18:04 Ticket #2682 (Model fails to write temp_hist.0058) created by swr05npk
With suite u-at580, I tried to run a MetUM-GOML simulation for 1.5 years …
13:47 Ticket #2673 (Temporary increase in RDF quota) closed by charlie
13:27 Ticket #2681 (Wrong no of atmos prognostic fields) created by marcus
Hi, my suite u-bc276 crashed and after restarting I got an error in …
12:15 Ticket #2680 (process central_ancilla used more than 10485760kB of memory on node ...) created by amenon
Hi, I am trying to generate some land ancilliaries in Monsoon. Three of …


17:14 Ticket #2679 (Ancil file timings) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I've been trying to run the UM with repeating emissions (1 year …
16:20 Ticket #2634 (update FLUXNET data to v0.6 on CEDA JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
completed: Version 0.7 of the FLUXNET data has been installed on CEDA JASMIN. The …
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17:11 Ticket #2638 (ILAMB for UK region only) closed by pmcguire
17:05 Ticket #2635 (ILAMB on par-single) closed by pmcguire
10:50 Ticket #2678 (Monsoon cannot find rose command) closed by jokea
10:13 Ticket #2678 (Monsoon cannot find rose command) created by jokea
Hi, I've been running the rose suite u-bc310 for a while now with …


14:36 Ticket #2618 (Error in CREATEBC causes frames step to fail) closed by willie
11:25 Ticket #2585 (vn10.9 vm. Nudging to model analysis output) closed by willie
10:55 Ticket #2658 (Porting suite from Monsoon to Archer) closed by willie
10:51 Ticket #2641 (ITD cleanup error in step_therm2) closed by willie
10:39 Ticket #2659 (fcm_make_um failing) closed by willie
10:21 Ticket #2677 (Archive job is stuck for a cycle) created by amenon
Dear CMS, Sorry to create too many tickets in the past 2-3 weeks, I am …
10:00 Ticket #2664 (glm_linkprv submit failed) closed by willie
09:31 Ticket #2667 (Start dump request) closed by willie


17:04 Ticket #2676 (New nesting suite job failing (immediately)) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I've set up a new nesting suite job (a copy of u-aa473 - Stuart …
10:41 Ticket #2670 (Reducing disk usage on $WORKDIR) closed by laurahb
fixed: I've now discovered that there's a directory $WORKDIR/cylc-run/jobid/work …
10:09 Ticket #2675 (WRF costs (and support) on ARCHER) created by simon.tett
Dear Helpdesk, I am planning a proposal for which, if successful, am …
08:45 Ticket #2672 (Archer disk quota) closed by grenville
completed: Added 1TB — it may need a short time to be usable.


16:36 Ticket #2674 (Problem with re-submission) created by aschurer
Hello, I am running a UKESM experiment: u-ba056 It completes the first …
14:27 Ticket #2673 (Temporary increase in RDF quota) created by charlie
Hi, Would it be possible to have yet another increase (temporary this …
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10:59 Ticket #2672 (Archer disk quota) created by amenon
Hi, I am frequently running out of disk quota in Archer /work. I deleted …
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15:17 Ticket #2654 (Monsoon account (mon_user_xuewa)) closed by willie
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13:41 UmTraining/November2018 created by dcase
13:41 UmTraining edited by dcase
13:23 Ticket #2671 (line information unavailable error code: 10 (Unable to get function name)) created by amenon
Dear CMS, I am runnning an ensemble nesting suite in MONSooN, that fails …
11:07 Ticket #2665 (v10.9 AMIP run) closed by willie
10:13 Ticket #2670 (Reducing disk usage on $WORKDIR) created by laurahb
Hi, I'm running some suites on ARCHER. I've got scripts set up to …
09:37 Ticket #2669 (Duplicate Stashcode) created by amenon
Hi, My suite u-bc555 is failing at the LAM reconfiguration with the …


15:09 Ticket #2668 (NaNs in error) created by amenon
Hi, My suite u-bc643 in Archer is failing in the LAM forecast job with …


16:19 Ticket #2667 (Start dump request) created by a.elvidge
Hi, Could you please retrieve the following start dumps for me… All at …


14:38 Ticket #2666 (iris xcs-c iris_sample_data) created by nx902220
Hi, I am trying to use Iris on monsoon xcs-c. I have followed the advice …


13:21 Ticket #2660 (Error compiling fcm_make_um) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Scott, Just to update, that the problem was caused by a configuration …
09:12 FAQ_T0_F12 edited by dcase


13:19 Ticket #2665 (v10.9 AMIP run) created by admg26
Hello, MonSOON 2 vn 10.9 ukca suite: u-bb701 I had a run which was …
11:01 Ticket #2664 (glm_linkprv submit failed) created by amenon
Hi, glm_linkprev of one of my suites u-bc643 in Archer is failing to get …


11:41 Ticket #2649 (Error when running a copy of the u-ak943 suite) closed by willie
11:40 Ticket #2648 (u-bc158 (copy of u-ba915) Job Timing Out) closed by willie
10:28 Ticket #2582 (Same error as before but never resolved: North/South halos too small for ...) closed by willie
10:27 Ticket #2495 (New suite failing at recon) closed by willie
10:25 Ticket #2491 (North/South halos too small for advection) closed by willie


11:01 Ticket #2663 (NDdiag issues: orography not of the right size + input fields required) created by ambrogio
Dear Willie, as per our conversation, I'm having some problems in running …


13:13 Ticket #2662 (Files appearing empty or incomplete) created by feturner
I've been running HadCM3 and am currently trying to convert the output …
12:37 Ticket #2661 (Submitting batch scripts via exvmsrose) created by m.couldrey
My aim is to try and run HadGEM3 GC3.1 on the xcs-c machine, but I would …
12:31 Ticket #2660 (Error compiling fcm_make_um) created by scottan
My UM model setup on MONSOOn has suddenly stopped compiling (first noticed …
10:41 Ticket #2657 (housekeeping not getting submitted) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Arathy, Glad that's got it going again. Cheers Ros.


17:46 Ticket #2659 (fcm_make_um failing) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I tried to run the um vn10.9 for the first time in a while. I copied …
16:43 Ticket #2658 (Porting suite from Monsoon to Archer) created by xd904476
Hi, I would like to edit a Monsoon suite so that I can run it on Archer. …
16:37 Ticket #2657 (housekeeping not getting submitted) created by amenon
My suite u-ay368 in Archer is trying to run a housekeep job and it is …
15:09 Ticket #2656 (File transfer from exvmsrose to a local machine) closed by jokea
13:23 Ticket #2656 (File transfer from exvmsrose to a local machine) created by jokea
Hi, I'm looking for a way to transfer UM output files from Monsoon to my …
12:39 Ticket #2655 (build-recon fails to find GRIB_API on ARCHER) closed by swr05npk
fixed: Hi Annette, Thanks! That works for me. I'm sure I tried something like …


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15:21 GA7cpuGraphNew.png attached to UM/Configurations/Performance by dcase
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15:19 GA7cpuGraph.png attached to UM/Configurations/Performance by dcase
15:18 GA7costGraph.png attached to UM/Configurations/Performance by dcase
11:08 Ticket #2623 (Jobs crash with error forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault ...) closed by willie
09:34 Ticket #2655 (build-recon fails to find GRIB_API on ARCHER) created by swr05npk
Hello, I have a 10.4 suite (u-az770) from NEXCS, which I am trying to …


13:31 Ticket #2654 (Monsoon account (mon_user_xuewa)) created by xuemeiwang
Dear Sir or Madam, I wonder when my monsoon account will be ready as I am …


14:55 Ticket #2627 (netcdf valid_min and valid_max; pp conversion) closed by willie
14:53 Ticket #2626 (Disc quota exceeded on RDF) closed by willie
14:49 Ticket #2621 (Jobs keep crashing due to negative pressure values) closed by willie
answered: Closed as no response from user.
14:47 Ticket #2620 (vn10.9 AMIP run PI control) closed by willie
14:45 Ticket #2615 (Job xoeda (copy of standard job antia) failing to compile) closed by willie
13:55 Ticket #2646 (Security issue running on Archer) closed by willie
13:53 Ticket #2427 (Problem with NEMO restart files) closed by willie
13:51 Ticket #2652 (Unable to register for TWiki) closed by willie


15:31 Ticket #2653 (Start dump for present day) created by lm2612
Hi I want to run a global coupled model, starting from present-day, on …


16:25 Ticket #2652 (Unable to register for TWiki) created by PinelopiLoizou
Dear Sir/Madam?, I am a PhD student at the Department of Meteorology of …
14:41 Ticket #2651 (Increase space on PUMA home directory) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Scott, I have increased your quota to 3GB. Regards Andy
14:20 Ticket #2651 (Increase space on PUMA home directory) created by scottan
Please can you increase the disk space allocated to my PUMA home …
09:41 UmTraining edited by annette


09:02 Ticket #2650 (Read buffer error) closed by dsergeev
fixed: My bad, the reason of this error is that I accidentally switched off …
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