17:59 Ticket #2213 (Unable to submit suite because directory isn't empty, when it is!) created by charlie
Hi all, Sorry to bother you again, but please can someone tell me what …


13:34 Ticket #2212 (Importing suites into Rosie on Monsoon) created by apm
I am using rose on xvmsrose, and am able to see the u- archive of suites. …


16:32 Ticket #2211 (Urgent: unable to submit suite) closed by charlie
15:59 Ticket #2211 (Urgent: unable to submit suite) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you again, but I'm having problems starting a JULES …
15:21 Ticket #2209 (ssh to JASMIN) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Charlie, If you copy your jasmin ssh keys from your puma account to …
14:59 Ticket #2210 (ancil_versions_dm file missing) created by shakka
I am trying to run a version of the nested suite (id u-ai781) but am …
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11:23 Ticket #2209 (ssh to JASMIN) created by charlie
Hi, I am ssh-ing to the sci node on JASMIN from PUMA, but can't seem to …
11:07 Ticket #2208 (STASHmaster: Read operation tried to read past the end-of-file) created by marcus
Hi, I am facing the problem that during reconfiguration with modified …


14:13 Ticket #2207 (Submitting problem from PUMA) closed by ros
fixed: Great. Thanks for letting us know. I shall close this query now. Cheers, …
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16:32 UM/Configurations edited by ros
11:56 Ticket #2207 (Submitting problem from PUMA) created by jfgu
Hi, I got a problem with submitting a standard job. Please see the …


12:41 Ticket #2206 (Problem to log in Archer from PUMA) created by jfgu
Hi, I have a problem with log onto Archer from PUMA. The system asked me …
12:24 Ticket #2205 (Extending run with modified stash) created by toddj
I would like to extend a run with the new cycle to include additional …


10:44 Ticket #2204 (JULES run failure on Lotus) created by charlie
Dear Ros, Sorry to bother you yet again, but we are going back to my …


14:26 Ticket #2203 (Request for quota increase on PUMA) created by jfgu
I am now performing multiple simulations with different set up for …


15:16 Ticket #2202 (OOM killer during reconfiguration at UM10.7) created by toddj
Suite u-an240@43240 fails during reconfiguration, exiting with either an …
14:38 Ticket #2201 (Using custom ancilliaries) created by shakka
Hello, I'm currently trying to run Stuart Webster's nested suite for the …
12:43 Ticket #2146 (can't run UKCA tutorial) closed by luke
fixed: No problem. I'll close this ticket now. Re-open if you have any issues …
12:08 Ticket #2200 (Startdumps required) created by shakka
Hi Willie, Can I please have startdumps for May 22nd - 30th 2016, at …


20:37 Ticket #2199 (Tropospheric+Isoprene Chemistry in vn8.4 Release Job) created by webber24
Dear CMS, I have a vn8.4 job (xngxx) which I had run previously with …
16:47 Ticket #2198 (Problem creating branch) created by charlie
Hi, I'm having a problem creating a branch - I'm wanting to create a …


10:15 Ticket #2197 (Insufficient space for LOOKUP headers) created by marcus
Hi, When including the new SSTs in suite u-am585 I get an error …


16:41 Ticket #2195 (Request for quota increase) closed by andy
fixed: Quota increased to 6GB. Regards Andy
16:13 Ticket #2196 (Request for quota increase on archer) created by jfgu
The home directory of my account on archer is full. My job failed due to …
15:05 Ticket #2195 (Request for quota increase) created by jfgu
My PUMA account is going to reach the 3G limit. I have deleted old suites. …
10:24 Ticket #2194 (Replanca error when modifying start date) created by marcus
Hi, I am trying to set up suite u-am585 with start date 1960-09-01 on …


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10:14 Ticket #2109 (Sulphure ANCIL files for nudging?) closed by willie
10:05 Ticket #2152 (HadGEM2 qsserver failure) closed by willie
10:01 Ticket #2160 (vn8.4 Job failing to reconfigure) closed by willie
09:50 Ticket #2020 (ssh failures on archiving) closed by willie


14:59 Ticket #2193 (Problem with Euro4km Reconfiguration Job) created by sam89
Hi I am trying to run a reconfiguration job for a Euro 4km run (xnltc). I …


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16:33 AboutCMS/People edited by annette


14:47 Ticket #2192 (Cannot submit suite -- No host selected) created by marcus
Hi, I am having difficulties submitting suite u-am585 on MONSooN. It …
11:45 Ticket #2165 (Nesting Suite UM frame job error) closed by dsergeev
answered: Hi Willie, I'm running the suite for different cases at the moment, so …
09:07 Ticket #2191 (Reconfiguration problem) created by jfgu
My job failed because of the problem of reconfiguration. It is said …
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