21:40 Ticket #2436 (Restarting a suite with a different budget) created by mvguarino
Hello, The project budget I was using ran out. I switched to a second …


09:45 Ticket #2384 (Error from routine: WGDOS Packing (f_shum_wgdos_pack)) closed by willie


13:33 Ticket #2421 (UKCA NetCDF aerosol files with Gregorian calendar?) closed by luke
answered: Mohit has kindly copied the data across to here: […] containing the …


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11:05 Ticket #2369 (EMS Atmospheric configuration) closed by willie
11:04 Ticket #2375 (convsh - reading in files from different sub-directories) closed by willie
11:00 Ticket #2389 (porting UM Rose suite from MetO-Cray to Archer) closed by willie
10:23 Ticket #2387 (Difficulty generating timeseries in nesting suite) closed by willie


10:31 Ticket #2435 (Archving data from Archer) created by simon.tett
Dear Helpdesk, I've a bunch of netcdf data on Archer - from which I have …


12:53 Ticket #2434 (Recovery of file on archive) created by simon.tett
Hi, In a moment of stupidity I overwrote …


13:35 Ticket #2431 (Can't stop or start job on Archer) closed by willie
11:21 Ticket #2433 (Total AOD with new aerosol scheme?) closed by luke
answered: Great! I'll close this ticket - please open another if you have any more …
09:43 Ticket #2433 (Total AOD with new aerosol scheme?) created by nfreychet
Hi, I am using the um10.7 with the new ukca scheme, and wondering if …


10:09 Ticket #2432 (disk quota on puma) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Chris, I've increased your quota to 3GB. Please tidy up as you go …
09:21 Ticket #2432 (disk quota on puma) created by mbexgcd2
Hi, Would it be possible to increase my disk quota on puma? I'm working …
08:51 Ticket #2418 (rosebud on PUMA) closed by willie
08:43 Ticket #2390 (Compiling vn10.9 with Dr_Hook on ARCHER) closed by willie


16:07 Ticket #2431 (Can't stop or start job on Archer) created by apm
I have been running a suite u-au980 on Archer through Rose/Cylc? on Puma. …
10:36 Ticket #2419 (Disk quota increase) closed by ros
duplicate: Duplicate of #2430
09:47 Ticket #2430 (Help for disk quota) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I created a ticket asking if it is possible to …
09:14 Ticket #2429 (Intermittent segmentation fault in UKV model) created by nx902220
I'm trying what you suggest in #2387 comment 13. It is taking a long time …


20:21 Ticket #2428 (Nesting suite problems) created by amenon
Posted from email: I have a suite in Archer (u-av692) which is a trial …


13:38 Ticket #2381 (Using the UM by international students) closed by willie


15:40 Ticket #2406 (Forgotten my passphrase for logging into ARCHER from PUMA) closed by willie
13:06 Ticket #2422 (RDF maintenance and data transfer from /work) closed by ros
fixed: That's great. Thanks for letting us know. I'll close this ticket now. …


15:22 Ticket #2425 (Error in buffin) closed by willie
13:58 Ticket #2427 (Problem with NEMO restart files) created by mvguarino
Moved from ticket #2422 as ticket covering multiple issues and becoming …
10:29 Ticket #2408 (Finding suite variables) closed by ros
10:28 Ticket #2405 (Error fortran compiler) closed by ros
10:27 Ticket #2394 (Archiving on ARCHER /nerc) closed by ros


13:32 Ticket #2426 (Email non-delivery messages) created by apm
While I am running Rose/Cylc? jobs on Archer via Puma, I get several e-mail …


15:35 Ticket #2425 (Error in buffin) created by nfreychet
Hello, I'm running a suite on ARCHER from 2013 to 2016 with Gregorian …
09:56 Ticket #2423 (mosrs-cache-password failed) closed by ros
fixed: This has now been fixed. Cheers, Ros


12:57 Ticket #2424 (CF problems) created by simon.tett
Hi, I think a recent (Friday?) update to CF on archer has broken it… My …


13:07 Ticket #2423 (mosrs-cache-password failed) created by sara123fenech
Hi I'm trying to ssh to exvmsrose however I'm getting the error below. …
13:01 Ticket #2420 (Can't shutdown and reload suites) closed by sara123fenech
fixed: I have now fixed this issue by removing the contact file in …


12:08 Ticket #2422 (RDF maintenance and data transfer from /work) created by mvguarino
Hello, ARCHER announced that next week (3 - 9 March) the RDF, DAC and …


15:21 Ticket #2417 (.ssh/config jasmin-sci1) closed by pmcguire
answered: Thanks! That's perfect. Patrick
12:14 Ticket #2421 (UKCA NetCDF aerosol files with Gregorian calendar?) created by nfreychet
Hi, Is there a directory with the gregorian version of all the new netcdf …
11:31 Ticket #2420 (Can't shutdown and reload suites) created by sara123fenech
Hi, I have just made changes to some LBCs paths that are required by my …
10:25 Ticket #2419 (Disk quota increase) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I am now performing some large-eddy simulations, which …
09:40 Ticket #2418 (rosebud on PUMA) created by haochi
Hi I have an old UMUI job and wish to convert into a rose suite, and I …


19:30 Ticket #2417 (.ssh/config jasmin-sci1) created by pmcguire
I can't find the documentation online for how to setup my .ssh/config file …
11:29 Ticket #2411 (Error during the main atmos step on ARCHER) closed by ros
fixed: Great. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers, Ros.
11:25 Ticket #2416 (Change project code for jobs) closed by shakka
11:04 Ticket #2416 (Change project code for jobs) created by shakka
Hello, Apologies if this is a silly question. Up until recently I've been …
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