15:56 Ticket #2484 (cray-netcdf(3):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for ...) created by laurahb
Hi, I'm getting the above error message when I try to run my suite …
11:31 Ticket #2483 (Problem running UM with Arctic CORDEX domain) created by anmcr
Hi Willie (cc Stu), I am trying to run the UM nested suite with the …
09:35 Ticket #2474 (New start dump request) closed by willie


17:50 Ticket #2480 (Suite failing in recon) closed by jeff
15:09 Ticket #2482 (reconfiguration problem...) created by ggxmy
Now I'm trying to run tewnb (created based on xlhub) using restart file …
10:58 Ticket #2481 (Vegetation fraction ancillary file) created by charlie
Hi, Was hoping one of you could help with a question regarding the …
09:22 Ticket #2460 (Porting MONSooN suite to Archer) closed by luke
fixed: Many thanks Alison. Please open a new ticket for any further issues. Best …


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13:44 Ticket #2480 (Suite failing in recon) created by charlie
Carried over from #2464. The suite copied from is u-aw739. …


14:56 Ticket #2479 (Compiler Issue - cray-mpich/7.5.5' conflicts with the currently loaded ...) created by pliojop
This looks to me to be a similar error to ticket #2299, where the …
12:31 Ticket #2478 (build failure) created by ggxmy
Now I have a different problem with compilation of UM vn8.2 regional …
12:10 Ticket #2477 (cray-mpich conflict) closed by ggxmy
answered: OK, thanks. Masaru
09:06 Ticket #2476 (convert hybrid pressure to pressure coordinate) closed by willie


15:25 Ticket #2477 (cray-mpich conflict) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, Compiling my job failed with messages like below; […] This …


12:09 Ticket #2476 (convert hybrid pressure to pressure coordinate) created by ajd
Hi, I'm trying to convert model output from FAMOUS (which I think is at …
11:45 Ticket #2450 (Running UM4.5) closed by willie
11:44 Ticket #2454 (Archiving step 'fails') closed by willie
11:42 Ticket #2455 (slow job throughput) closed by willie
11:35 Ticket #2442 (Permission denied error when I run 'rose suite-run') closed by willie
11:27 Ticket #2462 (cloud liquid content) closed by willie
11:21 Ticket #2473 (packing error (COEX (cmps_all))) closed by willie
11:08 Ticket #2470 (Standard HadGEM3-A suite on ARCHER) closed by willie


12:14 Ticket #2475 (Location of postprocessing main file on Monsoon) created by langtont
I'm looking at adding custom python scripts to the postprocessing routine …


13:47 Ticket #2474 (New start dump request) created by a.elvidge
Hi Willie Can I please request a new start dump for the following time: …


14:34 Ticket #2473 (packing error (COEX (cmps_all))) created by haochi
Hi I'm running UM10.6.1 UKCA model on MonSooN, my suite id is u-ay018. …
13:25 Ticket #2466 (NDdiag: "orography not of the right size") closed by willie
12:03 Ticket #2472 (Running a standard suite) created by laurahb
Hi, I've copied the standard HadGEM suite u-ab878@32706 (my suite ID is …
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08:01 Docs/PostProcessingAppNexcsSetup edited by ros
Update instructions to cater for control switches being in different … (diff)


16:09 Ticket #2471 (fcm make failed) created by amenon
Hi, I have imported a new branch into my suite and when I try to run it …
10:01 Ticket #2470 (Standard HadGEM3-A suite on ARCHER) created by laurahb
I am planning to run some HadGEM3-A runs on ARCHER. Is there a standard …


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09:50 Ticket #2468 (Startdump request) closed by dsergeev
fixed: Hi Willie, Thanks, I've copied the data. Cheers, Denis
09:27 Ticket #2469 (Access to UM code for Intenrational collaborator) created by simon.tett
Dear Helpdesk, as part of NERC's ICE-IMPACT project we are planning to do …


10:39 Ticket #2468 (Startdump request) created by dsergeev
Hi, Could you please create a couple of startdumps for me? These are the …


12:35 Ticket #2447 (problem of "submit-failed") closed by ros
12:35 Ticket #2444 (FCM Merge results in conflict) closed by ros
12:34 Ticket #2436 (Restarting a suite with a different budget) closed by ros
11:42 Ticket #2467 (Job submission failure) created by apm
I am trying to do a partial re-run of one of my NEMO/CICE suites (u-ao922) …


17:45 Ticket #2466 (NDdiag: "orography not of the right size") created by ambrogio
Dear CMS Helpdesk, I am trying to run NDdiag starting from a pp file …
09:58 Ticket #2465 (Puma: disk quotas) created by mvguarino
Hello, When I tried to log into puma this morning I got this error …
08:51 Ticket #2409 (Model crashing with no obvious error) closed by willie
08:48 Ticket #2438 (Problem with cycling nesting suite) closed by willie
08:47 Ticket #2441 (Need to change a JULES file in FCM for build on PUMA/ARCHER) closed by willie
08:45 Ticket #2446 (Run MONC on Monsoon) closed by willie
08:43 Ticket #2448 (How do I rewind to a previous revision of a suite) closed by willie
08:43 Ticket #2449 (n8hpc service "polaris" closing) closed by willie
answered: Hi Mark, Thanks for letting us know. Regards Willie
08:40 Ticket #2457 (moo error) closed by willie
08:37 Ticket #2459 (unable to shut-down rose suite) closed by willie


13:24 Ticket #2463 (Disk Quota Increase) closed by EmmaHoward
fixed: Thanks Grenville, that's come through fine. Emma
12:36 Ticket #2464 (Postprocessing for AMIP suite on NEXCS) created by charlie
Hi again, Right then, a totally different question this time and nothing …


16:09 Ticket #2463 (Disk Quota Increase) created by EmmaHoward
Dear CMS team, I'm trying to run the UM on Archer at N216 resolution and …


12:22 Ticket #2462 (cloud liquid content) created by haochi
Hi I was trying to calculate the cloud liquid water path. I'm using …
12:03 Ticket #2461 (Accessing data files that are currently on MASS and transferring them to ...) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you, but I'm having trouble accessing annual mean …


15:22 Ticket #2460 (Porting MONSooN suite to Archer) created by admg26
Hello, I am running a UKCA job on MONSooN which I would like to port to …
13:49 Ticket #2459 (unable to shut-down rose suite) created by emb66
Hello, I'm trying to shutdown a rose suite but something went wrong and …
12:09 Ticket #2458 (code browser update) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Todd, UM11.0 code browser is now available Cheers, Ros.
12:08 Ticket #2412 (UM6.6 code browser not available) closed by ros
12:07 Ticket #2412 (UM6.6 code browser not available) reopened by ros
Hi Peter, Whilst generating the code browser for the latest UM version …
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