14:23 Ticket #2262 (Startdump request) created by dsergeev
Hi, I need a couple of additional start dumps. Could you please create …
11:11 Projects/ImpalaParaCon created by annette
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08:34 Ticket #2261 ("Disk quota exceeded" stops job building) closed by grenville
answered: Chris You're right - n02 have hit the of files limit. ARCHER will address …


16:42 Ticket #2261 ("Disk quota exceeded" stops job building) created by pmcjs
Hello CMS, I am building a UM job u-ap955 which got an hour or so into …
14:53 Ticket #2260 (Run exceeding time on ARCHER) created by vanniere
u-ap799 is copy of a ncas-training simulation (u-ag137) where a few stash …
14:13 Ticket #2259 (PUMA password reset) closed by andy
fixed: Reset by separate email. Regards Andy
13:36 Ticket #2259 (PUMA password reset) created by pmlac
Hi, Please can you reset my PUMA password for ssh access? Thanks, Luke
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15:46 Ticket #2246 (N216 reconfiguration to Global) closed by willie
fixed: Closed as Sam says the chain now runs. The xnpic issue is now dealt with …
15:43 Ticket #2258 (N216 job crashes when IAU is on) created by sam89
Created on behalf of Sam Clark: I have taken a standard N216 forecast job …
14:30 Ticket #2214 (JULES not resubmitting) closed by willie
13:44 Ticket #2257 (Error in number of PP headers) created by shakka
Hi (me again, sorry), I recently updated my list of STASH requests so …
11:50 Ticket #2148 (UM v7.3 ARCHER job giving non-specific failure in qsexecute after 50 days ...) closed by willie
fixed: Closed since no further response received.
11:25 Ticket #2204 (JULES run failure on Lotus) closed by willie
11:11 Ticket #2238 (Global model run on new monsoon system) closed by willie


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10:59 Ticket #2256 (suite will not restart because STASHmaster file not found) created by marcus
Hi, I am trying to extend an earlier run of suite u-an366, which …
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16:38 Ticket #2231 (Have been asked to build a different version of XConv) closed by jeff


14:58 Ticket #2255 (cfa broken) created by simon.tett
Hi, my colleague Tim Cowan has noticed some oddies in the netcdf we …
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10:44 Ticket #2253 (Cannot access um in rose to edit STASH) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Thorwald, Just to let you know that Stu has updated the standard suite …


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13:29 Ticket #1807 (new emissions file for new tracer) closed by willie
13:27 Ticket #1990 (Bit reproducability) closed by willie
13:24 Ticket #1905 (Segmentation fault when adding emissions to vn8.4 release job) closed by willie
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.
13:22 Ticket #1903 (Archiving to mass after job has run) closed by willie
12:52 Ticket #1641 (_pmi_daemon_barrier error) closed by willie
12:47 Ticket #1933 (UM Rose 10.4 job with extra CASIM code fails on extract) closed by willie
11:39 Ticket #2205 (Extending run with modified stash) closed by willie
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.
11:31 Ticket #2082 (Nested suite fails with error "Convergence failure in BiCGstab, omg is too ...) closed by willie
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.
11:30 Ticket #2053 (Simplest way to run UKCA nudged to 2016 meteorology?) closed by willie
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.


14:29 Ticket #2254 (UM parallel running problem) closed by annette
duplicate: Jian-Feng, This looks like the same issue as #2251 with your suite …
14:23 Ticket #2254 (UM parallel running problem) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have a problem in running UM model. My suite u-an747 …


15:40 Ticket #2248 (MOOSE error code = 127 when retrieving start file) closed by willie
10:05 Ticket #2253 (Cannot access um in rose to edit STASH) created by tstein
Hi, I tried to add new domain profiles in my suite u-ao745 so that I …


13:35 Ticket #2252 (Euro4km run running out of walltime xnotn) created by sam89
Hi Willie My Euro 4km job seems to be running fine except that it runs …


12:37 Ticket #2251 (Segmentation fault) created by jfgu
Hi CMS helpdesk, I have some issues with runing UM. I have a suite …
11:43 Ticket #2250 (Job stuck in queue on Jasmin) created by charlie
Hi, I recently contacted the JASMIN helpdesk, asking why one of my jobs …
10:25 Ticket #2201 (Using custom ancilliaries) closed by shakka


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13:20 Ticket #2249 (testing ticketing for LSM) closed by pmcguire
13:19 Ticket #2249 (testing ticketing for LSM) created by pmcguire


16:04 Ticket #2225 (MOSRS) closed by grenville
16:03 Ticket #2229 (Job only runs for a few mins before crashing) closed by grenville
answered: Fiona I assume this is OK now so I'll close the ticket - if not please …


17:34 Ticket #2248 (MOOSE error code = 127 when retrieving start file) created by eelgc
Hi, I'm trying to setup some runs on Archer with the Nesting Suite for …
17:03 Ticket #2240 (Unable to locate a modulefile for 'cray-netcdf/4.4.0') closed by grenville
11:52 Ticket #2247 (Compilation fails on ARCHER) created by vegan
For about a week or so I haven't been able to compile my jobs on ARCHER …


11:09 Ticket #2234 (60km run job xnndf) closed by willie
11:06 Ticket #2236 (Problem for submitting UM atmos_recon) closed by willie


15:07 Ticket #2246 (N216 reconfiguration to Global) created by sam89
Hello I have a N216 resolution start dump that I am trying to reconfigure …


15:57 Ticket #2210 (ancil_versions_dm file missing) closed by shakka
15:37 Ticket #2243 (Nested model recon step fails with UNRECOVERABLE library error) closed by shakka
15:07 Ticket #2245 (checksum failure in climate mean) created by s1374103
Hi Helpdesk, I have the following error message regarding a diagnostic …
11:44 Ticket #2244 (CG3.1 on Archer/MonSoon) created by ajd
Hello, I will be running a large ensemble with N96-ORCA1 at GC3.1, with …


13:26 Ticket #2243 (Nested model recon step fails with UNRECOVERABLE library error) created by shakka
Hi, I am running the nested suite and repeatedly getting the error …
11:13 Ticket #2241 (Error when trying to create ancil files with xancil) closed by shakka


17:15 Ticket #2212 (Importing suites into Rosie on Monsoon) closed by ros
17:14 Ticket #2230 (Met Office CICE branches) closed by ros
17:13 Ticket #2232 (Compile idealized packages of WRF in old version) closed by ros
17:12 Ticket #2235 (incorrect suite passphrase) closed by ros
fixed: Conversation continued offline. Summary: Arathy located processes for …
16:58 Ticket #1857 (Performance of Rose suite on Monsoon) closed by annette
answered: Closing ticket due to lack of activity. Annette
11:22 Ticket #2242 (Running large ensemble with Rose) created by ajd
Hello, In the next few months I will be running a large ensemble of …
10:42 Ticket #2241 (Error when trying to create ancil files with xancil) created by shakka
I have previously been able to create ancillary files from netCDF with no …
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