15:07 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by grenville
15:06 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by grenville
10:03 Ticket #2609 (cdo error) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you, but I'm having problems getting cdo to work - …
07:51 Ticket #2608 (Help finding some model outputs) created by anmcr
Hi, I am involved in a model intercomparison project. Some of the model …


16:02 Ticket #2607 (Extract failed when running on ARCHER) created by pringle
Hi, Could you help me with an error I have been getting, I think I have …
10:35 UM/Configurations/Performance edited by grenville


15:51 Ticket #2606 (rosie copy not working in MONSooN) closed by ros
fixed: Great. I'll close this ticket now. Regards, Ros. Further note - …
14:27 Ticket #2606 (rosie copy not working in MONSooN) created by amenon
Hi, I am trying to copy the suite u-at734 in MONSooN using rosie copy. I …
12:37 Ticket #2530 (segmentation fault) closed by willie
06:41 Ticket #2605 (Archer archiving failure) created by jonathan
Dear CMS Yesterday morning (Mon 10th) at 0900-0930 both my Archer …


14:23 Ticket #2601 (Model stuck on "retrying" again) closed by charlie
14:07 Ticket #2604 (Problems in concatenating two NDdiag-processed PP files) created by ambrogio
Dear CMS Helpdesk, I'm having problems in trying to concatenate two pp …


15:46 Ticket #2603 (Errors porting job from XCS-C to ARCHER) closed by luke
fixed: Hi Ros, Success! Many thanks. I must have messed-up in some way …
15:15 Ticket #2603 (Errors porting job from XCS-C to ARCHER) created by luke
Hello, I'm having problems porting a working XCS-C vn11.0 …
12:14 Ticket #2602 (Mule scripts on ARCHER) created by mvguarino
Hello, where can I find on ARCHER the mule script umdump_year.py ? …
11:50 Ticket #2601 (Model stuck on "retrying" again) created by charlie
Hi, Following on from ticket #2597, I think I might have encountered …


17:30 Ticket #2600 (Can't run after extracting from puma) created by ChrisWells
Hi, Related to http://cms.ncas.ac.uk/ticket/2599 The submission …
16:39 Ticket #2599 (Can't extract JULES on puma) closed by ros
fixed: Excellent. I'll close this ticket now. CMS Note: See also #2586
13:13 Ticket #2599 (Can't extract JULES on puma) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I'm trying to run an old um8.2 job from puma. The job was ran on the …
11:31 Docs/PostProcessingAppArcherSetup edited by ros
Update software path on dtn (diff)
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16:43 Ticket #2598 (Error in reconfiguration) created by laurahb
Hi, I've made a copy of an existing suite and tried to run it (turning on …
15:20 Ticket #2597 (Mid Holocene suite "retrying") closed by charlie
fixed: Many thanks, it seems to have worked and is now carrying on with the next …
08:10 Ticket #2597 (Mid Holocene suite "retrying") created by charlie
Hi, My CMIP6 mid-Holocene production suite (u-ba469) is currently …


12:05 Ticket #2596 (Segmentation fault: address not mapped to object) created by shakka
Hi CMS, I'm having more issues with my suite u-ba502. I've tried to add …
10:50 Ticket #2594 (disk quota exceeded) closed by ros
fixed: MO HPC have increased disk quota.
10:37 Ticket #2591 (Postproc timeout) closed by willie


18:25 Ticket #2595 (Ensemble nesting suite in Archer) created by amenon
I am now up to run an ensemble nesting suite in Archer. But that needs to …
16:04 Ticket #2594 (disk quota exceeded) created by shakka
Hi CMS, I'm frequently encountering problems because my disk quota is …
15:20 Ticket #2589 (Error netCDF output) closed by jeff
fixed: That's great
14:54 Ticket #2592 (postproc timeout) closed by ros
duplicate: Duplicate of #2591
11:41 Ticket #2593 (Request for more disk space on PUMA) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Laura, Quota increased to 4GB. Cheers Andy
11:17 Ticket #2593 (Request for more disk space on PUMA) created by laurahb
Please could my quota on PUMA be increased from 2GB to 4GB? I've deleted …
09:41 Ticket #2592 (postproc timeout) created by apm
Is there any way to increase the walltime limit on the postprocessing part …
09:41 Ticket #2591 (Postproc timeout) created by apm
Is there any way to increase the walltime limit on the postprocessing part …


16:34 Ticket #2590 (Postproc error in UKCA/UM vn10.9 run ported to Archer from Monsoon) created by admg26
Hello, Archer UM/UKCA vn10.9 suite: u-ba626, (copy of u-ay489 which …
13:53 Ticket #2588 (lib-4205 : UNRECOVERABLE library error) closed by willie
11:56 Ticket #2589 (Error netCDF output) created by MJohnston1
I've been working with netCDF output on previous simulations. I copied …


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14:39 Projects edited by ros
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14:37 Projects edited by ros
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13:08 Ticket #2573 (Suite u-ba279 failing in recon) closed by ros
12:21 Ticket #2588 (lib-4205 : UNRECOVERABLE library error) created by nx902220
Hi Willie, I have taken a copy of your suite u-az946@85909 called …
12:04 Ticket #2587 (UMUI Tutorial 8.4 - Error while submitting tutorial job) created by jjas3
I am currently working through the UMUI tutorial at version 8.4 found at …


17:01 Ticket #2586 (Can't build JULES.) created by 21001998
Afternoon, For some reason I can't extract JULES when building my model. …
16:39 Ticket #2585 (vn10.9 vm. Nudging to model analysis output) created by admg26
Hello, […] I have been trying to get nudging to model output working …
15:26 Ticket #2583 (Stuck suites) closed by laurahb
15:24 Ticket #2584 (Pointing to branches) created by laurahb
Hi, I'm trying to reduce the amount I have on PUMA as it's near my quota. …
12:25 Projects/UMTraining edited by ros
12:11 Blog: UM Introduction Course (7-9 November 2018) created by ros
12:08 UmTraining edited by ros
11:51 Ticket #2583 (Stuck suites) created by laurahb
Hi, Last night my puma quota was exceeded so everything stopped running. …


15:26 Ticket #2581 (CMIP6 MH production run failing because of unrecognised stash item) closed by charlie
13:59 Ticket #2579 (replanca: pp headers do not match) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Ella, Ok, if u-ba502 fails, raise a new ticket. I'll close this one …
10:48 Ticket #2569 (Orphaned section in rose suite) closed by willie
10:46 Ticket #2568 (Postproc hanging on MONSooN) closed by willie


15:15 Ticket #2577 (Switching on monthly updating of vegetation fraction ancillary) closed by simon
fixed: That is correct. I'll close the ticket.
11:51 Ticket #2580 (Copying a suite but keeping a branch) closed by charlie
fixed: Many thanks. Sorry for the bombardment of tickets, by the way - I'll …
11:22 Ticket #2578 (Request for more disk space on ARCHER) closed by grenville
answered: Hi Laura Increased to 2TB Grenville
11:09 Ticket #2582 (Same error as before but never resolved: North/South halos too small for ...) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to raise yet another ticket, but one my suites has failed and …
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