket #2041 (Startdump request) closed by dsergeev
10:44 Ticket #2060 (submission fails) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Hi Luke, Oh my goodness. I did this earlier but I forgot about that. I …
10:34 Ticket #2060 (submission fails) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, My job at the end of the tutorial section 4 fails at …
10:11 Ticket #2059 (cannot create a branch for UKCA vn10.4 tutorial) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Hi Ros., Thank you. The first line solved the problem. Masaru


17:45 Ticket #2059 (cannot create a branch for UKCA vn10.4 tutorial) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I'm trying to go through the UKCA vn10.4 tutorial and in …
17:13 Ticket #2037 (Tcl scripts to create ancillaries from netCDF files) closed by dsergeev
fixed: Jeff, Thanks a lot! Denis
16:23 Ticket #2058 (MONSooN pretty slow) created by nfreychet
Hello, I am running a UM8.4 job on MONSooN with 16*8 cores and a low …
16:20 Ticket #2057 (Cannot access a wiki page) created by nfreychet
Hello, I would like to access this page on the wiki to have some …
15:42 Ticket #2056 (Archiving) created by simon.tett
HI, is archer archive sick? I'm getting failures from the archive step — …
10:20 Ticket #2055 (compiled jobs not running) created by Emre
Hello Helpdesk, In the last few weeks I came across some strange …


10:38 Ticket #2054 (qstat -u not working) created by s1374103
Hi Helpdesk, My model should be running, however, it's stopped generating …


14:40 Ticket #2052 (suite won't shutdown or run) closed by ros
fixed: No worries. Glad it's working now. I shall close this query now. Cheers, …
14:28 Ticket #2053 (Simplest way to run UKCA nudged to 2016 meteorology?) created by earhg
hi, I would like to run UKCA in nudged mode for a few months of 2016, …
10:21 Ticket #2052 (suite won't shutdown or run) created by shakka
Hello, I am trying to re-run suite u-ah710 at higher resolution than I …


14:21 Ticket #2049 (Disk storage space) closed by shakka
14:13 Ticket #2042 (Disk Quota Exceeded) closed by ros
14:12 Ticket #2048 (Cannot copy suite in ROSE) closed by ros
fixed: Problem fixed when MO sorted out Peer's MOSRS permissions.
14:10 Ticket #2039 (n02-TITAN resources) closed by ros
completed: Full allocation has now been transferred into n02-TITAN so closing this …
14:08 Ticket #2036 (Access to MONSooN from PUMA) closed by ros
answered: Closed due to lack of activity. Please reopen this ticket if you are …
12:24 Ticket #2051 (error when using new sst+ice ancils in HadGEM2-A run) created by jonny
Hi, I have taken the standard HadGEM2 N96 AMIP run modified this to use …


14:45 Ticket #2050 (UKCA Jan 2017 Workshop) closed by ros
invalid: Hi Andrew, This ticket should be created on the MOSRS UM Trac system: …
14:18 Ticket #2050 (UKCA Jan 2017 Workshop) created by ajamieson
UKCA Jan 2017 Workshop Task 4.1
13:12 Ticket #2049 (Disk storage space) created by shakka
Hi, I am trying to retrieve some UM output files from MOOSE, and am …


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14:46 Ticket #2041 (Startdump request) reopened by dsergeev
Hi Willie, Sorry to reopen this issue again, but I was wondering if it's …


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08:56 Documentation edited by ros


16:32 Documentation edited by ros
11:44 Ticket #2048 (Cannot copy suite in ROSE) created by pjn
I encountered an issue when trying to copy suites in Rose. Initially, I …
09:00 Ticket #2047 (Failed archive) created by simon.tett
Hi following fun and games over xmas when I had a whole bunch of …


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