18:52 Ticket #2822 (Issue with parameterized tasks in cylc) created by c.c.symonds
I am currently trying to set up an ensembled run, and I am having problems …
15:41 Ticket #2815 (Build error running UM8.5) closed by ros
14:48 Ticket #2821 (SSH error on Puma) closed by dcase
13:44 Ticket #2821 (SSH error on Puma) created by nfreychet
Hi, I am trying to start a umui job from Puma to ARCHER. But on Puma, it …


20:19 Ticket #2820 (no output from UM8.5 simulations) created by zliu
Hi, I run one simulation using UM8.5 on Archer but no output is produced. …
17:06 Blog: UM 11.3 created by dcase
release of UM11.3
16:21 Ticket #2819 (pptransfer hangs/fails copying files to JASMIN nopw GWS) closed by ros
16:20 Ticket #2819 (pptransfer hangs/fails copying files to JASMIN nopw GWS) created by ros
Symptom: pptransfer task hangs transferring files to JASMIN …
16:11 Ticket #2817 (missing variable for soil ancillary in Xancil?) closed by pmcguire
answered: I looked at the JULES source code for v4.9 and an example Rose/Cylc? suite …
11:33 Ticket #2818 (Best configuration for cycling time, wallclock time, total run length and ...) created by cbellisario
Dear team, To start with, I have a “philosophical” question about the best …
10:37 Ticket #2817 (missing variable for soil ancillary in Xancil?) created by pmcguire
Is soil_bulk_density supposed to be included in the soil-parameter …
10:27 Ticket #2795 (fcm_make_pp fails) closed by ros
answered: Closing this ticket now. Cheers, Ros.


11:11 Ticket #2816 (UM looking for non-existing days and ancillary problem) created by cbellisario
Dear helpdesk team, I am currently trying to run a whole year with the UM …
08:46 Ticket #2811 (Location of SST input file for HadGEM) closed by grenville


16:36 Ticket #2815 (Build error running UM8.5) created by zliu
Hi, I get an error when running UM8.5 with umui. The error shows as …
15:02 Ticket #2814 (JULES base repository extract failed) created by zliu
Hi, I am running UM8.5 with umui. But JULES base repository extract …
09:50 Ticket #2812 (puma disk quota exceeded) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Zhen, I've increased your quota to 3GB. Please read …
09:44 Ticket #2813 (standard GA7.1 AMIP runs for CMIP6 project on Archer) created by zliu
Hello, I am wondering if there are some standard GA7.1 AMIP runs for …


23:05 Ticket #2812 (puma disk quota exceeded) created by zliu
Hello, If possible, may I ask to increase my disk quota to 5G on Puma? I …
16:38 Ticket #2808 (UKESM with Offline oxidants) closed by lm2612
fixed: Hi Luke, Thank you for this. I'll go with the vn10.7 GC3.1, if that is …
09:27 Ticket #2811 (Location of SST input file for HadGEM) created by cbellisario
Dear helpdesk team, Here is a quick question to locate where the SST …


16:44 Ticket #2810 ("Non-standard period for periodic data" error during glm recon when using ...) created by shakka
Hi, I am trying to run suite u-be285 using N512 ancils created from ECMWF …
12:18 Ticket #2788 (SO2 emissions in GA7.x) closed by willie
11:51 Ticket #2781 (CMIP6 aerosol emissions) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Zhen, These are UM ancillary files and are designed to be read by the …
11:46 Ticket #2774 (running nudged simulation with HadGEM3 GA7.1 on Archer) closed by willie
fixed: The first part is addressed in #2784. The initial data is addressed in …
11:37 Ticket #2805 (ARCHER UM11.3 installation has defects.) closed by mdalvi
fixed: Hi Dave, Yes, my suite has run overnight using vn11.3 ctldata/ Thanks …
10:12 Ticket #2784 (transient SST and sea ice) closed by willie
09:19 Ticket #2809 (Problem submitting job) created by ggcdcb
Hi, I am trying to submit a job and had followed the process to run an …


16:54 Ticket #2808 (UKESM with Offline oxidants) created by lm2612
Hi I am running suite u-bg778, which is a copy of the UKESM suite, with …
15:10 Ticket #2806 (Suite will not run - empty gcylc window) closed by shakka
15:01 Ticket #2807 (SCRATCH on Puma) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Lauren, You now have a scratch directory in /export/puma/data-01/eelrm …
14:10 Ticket #2799 (Job keeps getting stuck "submit-retrying") closed by ros
fixed: I will close this ticket now. If you find the problem hasn't been fixed …
13:50 Ticket #2807 (SCRATCH on Puma) created by eelrm
Hi, I'm trying to run the UM training jobs, specifically exercise 7.4. …
11:20 Ticket #2806 (Suite will not run - empty gcylc window) created by shakka
Hi helpdesk, I am trying to re-run a suite that has previously run fine, …


09:03 Ticket #2805 (ARCHER UM11.3 installation has defects.) created by mdalvi
Some vertical level namelists from the UM11.3 installation under …


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16:27 FAQ_T0_F12 edited by dcase
16:25 FAQ_T0_F12 edited by dcase
15:03 Ticket #2804 (so2 emission output) created by zliu
Hi, I am running simulations with UM10.7. In the STASH, I output monthly …
09:21 Ticket #2803 (aerosol optical depth in UM10.7) created by zliu
Hi, In UM10.7,I try to add some aerosol optical depth (e.g. sulfate) into …


22:48 Ticket #2802 (nudging with cmip6 emissions on Archer) created by zliu
Hi, I am using UM10.7, GA7.1 to do some nudged experiments with CMIP6 …
14:00 Ticket #2796 (error after finish the jobs) closed by zliu
completed: Hi Ros. I see. Get it and many thanks. Cheers, zhen
13:35 Ticket #2801 (convert hybrid height to pressure coordinate) created by zliu
Hi, Is there any tools to transform UM output from height into pressure …


18:38 Ticket #2800 (help with porting JULES SINCLAIR suite to CEDA JASMIN) created by awright
Can you help with getting a copy of the JULES SINCLAIR suite u-am110


22:53 Ticket #2799 (Job keeps getting stuck "submit-retrying") created by scottan
Dear help desk, My job keeps getting stuck at the "submit-retrying" …
17:18 Ticket #2785 (Netcdf ncdump on xcs-c) closed by ros
17:15 Ticket #2780 (out of cpu resources u-be699) closed by ros
fixed: Suite successfully running, so closing this ticket now.
17:11 Ticket #2772 (qsub bug) closed by ros
answered: Assuming all was well after application of patch. Closing this ticket …
17:08 Ticket #2761 (rose suite-run hanging on MONSooN) closed by ros
fixed: I'm assuming this was fixed by the patch and am closing this query now. …
17:04 Ticket #2798 (rose submission failure) closed by ros
16:38 Ticket #2762 (Converting the x-axis to the same format as the JULES suite) closed by pmcguire
16:38 Ticket #2762 (Converting the x-axis to the same format as the JULES suite) reopened by pmcguire
I have helped Noel Clancy to understand how to use Iris and quickplot in …
15:56 Ticket #2798 (rose submission failure) created by ggxmy
Just to note. My submission of rose suite encountered a failure; […] …
14:06 Ticket #2779 (Model still failing after this morning's reboot.) closed by willie
duplicate: This is continued in ticket:2794
10:25 Ticket #2797 (sulphur dioxide emissions and open sea surface temp after timestep) created by zliu
Hi, I am trying to output monthly sulphur dioxide emissions and daily …
10:06 Ticket #2796 (error after finish the jobs) created by zliu
Hi, I got an error after the model finished simulations (produce output …
08:46 Ticket #2787 (Start year issues) closed by ChrisWells


13:36 Ticket #2756 (Can't add STASH in Rose UI because of import widget error) closed by ros
13:35 Ticket #2749 (Difficulty migrating to xcslc0) closed by ros
11:54 Ticket #2795 (fcm_make_pp fails) created by ajd
Hi CMS, I am trying to re-run a couple of years of a completed simulation …


12:15 Ticket #2794 (Increasing the model time step to get over an error?) created by ha392
Hello, My model has stopped working due to an error that we believe we …


14:02 Ticket #2793 (GA7.1 with 38 vertical layers) created by zliu
Hi, Is there any suite on Archer using GA7.1 with 38 vertical layers? …


16:10 Ticket #2790 (failure in fcm_make_um) closed by ggxmy
fixed: HI Grenville, NO. I applied for UM and UKCA training courses and my …
12:21 Ticket #2792 (FCM now) closed by ggxmy
11:16 Ticket #2792 (FCM now) created by ggxmy
Now that exvmsrose is retiring, which computer should I be logged in to do …
11:02 Ticket #2789 (not connected...) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Hi Ros., Thank you for your help. I managed to stop the run and resubmit …
11:01 Ticket #2791 (Optimal cycling/queueing/wall-clock time) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you, but now that (I think, at least) my Eocene …


16:23 Ticket #2790 (failure in fcm_make_um) created by ggxmy
This may be another basic problem. Now I submitted the job u-bg140 but …
14:28 Ticket #2789 (not connected...) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I tried a couple of times to run my UM suite in these few days …
11:16 Ticket #2788 (SO2 emissions in GA7.x) created by zliu
Hi, For SO2 emissions in GA7.x, how many levels should we have? Just one …


18:30 Ticket #2281 (rose/cylc communication error messages) closed by pmcguire
fixed: Both myself and Azin Wright are now changed over to using jasmin-cylc …
18:08 Ticket #2787 (Start year issues) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I've been trying to run a copy of the Historical UKESM suite (mine is …
15:08 Ticket #2786 (Switching off dynamical vegetation) closed by ChrisWells
fixed: Hi Yongming, Thanks! I'll close this ticket now, Cheers, Chris
13:34 Ticket #2783 (Initial conditions) closed by willie
10:14 Ticket #2742 (Nesting suite in free-running mode) closed by willie


15:13 Ticket #2786 (Switching off dynamical vegetation) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I'm going to use UKESM to do emissions perturbation experiments, and, …
11:04 UM/Configurations/UKESM/RelNotes1.0 edited by jwalton


12:16 Ticket #2762 (Converting the x-axis to the same format as the JULES suite) closed by pmcguire


10:30 Ticket #2785 (Netcdf ncdump on xcs-c) created by m.couldrey
Hi CMS I was trying to inspect some NEMO restart files on xcs-c (in …
10:27 Ticket #2784 (transient SST and sea ice) created by zliu
Hi, I would like to run present-day transient simulations with HadGEM3 …
10:25 Ticket #2783 (Initial conditions) created by zliu
Hi, I would like to run present-day transient simulations with HadGEM3 …


18:21 Ticket #2782 (packages for Rose 2019.01.0) created by mjm
I'm seeking to install rosie, rose and cylc on a university cluster, and …
15:48 Ticket #2781 (CMIP6 aerosol emissions) created by zliu
Hi, Do we get historical CMIP6 aerosol emissions from 1850 to 2014 on …


14:01 Ticket #2771 (Error in rose suite-run on xcslc0; SITE is undefined (u-bf393)) closed by dcase
fixed: It seems likely as things were being written to /projects/ukca-ox and …
13:59 Ticket #2770 (Transferring data from Monsoon to JASMIN) closed by willie
13:58 Ticket #2768 (UKESM start dump) closed by willie
13:56 Ticket #2764 (Job failed at fcm_make_um (u-bc158)) closed by willie
13:53 Ticket #2760 (Jobs stuck at previous cycle but has carried on somehow (u-be496, u-be497, ...) closed by willie
13:48 Ticket #2577 (Switching on monthly updating of vegetation fraction ancillary) closed by willie
13:44 Ticket #2699 (Long hindcast runs: outputting latter part of forecast to minimise data ...) closed by willie
13:43 Ticket #2703 (Submitting CMIP6 preindustrial control) closed by willie
13:40 Ticket #2734 (Mismatch between model_basis_time and validity time when starting run) closed by willie
13:35 Ticket #2745 (Error archiving to mass) closed by willie
13:30 Ticket #2751 (Disk quota exceeded in Archer) closed by willie
13:29 Ticket #2753 (Compilation error: UKCA Release Job - UM11.0 - Nudged on ARCHER) closed by willie
13:24 Ticket #2754 (Suite fails at fcm_make: module command not found) closed by willie
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