12:00 Ticket #2944 (Jobs not running - job limit reached) created by cwc46
Dear Helpdesk, I have 6 jobs running concurrently (u-bj396, u-bj397, …
09:02 Ticket #2943 (Error with Python?) created by ha392
Hello, Hopefully this will be an easy question. I have a process calling …


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10:44 Ticket #2916 (Disk quota exceeded on ARCHER 'work' directory) closed by willie


16:16 Ticket #2942 (unable to submit to Monsoon2 via UMUI) closed by luke
14:02 Ticket #2942 (unable to submit to Monsoon2 via UMUI) created by luke
I'm trying to submit a vn7.3 job (I know, I know…) to the XCS-C. I have …
13:03 Ticket #2889 (Problems with fcm make on ARCHER) closed by grenville
answered: Closed for lack of activity
12:38 Ticket #2894 (Copying a Met Office suite to Archer, vn10.7 GA7.1) closed by grenville
12:37 Ticket #2910 (fcam_make2 error) closed by grenville
11:59 Ticket #2937 (Issues with fcm_make_pp failing on MONSooN) closed by grenville
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Script to get a GRIB start dump on ECMWF
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Script to get start dumps on MONSooN
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17:58 Ticket #2940 (Calling NEMO/CICE experts) closed by mvguarino


08:27 Ticket #2941 (Suite u-bj799 failing during couple) created by xd904476
Hi, I have copied suite u-be699 and restarted it in 2014 with some …


17:23 Ticket #2940 (Calling NEMO/CICE experts) created by mvguarino
Hello helpdesk team, My suite u-bj869 is crashing for a NEMO-related …


17:46 Ticket #2939 (Calendar type gregorian not recognised) created by yaweiqu
Hi, I am using UM11.2 UKESM to do some nudging simulations. I'm trying to …
13:56 Ticket #2938 (Soil tiling in offline simulations) created by mtodt
Hi Patrick I'm trying to run WFDEI-driven offline simulations with soil …


13:34 Ticket #2937 (Issues with fcm_make_pp failing on MONSooN) created by mhollaway
Hi, Apologies for the delay on raising a ticket on this I have just …
10:21 Ticket #2936 (Error transferring to JASMIN) created by pringle
Hi, I am working with Rose for the first time, I have a suite that runs …


16:04 Ticket #2935 (mosrs password does not cache) closed by pmcguire
fixed: I will close the ticket now, since it's working for you now. Patrick


15:20 Ticket #2935 (mosrs password does not cache) created by awright
Hello Patrick, My mosrs password does not cache, it happened after I …


18:04 Ticket #2934 (recon error in suite u-bj538) created by xd904476
Hi, I have copied this suite from u-be699 but I have changed a setting in …
10:30 Ticket #2931 (fcm commit error : username problem?) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Kirsty, Glad you've managed to sort it out. Good to know that the Met …


14:33 Ticket #2933 (Postproc time mismatch) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I've had some difficulty postprocessing UM output. My suite …


20:33 Ticket #2932 ("Certificate for xcslc1 has no `subjectAltName`" error is preventing ...) created by jokea
Hi, I have some suites that I'm just getting back to; I haven't run them …
15:03 Ticket #2931 (fcm commit error : username problem?) created by pringle
Hi there. I am new to rose, and would like to commit the changes I have …
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09:50 Ticket #2924 (create ensembles) closed by xd904476
answered: Hi Grenvil, thanks for the heads up. I'll contact them. Best, Dani


12:36 Ticket #2930 (Suites not updating (u-bj396, u-bj397)) closed by grenville
answered: Glen Jobs on ARCHER will queue until resource is available to run them. …
11:34 Ticket #2930 (Suites not updating (u-bj396, u-bj397)) created by cwc46
Dear NCAS helpdesk, I have a few suites that are not updating, namely …


16:39 Ticket #2929 (Error with l_trap_uv, and EG_BICGSTAB) created by MJohnston1
Hi Helpdesk, I am trying to run an idealised simulation at coarser …


10:44 Ticket #2927 (MASS @ JASMIN - Problem using SELECT and wildcards) closed by luke
fixed: Great! I'm glad that works. Thanks, Luke


17:55 Ticket #2928 (RDF NERC filling up) created by eeac
Hi, As I can see RDF has been filling up quite quickly the past couple of …
16:22 Ticket #2912 (suite u-be699 - it stopped running) closed by ros
16:18 Ticket #2884 (simulation doesn't keep going) closed by ros
12:25 Ticket #2927 (MASS @ JASMIN - Problem using SELECT and wildcards) created by dan
Hi All, I'm attempting to extract some PP data from MASS on JASMIN …


10:35 Ticket #2925 (iPython) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Noel, Try logging into one of the other science nodes and running …
10:28 Ticket #2926 (iPython) closed by ros
duplicate: Duplicate of #2925
10:23 Ticket #2926 (iPython) created by NoelClancy
jasmin-sci2.ceda.ac.uk is unresponsive this morning. However, when I …
10:23 Ticket #2925 (iPython) created by NoelClancy
jasmin-sci2.ceda.ac.uk is unresponsive this morning. However, when I …


09:02 Ticket #2924 (create ensembles) created by xd904476
Hi, is there any automatic system in Rose to create an ensemble with SST …


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