15:55 Projects/eCSE-XIOS edited by jeff
15:55 Projects/eCSE-XIOS edited by jeff
14:53 Ticket #2240 (Unable to locate a modulefile for 'cray-netcdf/4.4.0') created by ambrogio
Dear Annette, I am re-running some jobs I had recently run (vn 10.5, …
12:43 Ticket #2239 (Nesting Suite re-run issue on Archer) created by tstein
Hello, I am trying to run simulations using Stu Webster’s Nesting Suite …
11:23 Ticket #2238 (Global model run on new monsoon system) created by LSaffin
I'm trying to run the UM on monsoon. I've taken an existing job (xjjhm) I …


14:12 Ticket #2237 (problem copying suite) created by skakala
Hi, I'm an external MonSOON user (userid: jozsk), Puma username: skakala, …


10:51 Ticket #2236 (Problem for submitting UM atmos_recon) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have a problem in reconfiguring the UM model. My …


11:24 Ticket #2215 (Global model running for 5 days) closed by willie
11:23 Ticket #2217 (60km run job problem) closed by willie


13:23 Ticket #2235 (incorrect suite passphrase) created by amenon
When I try to open my suite (u-ai540) GUI with rose sgc, I am getting an …
10:03 Ticket #2233 (cylc directory deleted?) closed by lboljka


22:22 Ticket #2234 (60km run job xnndf) created by sam89
Hi I am trying to run a job at 60km resolution. I am getting a …
15:02 Ticket #2233 (cylc directory deleted?) created by lboljka
Hi I was trying to run my model again after a few weeks and it suddenly …


16:50 Ticket #2232 (Compile idealized packages of WRF in old version) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I want to install idealized package of WRFV3.4.1 on …


14:43 Ticket #2231 (Have been asked to build a different version of XConv) created by markr
Hello, I wonder if it is possible to get the source for XConv utilities. …
14:43 Ticket #2230 (Met Office CICE branches) created by apm
I am running the GO6.0 NEMO configuration both on Archer (from Puma) and …


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17:29 FAQ_T4_F18 edited by ros
17:10 FAQ_T4_F18 created by ros
09:30 Ticket #2229 (Job only runs for a few mins before crashing) created by feturner
One of my jobs, xnfhg, has been running successfully as a CRUN but has …


12:00 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by ros
11:55 UM/Configurations/GA7.0-GC3.0 edited by ros
11:47 Ticket #2192 (Cannot submit suite -- No host selected) closed by ros


15:28 UM/Configurations/GA7.0-GC3.0 edited by ros
14:46 Ticket #2220 (fcm_make2_um job.err) closed by grenville
fixed: Fixed off line — added PBS -l mem=5000MB to suite.rc file


17:04 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by ros
17:03 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by ros
17:02 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by ros
17:01 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by ros
15:10 Ticket #2227 (UM fcm_make problem on Archer) closed by jeff
14:56 Ticket #2224 (Problem for submitting the job) closed by grenville
11:58 Ticket #2228 (Fail to submit a standard job from PUMA) closed by grenville
duplicate: Jian-Feng Duplicating tickets creates an administrative burden for CMS; …
10:59 Ticket #2228 (Fail to submit a standard job from PUMA) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I am sorry to open a new ticket which has the same …
09:41 Ticket #2226 (Run failed - DRLANDF1 : Error in FILE_OPEN.) closed by grenville
fixed: This seems to be running now.
09:34 Ticket #2221 (Job crashes immediately) closed by grenville
09:33 Ticket #2218 (Problem in running UM) closed by grenville


15:41 Ticket #2227 (UM fcm_make problem on Archer) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk: I have a problem of compling UM model when …
09:17 Ticket #2226 (Run failed - DRLANDF1 : Error in FILE_OPEN.) created by feturner
Two of my CRUN jobs failed immediately, with the error DRLANDF1 : Error in …


16:53 Ticket #2225 (MOSRS) created by rdeleon
I am trying to set up access from PUMA to MOSRS. The instructions say that …
15:48 Ticket #2223 (Can my puma default login be changed to bash ?) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Mark, Done. You'll need a fresh login to pick up the new shell. …
14:26 Ticket #2224 (Problem for submitting the job) created by jfgu
Hello, I have a problem for submitting my standard job from PUMA. My suite …
14:23 Ticket #2223 (Can my puma default login be changed to bash ?) created by markr
Hello CMS can my default login be converted to bash or is it still …


11:21 Ticket #2208 (STASHmaster: Read operation tried to read past the end-of-file) closed by luke
fixed: Hi Marcus, Great - I'm glad that worked. Any other problems, please open …


16:30 Ticket #2222 (libcif crayftn internal error) closed by grenville
worksforme: Mark I'd forward this to ARCHER if it hadn't worked for me - we see odd …
15:13 Ticket #2222 (libcif crayftn internal error) created by markr
Hello CMS, (*Note this is a copy of 969 on puma.nerc.ac.uk*) I am helping …
11:46 Ticket #2221 (Job crashes immediately) created by feturner
My job on Archer, xnfhg, keeps crashing immediately. Looking through the …


17:21 Ticket #2219 (Jobs keep crashing on Archer) closed by grenville
fixed: Can you add a few words to indicate what the solution was - others may …
10:48 Ticket #2220 (fcm_make2_um job.err) created by freyagarry
Good morning, I'm porting a coupled model suite that I got working …


14:10 Ticket #2219 (Jobs keep crashing on Archer) created by feturner
My jobs are crashing in Archer; when I check the job's directory in …
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