17:29 Ticket #2163 (Partial sum file inconsistent) created by mattjbr123
Hi, I'm getting the following error when running u-ak617 on MONSooN. …
17:10 umTraining/RoseMay2017 created by annette
16:58 UmTraining edited by annette


17:27 Ticket #2162 (Error with coupled model on ARCHER) created by acc
I seem to have come unstuck since early last week. I had the job almost …
11:52 Ticket #1803 (um8.4 with UKCA job not producing output) closed by luke
11:41 Ticket #2158 (cylc-7.3.0 problem) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Hi Ros., Thank you. I had actually noticed that rose-suite-run.conf or …
10:02 Ticket #2161 ([Errno 16] Device or resource busy) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I have been having a problem running a couple of my vn10.6.1 …
09:36 Ticket #2086 (Convert outputs to netcdf) closed by ros
09:33 Ticket #2121 (Restarting job, need modify_CICE_header for UM8.2 job) closed by ros
09:32 Ticket #2124 (Interaction with PRACE2) closed by ros
09:29 Ticket #2136 (Model misinterpretting orientation of ancillary file - emissions are ...) closed by ros
09:24 Ticket #2153 (Request for FCM account) closed by ros
09:23 Ticket #2156 (STASHmaster problems?) closed by ros


21:10 RoseCylc/Hints edited by annette
15:51 Ticket #2160 (vn8.4 Job failing to reconfigure) created by webber24
Hi, Am trying to get a vn8.4 job (xngxc) to reconfigure and was wondering …


09:33 Ticket #2159 (Failed jobs under CYLC on Archer) created by apm
I have had a couple of NEMO jobs fail on Archer, but can't work out why …


16:36 Ticket #2158 (cylc-7.3.0 problem) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, My vn10.6.1 suite, u-al426, which previously ran, does not run …
12:22 Ticket #2157 (JASMIN-JULES suite failing spinup) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Chris, Glad you're up and running now. In case it's useful I did …


14:51 Ticket #2157 (JASMIN-JULES suite failing spinup) created by webber24
I have a suite (u-ak720) on rose that is attempting to access a JULES …


18:47 Ticket #2156 (STASHmaster problems?) created by mattjbr123
Hi, Getting the following error when running recon or atmos_main tasks in …
11:29 Ticket #2155 (Startdump request) closed by dsergeev


20:25 Ticket #2155 (Startdump request) created by dsergeev
Hi, Could you please provide me with start dumps for the following dates? …


17:18 Ticket #2154 (Problem with a Global Reconfiguration job) closed by ros
17:18 Ticket #2154 (Problem with a Global Reconfiguration job) reopened by ros
16:37 Ticket #2138 (rose suite "stalled") closed by annette
fixed: Ambrogio, That's great I will close the ticket. I have answered your …
11:22 Ticket #2154 (Problem with a Global Reconfiguration job) closed by willie
completed: Closed as a repeat of #2151


15:32 Ticket #2154 (Problem with a Global Reconfiguration job) created by sam89
I have tried to run a reconfig Global job and keep getting this error in …
15:16 Ticket #2153 (Request for FCM account) created by jonny
Hi, I don't seem to have an FCM Trac account. Can one be created for me …
08:58 Ticket #2152 (HadGEM2 qsserver failure) created by jonathan
Dear helpdesk My HadGEM2 job failed overnight with a qsserver failure …


15:30 Ticket #2151 (Problem with a Global Reconfiguration job) created by sam89
When I set the reconfig job to run it seems to fall over straight away and …
13:41 Ticket #2150 (timestamp of .pa and monthly .pd files) created by eelrm
Hi, I have found that although I simulate volcanic eruptions on July 1st, …
13:00 RoseCylc/Hints edited by annette


15:54 Ticket #2149 (Creating branch of JULES v4.8) created by charlie
Hi, I am needing to run a JULES standalone suite, u-ai227, which relies …


19:06 Ticket #2148 (UM v7.3 ARCHER job giving non-specific failure in qsexecute after 50 days ...) created by gmann
Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk, I am running v7.3 UM simulations with an enhanced …


12:14 RoseCylc/Hints edited by annette
12:10 RoseCylc edited by annette
12:02 RoseCylc/Hints edited by annette
11:12 RoseCylc/Hints edited by annette
09:34 Ticket #2128 (postproc execution timeout) closed by ros
fixed: Conversations off line with Met Office - all permissions set up correctly …


08:33 Ticket #2131 (Activation of Nudging for dates after 2013 causes NaNs in BICGstab) closed by willie


13:02 Ticket #2133 (error opening shortwave spectral file) closed by ros
13:02 Ticket #2117 (fcm commit FAIL on xcs-c) closed by ros
13:01 Ticket #2115 (Cannot login to trac to checkout files) closed by ros
12:59 Ticket #1632 (ff2pp(vn8.5) on Cray(xcs) MONSooN2) closed by ros
12:11 Blog: Rose/Cylc UM conversion course (5th May 2017) edited by ros
12:10 Blog: Rose/Cylc UM conversion course (5th May 2017) created by ros
11:43 Ticket #2147 (Has the budget for n02-chem run out?) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Valerio, I've topped up the n02-chem budget. Cheers, Ros.
11:32 Ticket #2147 (Has the budget for n02-chem run out?) created by valerio
Hello, I tried to submit a run from the UMUI an hour ago (xmqhk) but the …
00:01 UM/SettingUpArcherEnv edited by annette


16:49 UmTraining/March2017 edited by annette
16:45 UmTraining/March2017 created by annette


16:16 Ticket #2146 (can't run UKCA tutorial) created by ajamieson
Dear CMS, I'm trying to run the vn8.4 UKCA tutorial (alongside the UKCA …
14:20 Ticket #2145 (Disk quota request) closed by grenville
14:17 Ticket #2139 (Archer permissions and ROSE) closed by grenville
fixed: see #2143 too
14:15 Ticket #2141 (ARCHER work quota exceeded) closed by grenville
answered: Bumped to 100GB Grenville
13:16 Ticket #2143 (Rose make error) closed by grenville
12:33 Ticket #2145 (Disk quota request) created by ajamieson
Dear CMS, Thanks for your help over the past couple of weeks, the …
12:03 Ticket #2144 (Sea ice edge error in UM with custom ancillaries) created by dsergeev
I'm trying to run the nested UM with "custom" SST and sea ice cover …
11:54 Ticket #2120 (Number of grid points in the Nesting Suite) closed by dsergeev
11:41 Ticket #2143 (Rose make error) created by apm
After my Puma disk quota was increased (thanks, Andy!), I can now progress …
10:18 Ticket #2142 (Puma disk quota) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Alex, Puma quota increased to 3GB. Regards Andy
09:08 Ticket #2142 (Puma disk quota) created by apm
I have a Rose job u-ak984. When I run the extract and compile through the …


15:48 Ticket #2141 (ARCHER work quota exceeded) created by harveynj
Hi, Is it possible to have my ARCHER work directory quota increased? It …
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