14:50 Ticket #2375 (convsh - reading in files from different sub-directories) created by mvguarino
Hello, Is there a way to read in multiple files stored in different …
10:04 Ticket #2255 (cfa broken) closed by willie
10:02 Ticket #2336 (Problem with AMIP-II method of updating ancils) closed by willie
10:00 Ticket #2348 (achiving on monsoon / mass / moose) closed by willie
09:59 Ticket #2350 (Any way to recover a corrupt pp file?) closed by willie
09:59 Ticket #2352 (Conversion of regular lat-lon netCDF to lambert conformal conic projection) closed by willie


16:22 Ticket #2374 (Nested model failing in the second day) created by pliojop
Afternoon, I have a UM10.6 nested job on Monsoon, u-au087 (comitted for …


18:57 Ticket #2373 (Time profiles) created by s.varma13
Hi, I have been running two suites, one outputting monthly means u-au333 …
16:26 Ticket #2372 (Code location after build on Monsoon) created by gn907779
I have a query about where the code lives when it is built on Monsoon. I …
15:04 Ticket #2371 (Start dump request) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I would like to request some (a lot of) UM start dumps, please: Every …
12:54 Ticket #2370 (all suites stopped) created by s.varma13
Hi, all my suites have stopped (u-au329, u-au333, u-au341 and u-au342). …


11:57 Ticket #2369 (EMS Atmospheric configuration) created by simon.tett
Hi, as part of the NERC funded ICE-IMPACT project we promised we would do …
09:52 Ticket #2368 (UM10.8 error on ARCHER) created by mbexgcd2
Hi, As part of my Rose training I'm attempting to compile and run a …


19:49 Ticket #2367 (Suite failed: Atmos Main - GET_EMFILE_REC) closed by luke
answered: No problem! All the best.


10:35 Ticket #2367 (Suite failed: Atmos Main - GET_EMFILE_REC) created by s.varma13
Hi My suite u-as619 failed nearing the end of its run with the following …


13:41 Ticket #2366 (Error in coupled HadGEM3.1 run) created by ajd
Hello CMS, One of my coupled runs just failed with the following error …
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11:13 Ticket #2356 (MASS archiving error) closed by ros
answered: Summary of response received: A bug has been identified in the latest …
11:08 Ticket #2353 (Moose/Monsoon problem) closed by ros
answered: Ticket passed to Met Office. A new moose credential file was issued.
11:04 Ticket #2359 (Moo get not working) closed by ros
10:50 Ticket #2355 (Disk quota exceeded) closed by ros
10:49 Ticket #2294 (No rule to make target error.) closed by ros
answered: Closing due to lack of activity.
10:48 Ticket #2291 (HadGEM3-GC3.1 on Archer) closed by ros
completed: I'm closing this ticket now - I believe you are now up and running with …
10:35 UM/Configurations/GA7.0-GC3.0 edited by ros
10:33 Ticket #2365 (All suite failed during run: Error from routine EM_FOPEN) created by s.varma13
Hi, all my suites u-as691, u-as927 and u-at655 have failed a long way …
08:35 Blog: Post-processing for ARCHER/NEXCS plus transfer to JASMIN released created by ros
08:22 Documentation edited by ros


15:09 Ticket #2364 (Compiling on ARCHER) created by cthomas
Hi all, I am trying to set up the HadGEM3-GC2 configuration to run on …


12:37 Ticket #2330 (NEMO crash on Archer under ROSE/CYLC) closed by grenville
08:55 Ticket #2361 (Requested STASH not outputted) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Ella, Glad you've sorted it. Regards Willie


13:31 Ticket #2362 (Increasing disk quota on Arhcer) closed by grenville
fixed: Jian-FGeng Extra space has been added to the RDF (it may take a short …
11:59 Ticket #2363 (Disk quota exceed - but where?) created by s1374103
Hi Helpdesk, I have some simulations running and they have all failed. …
10:56 Ticket #2362 (Increasing disk quota on Arhcer) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have reached my disk quota limit on Archer. I need …
10:38 Ticket #2361 (Requested STASH not outputted) created by shakka
Hi CMS, I'm having issues with getting the UM to output all the STASH …
09:24 Ticket #2360 (Cycling nesting suite fails after two runs) created by tstein
Hi, I want to run the Nesting Suite as 36-hour forecasts for 30 separate …


16:12 Ticket #2359 (Moo get not working) created by csteadman
Hi, I'm trying to get files from the MASS archive and it's not working …
15:29 Ticket #2358 (Cannot run UM Nesting suite on Archer) created by tstein
Hello, When I try to run my suite u-ao745 using "rose suite-run" on PUMA, …
13:05 Ticket #2357 (Restarting a suite) created by s.varma13
Hi, my suite u-as691 stopped. The final output file for the suite is meant …
08:26 Ticket #2356 (MASS archiving error) created by ajd
Good morning, I am getting an archiving error in my N96-ORCA1 run on …
08:06 Ticket #2354 (Standard suite u-ar930 on Monsoon cannot find metadata) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Laura, Yes, Jeremy has now sorted out the metadata. Glad to hear it's …


11:39 Ticket #2355 (Disk quota exceeded) created by MJohnston1
Hello, After doing some test runs, I'm now starting to attempt …


21:09 Ticket #2354 (Standard suite u-ar930 on Monsoon cannot find metadata) created by lm2612
Hi , I am running u-ar930, the standard suite for GC3.1, on Monsoon. It …
14:42 Ticket #2346 (Global Ancillary Issue in UM 10.6) closed by jeff
11:16 Ticket #2347 (Postproc/archiving to MASS errors) closed by willie
08:58 Ticket #2353 (Moose/Monsoon problem) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I’ve been trying to use Monsoon (user chwel), after the training days …


15:05 Ticket #2345 (Error in routine: eg_sl_helmholtz) closed by grenville
fixed: Nico Great - it's a pity there is no checking for this in the job set …
12:28 Ticket #2352 (Conversion of regular lat-lon netCDF to lambert conformal conic projection) created by ata27
Hi all, Sorry for this but, desperate for any advice on how to convert a …
10:56 Ticket #2333 (HadGEM3.1 N96-ORCA1 @vn10.7) closed by grenville
answered: Hi Andrea I think we discussed these things at the UM training. I'll …
10:37 Ticket #2341 (Getting access to ARCHER) closed by grenville
answered: Lesley Helena has an ARCHER account now. Grenville


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10:48 Ticket #2351 (Can't find source code when compling UM model) closed by ros
09:43 Ticket #2351 (Can't find source code when compling UM model) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have a committed branch of UM in Met Office …
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Update for postproc_2.2 release (diff)
15:58 Ticket #2281 (rose/cylc communication error messages) reopened by ros
Hi Patrick, As you are submitting direct from the JASMIN VMs this looks …
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