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16:57 Ticket #2113 (Send message connection failed) created by mattjbr123
Hi, Attempting to get suite u-ak617 running on xcs-c (rather than xcm). …
11:51 Ticket #2112 (MONSooN permission denied error) created by mattjbr123
Hi, This is probably related to the recent computer switchover, but when …
10:28 Ticket #2111 (Problems with fcm make on the XCS) created by mhollaway
Hi, I am currently experiencing issues with getting a job running on the …


10:27 Ticket #2110 (Can't make ancillary files) created by feturner
I'm trying to convert a netcdf file to an ancillary file, but when I press …
09:36 Ticket #2109 (Sulphure ANCIL files for nudging?) created by nfreychet
Hi, I am doing a 30 years nudged run, with a 365 calendar. I am …


12:07 Ticket #2108 (ERROR: REMOTE_SHELL: not a valid TOOL) created by ih280
Hello, My job (xmvej) compiled and ran fine on MONSooN over the weekend …
09:14 Ticket #2107 (cannot logon to monsoon lander) created by s1374103
Hi Since yesterday I haven't been able to logon to the monsoon lander. …


15:46 Ticket #2106 (UKCA vn7.3 Simple Trop Archive fail) created by ajamieson
Trying to use the Simple Troposphere scheme at vn7.3. Job id is xmxwa. …
15:35 Ticket #2105 (code browser update) created by toddj
The list of available UM versions for the web browser is located at …
09:49 Ticket #2095 (Modifying dumps) closed by grenville
answered: Fixed by Simon - by modifying Alan's routines Raises the question of how …


16:45 Ticket #2104 (NDdiag Error 1183) created by ambrogio
Dear Helpdesk officer, I'm a PhD student at University of Reading …
15:23 Ticket #2103 (PUMA disk quota) closed by andy
15:06 Ticket #2103 (PUMA disk quota) created by toddj
May I please have my PUMA disk quota and limit increased from the current …
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12:08 Ticket #2102 (Startdump request: September 2016) closed by willie


17:55 Ticket #2102 (Startdump request: September 2016) created by rwjuea
Hi, Could you please provide me with startdumps for the following times: …


12:48 Ticket #2101 (xconv on ARCHER unable to open multiple month pp files) closed by jeff


14:18 Ticket #2098 (walltime missing upon submission to archer) closed by grenville
answered: see #2099 related ticked
10:40 Ticket #2100 (Activation of Nudging causes non-descriptive segmentation fault.) closed by luke
worksforme: Hi Michael, It's great that the job works. I'll close this ticket now. …
10:28 Ticket #2101 (xconv on ARCHER unable to open multiple month pp files) created by s1251469
Hello, I haven't used ARCHER in a while so it's possible something needs …


13:36 Ticket #2099 (Model xjbfj - Error: No history files) closed by grenville
10:54 Ticket #2100 (Activation of Nudging causes non-descriptive segmentation fault.) created by mhollaway
Hi, I am having some issues with the activation of the nudging routines. …


16:11 Ticket #2099 (Model xjbfj - Error: No history files) created by till
Sorry, me again - job XJBFJ, UM6.1. The compilation of the recon now …
12:00 Ticket #2097 (Startdump Request: August 2012) closed by willie
11:18 Ticket #2098 (walltime missing upon submission to archer) created by till
Hiya, I'm trying to submit a short test run with HiGEM, from puma to …
10:19 Ticket #2097 (Startdump Request: August 2012) created by rwjuea
Hi, Could you please provide me with startdumps for the following times: …


15:22 Ticket #2087 (UM fails in reconfiguration) closed by grenville
fixed: I guess its OK now.
15:21 Ticket #2090 (Nesting Suite Output problem) closed by grenville
15:19 Ticket #2092 (ROSE fcm make not compiling) closed by grenville
answered: Annelize In your case ROSE_APP_OPT_CONF_KEYS overrides settings in the …
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12:45 Ticket #2020 (ssh failures on archiving) reopened by simon.tett
HI, I've modified my archive script as suggested and still have a …
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16:45 Ticket #2096 (problems with setting STASHmaster location to repository in rose-app.conf ...) closed by luke
answered: Hi Ros, D'Oh! That's got it. The recon step has passed. …
16:19 Ticket #2096 (problems with setting STASHmaster location to repository in rose-app.conf ...) created by luke
Hello, I am attempting to port a vn10.6.1 GA7.1+StratTrop suite from the …
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11:15 Ticket #2094 (estimated cost and run time of running regional UM on ARCHER) closed by willie


12:53 Ticket #2095 (Modifying dumps) created by simon.tett
HI, I have a dump for which I want to modify some fields… I could do …


10:08 Ticket #2094 (estimated cost and run time of running regional UM on ARCHER) created by anmcr
Hi, Could you please give me an estimate of the cost of running the …


12:48 Ticket #2093 (Cannot submit on ARCHER) closed by ros
duplicate: Hi Fiona, I responded to your other ticket yesterday asking for further …
11:20 Ticket #2093 (Cannot submit on ARCHER) created by feturner
I am having issues with my password on ARCHER - it works when I log in, …


17:52 Ticket #2092 (ROSE fcm make not compiling) created by avanni
Hello, I have been trying to add a branch to my ROSE nesting suite job …
14:11 Ticket #2091 (Can't submit a job) created by feturner
I keep getting permission denied when I try to submit a job on Archer - I …
11:02 Ticket #2090 (Nesting Suite Output problem) created by tstein
I am trying to set up Stu Webster’s Nesting Suite following his guide: …


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10:16 Ticket #2089 (Archiving problem) created by Emre
Dear Helpdesk I am having difficulties in getting the archiving despite …
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09:47 Ticket #2088 (suite restarts from wrong month after shutdown) created by marcus
Hi, I had to stop my model suite u-ag542 on ARCHER and when restarting …


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13:47 Ticket #2069 (Monthly mean dump?) closed by willie
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.
09:50 Ticket #2051 (error when using new sst+ice ancils in HadGEM2-A run) closed by grenville
fixed: Hi Jeff, some combination of running the standard AMIP job to get a new …
09:04 Ticket #1589 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) closed by grenville
wontfix: Jamie I'll close this for lack of activity — unfortunately, these kinds …
08:56 Ticket #2058 (MONSooN pretty slow) closed by grenville
answered: Nicolas Without knowledge of the exact ARCHER run, it's not possible to …
08:18 Ticket #1842 (HadGAM2 failing in FCM_MAIN) closed by ros
08:17 Ticket #1617 (several problems in getting started with Rose and UM10.0) closed by ros
07:44 Ticket #2046 (RDF out of quota) closed by ros
07:43 Ticket #2027 (GC3 model (copy of u-ac825) does not run) closed by ros
07:42 Ticket #2010 (Removing tracers from stash/ removing updates) closed by ros
answered: Ticket closed due to lack of activity.


15:16 Ticket #2085 (rebuild_nemo utility not working on MONSooN) closed by annette
15:00 Ticket #1871 (Run failure) closed by ros
answered: For workaround to stop ssh failures in archiving see #2020
14:57 Ticket #1980 (UMUI not opening) closed by ros
14:56 Ticket #2077 (increase work disk quota) closed by grenville
fixed: Ying Ying Done — it may take a short time for the extra space to be …
14:56 Ticket #2047 (Failed archive) closed by ros
answered: See also #2020 which solves the ssh problem.
14:40 Ticket #2056 (Archiving) closed by ros
14:37 Ticket #2054 (qstat -u not working) closed by ros
answered: No further comment has been received so now closing this ticket.
14:35 Ticket #2057 (Cannot access a wiki page) closed by ros
14:30 Ticket #2067 (XCM machine down?) closed by ros
14:30 Ticket #2075 (Increase PUMA space) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Chris, Quota increased to 3GB. Regards Andy
14:29 Ticket #2068 (Simple UM suite from training not working) closed by ros
14:24 Ticket #2076 (NaNs in error) closed by ros
14:20 Ticket #2081 (UMRECON build fails) closed by ros
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