18:00 Ticket #2344 (GC2) created by cthomas
Hello, I would like to run some experiments with the GC2 configuration. …
13:41 Ticket #2343 (Problem creating ozone ancilary with Xancil) created by s1374103
Hi Helpdesk, I have created an ozone climatology netcdf …


19:58 Ticket #2342 (PUMA SVN repository on JASMIN?) created by pmcguire
Is the PUMA JULES SVN/FCM repository available on JASMIN? I can access it …
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07:51 Ticket #2325 (HadGEM2-AMIP crashing) closed by grenville


16:59 Ticket #2341 (Getting access to ARCHER) created by hcotterill
Dear CMS Helpdesk cc Helena I'd like one of my students - Helena …
16:38 Ticket #2340 ([FAIL] No hosts selected message when attempting to run a UM10.9 suite) closed by MJohnston1
fixed: Thanks Annette, That was indeed the problem - solved! Michael
16:18 Ticket #2340 ([FAIL] No hosts selected message when attempting to run a UM10.9 suite) created by MJohnston1
I've copied a working suite (u-at174) as u-at255 (a BOMEX-LES suite in …


11:38 Ticket #2331 (Suite stopped with running) closed by willie
11:19 Ticket #2339 (STASHmaster - description for STASHcode?) created by dbcl
Dear Help, I notice that there is no link on this page to the STASHmaster …


15:20 Ticket #2338 (puma password reset) created by laurahb
I wondered if it might be possible to reset my PUMA password? It's been a …
12:16 Ticket #2337 (UM reconfiguration problem) closed by grenville


12:54 Ticket #2337 (UM reconfiguration problem) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have a suite u-as905 to test a new branch. The suite …
12:52 Ticket #2336 (Problem with AMIP-II method of updating ancils) created by jmo210
Hello, I'm currently using monthly mean SIC and SST ancils and updating …
10:59 Ticket #2327 (outputting diagnostic 0-505 Land Fraction) closed by grenville


13:08 Ticket #2328 (Upgrade the suite for running with UM model of new version) closed by annette
fixed: Jian-Feng received help to port the suite to ARCHER (as u-as793) through …
11:17 Ticket #2300 (JULES trac access) closed by willie
11:06 Ticket #2310 (gcylc disconnects frequently from running suite) closed by willie
11:04 Ticket #2318 (deleting suites) closed by willie
10:43 Ticket #2319 (Nudging without temperature) closed by willie
10:42 Ticket #2324 (Disk quota on ARCHER?) closed by willie
10:10 Ticket #2326 (request for ancillary files) closed by willie
09:36 Ticket #2321 (postproc jobs lag substantially behind model run cycles) closed by willie
09:33 Ticket #2335 (Reconfiguration problem with UM) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have a problem when my suite u-as905 goes through …


16:18 Ticket #2332 (Problem creating ancillary file) closed by jeff
09:41 Ticket #2334 (JULES Trac login) closed by ros
completed: Hi Dan, Account created. You should have received login details by …
09:20 Ticket #2334 (JULES Trac login) created by dan
Hi All, Would it be possible to have a login for the JULES trac? (I …


17:04 Ticket #2333 (HadGEM3.1 N96-ORCA1 @vn10.7) created by ajd
Hello, I have heard that the CMIP6 HadGEM3.1 version has been ported to …
09:13 Ticket #2332 (Problem creating ancillary file) created by nfreychet
Hello, I am trying to create an aerosol emission ancillary file to …


21:20 Ticket #2331 (Suite stopped with running) created by s.varma13
Hi, My suite u-as691 has stopped with running after 2 years from the …
16:26 Ticket #2330 (NEMO crash on Archer under ROSE/CYLC) created by apm
I have been getting crashes in my NEMO/CICE configurations which appear to …
11:50 Ticket #2314 (Ancil gregorian files on ARCHER) closed by willie


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13:35 Ticket #2329 (xconv segfault) created by dan
Hi All The following (xconv 1.93) xconv …
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09:20 Ticket #2328 (Upgrade the suite for running with UM model of new version) created by jfgu
Dear CMS help desk, I have a suite u-am965 running well with UM10.6. I am …


18:18 Ticket #2327 (outputting diagnostic 0-505 Land Fraction) created by s.varma13
Hi, I am trying to output 0-505 "land Fraction in grid box". I have used …
16:06 Ticket #2322 (Increasing wall clock time for reconfiguration in Rose or UM 10.6) closed by pliojop
fixed: Ah, great. That has worked, thanks Willie. James
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11:36 Ticket #2326 (request for ancillary files) created by haochi
Hi I have a stupid question, where can I find appropriate ancillary file …
09:09 Ticket #2325 (HadGEM2-AMIP crashing) created by peterh
Dear cms-support, I have a set of AMIP HadGEM2 runs that are crashing …


16:49 Ticket #2295 (Download ECMWF Data For Monsoon) closed by willie


10:30 Ticket #2324 (Disk quota on ARCHER?) created by nfreychet
Hello, Is there a way to know how much space we can use on /work/ (on …


16:16 Ticket #2323 (Help with Lotus Queue Settings) created by dmhg
I hope it's OK to ask a couple of questions about running Jules on …
13:40 Ticket #2320 (Missing archi_submit file?) closed by willie
10:27 Ticket #2247 (Compilation fails on ARCHER) closed by willie
fixed: This solved the problem.
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