16:27 Ticket #2458 (code browser update) created by toddj
Can we get an update of the UM code browser versions available? I'd …


17:19 Ticket #2457 (moo error) created by amenon
I am trying to access my data in MASS through Jasmin. I am getting the …
11:48 Ticket #2456 (startdumps) closed by willie
11:35 Ticket #2451 (adding new diagnostics in STASHmaster) closed by willie
07:23 Ticket #2456 (startdumps) created by shakka
Hi Willie, Could I please have startdumps at 12-hourly intervals for the …


14:45 Ticket #2452 (Reconfiguration problem with UM) closed by MJohnston1
worksforme: No problem! I think that somehow a branch that I am using is interfering …
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13:44 Ticket #2455 (slow job throughput) created by marcus
Hi, I am currently running two hindcast simulations (u-aw103 and u-aw881) …


10:58 Ticket #2454 (Archiving step 'fails') created by shakka
Hello helpdesk, Recently I've encountered a problem whereby the archiving …


13:47 Ticket #2453 (gscan seeing others suites) created by grenville
from Andrea I am encountering an issue on Monsoon where I am shown …
13:44 Ticket #2452 (Reconfiguration problem with UM) created by MJohnston1
Hello CMS Helpdesk, I'm having an unknown problem in which the UM_recon …
12:17 Ticket #2451 (adding new diagnostics in STASHmaster) created by haochi
Hi I’ve changed my STASHmaster_A file to output some variables(CCN and …


15:51 Ticket #2450 (Running UM4.5) created by watson
Hello, I'm planning to do experiments with UM4.5 as part of a future …
14:34 Ticket #2449 (n8hpc service "polaris" closing) created by markr
Hello CMS, some of the NCAS CMS team have logins to the n8hpc facility …


12:07 Ticket #2448 (How do I rewind to a previous revision of a suite) created by gn907779
I seem to have messed up my suite u-ar481 on Monsoon, so I want to go back …
09:46 Ticket #2447 (problem of "submit-failed") created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have a problem in submitting my job suite to Archer …


13:58 Ticket #2445 (Where is xancil?!) closed by willie
13:44 Ticket #2446 (Run MONC on Monsoon) created by cdaleu
I will like to be able to run MONC on Monsoon I will need an …


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12:43 Ticket #2445 (Where is xancil?!) created by charlie
Hi, Realise this is an incredibly basic and schoolboy question, but …
11:38 Ticket #2412 (UM6.6 code browser not available) closed by ros
wontfix: Hi Peter, I've taken another look at this and it is all set up in exactly …


11:20 Ticket #2444 (FCM Merge results in conflict) created by mattjbr123
Hi, Having some trouble getting FCM to merge a couple branches. In my …
10:20 Ticket #2443 (u-aw776: problem including tracers in lateral boundary conditions of ...) created by nx902220
Hi Willie, I have copied u-at199 revision 74133 which runs all the way …


16:11 Ticket #2442 (Permission denied error when I run 'rose suite-run') created by anmcr
Dear Helpdesk, I took a copy of Stu Webster's vn10.9 nested suite …[…]
08:25 Ticket #2386 (EG_BICGSTAB_MIXED_PREC error in forecast stage of nesting suite) closed by willie
08:25 Ticket #2440 (ERA Interim reanalysis fields required) closed by willie


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14:05 Ticket #2441 (Need to change a JULES file in FCM for build on PUMA/ARCHER) created by jcrook
I have run a UM8.2 job on ARCHER and now want to make a change to some …
12:27 Ticket #2440 (ERA Interim reanalysis fields required) created by anmcr
Dear Willie, I need to run the regional configuration of the UM from …


11:34 Ticket #2439 (Startdumps) closed by willie
10:38 Ticket #2439 (Startdumps) created by shakka
Hi Willie, I'm re-running an old job with a few changes and have …
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