14:47 Ticket #2959 (CMS not https) closed by willie
14:44 Ticket #2998 (rose suite-run hanging) closed by willie
14:43 Ticket #2991 (no configuration specified or found) closed by willie
14:39 Ticket #2993 (Startdump request) closed by willie
14:37 Ticket #2997 (glm reconfiguration error) closed by willie
14:37 Ticket #2994 (n1280 ancils) closed by willie


14:42 Ticket #2999 (Permission to access SDGVM drivers and ISIMIP data on jasmin) created by mfelton
Hi Patrick, I have logged into jasmin now, my jasmin username is: mafelton …
14:06 Ticket #2998 (rose suite-run hanging) created by wcollins
I can no longer run jobs from the rose editor on MonSSoon. The rose …


11:45 Ticket #2997 (glm reconfiguration error) created by xuemeiwang
I have a um11.3 reconfiguration error in the global model occurring …


15:25 Ticket #2996 ('__STDIN__' # return-code=127) created by awright
Hello Patrick, I am trying to run u-bl654 (it is a copy of u-bg831, …
10:31 Ticket #2995 (Monthly mean output with nudged simulations) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I need monthly mean output from nudged simulations for comparison …


17:12 Ticket #2929 (Error with l_trap_uv, and EG_BICGSTAB) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Michael, Thanks for letting us know Willie
13:54 Ticket #2990 (Archiving in MASS) closed by willie
fixed: Arathy, Sorry to hear that. Make sure you set up the archiving and do a …


17:41 Ticket #2994 (n1280 ancils) created by amenon
Hi, I am currently running a nesting suite (u-bl350) in Archer and I am …
14:51 Ticket #2988 (Unified Model documentation paper number 74) closed by grenville


13:50 Ticket #2982 (Nudging without temperature) closed by willie
13:49 Ticket #2981 (Ancillary installation failed in gui, but looks complete on /work log) closed by willie
13:47 Ticket #2992 (um-atmos recon threading levels and defensive checks) closed by willie
10:46 Ticket #2993 (Startdump request) created by wilhelmhodder
Hello, Could you please create a couple of startdumps for me? These are …
10:38 Ticket #2984 (Merging branches) closed by ros
10:38 Ticket #2965 (Revision not being recogized) closed by ros
10:37 Ticket #2933 (Postproc time mismatch) closed by ros
08:45 Ticket #2992 (um-atmos recon threading levels and defensive checks) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, When submitting suite u-bk417 (set up to be nudged towards ECMWF …


17:59 Ticket #2991 (no configuration specified or found) created by wcollins
Dear CMS, I have copied a suite (u-bi080) from Luke Abraham to u-bl783 and …
12:02 Ticket #2990 (Archiving in MASS) created by amenon
Dear Willie, I have an ensemble suite in MONSooN which failed to archive …
11:06 Ticket #2983 (Request for quota increase) closed by willie
11:04 Ticket #2978 (Suite control GUI error) closed by willie
10:45 Ticket #2989 (Atmospheric ancillaries crashing reconfiguration) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I'm attempting to run suite u-bk417 which is nudged to ECMWF wind …


15:55 Ticket #2988 (Unified Model documentation paper number 74) created by anmcr
Hello Helpdesk, I need to compute my own orography ancillary, which …
14:51 Ticket #2986 (Archive integrity error) closed by charlie
14:33 Ticket #2987 (No permission to access ISIMIP data in gn916173/sdgvm directory) created by mfelton
Hello Patrick, Please could I have permission to access the ISIMAP data …
14:24 Ticket #2986 (Archive integrity error) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you again, but I am getting an error at the …


09:31 Ticket #2985 (job held in Archer short queue) closed by taubry


16:34 Ticket #2985 (job held in Archer short queue) created by taubry
Hi, I am running a trial job with my AMIP suite u-bk166 on ARCHER. I …
13:08 Ticket #2984 (Merging branches) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I'm attempting to merge a branch containing code edits with a copy …


13:32 Ticket #2957 (Reload u-bj538 with extra startdumps) closed by willie
12:30 Ticket #2876 (atmos_main error after changing start time using UM10.7) closed by willie


16:59 Ticket #2983 (Request for quota increase) created by c.c.symonds
Hi. I am finding myself regularly running out of space on puma. Currently …
16:13 Ticket #2982 (Nudging without temperature) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, In my suite u-bk417 I am attempting to nudge towards ECMWF wind …
14:08 Ticket #2981 (Ancillary installation failed in gui, but looks complete on /work log) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I'm attempting to submit a UKESM job using recently ported …


15:28 Ticket #2980 (Set up the directory for UM model output) closed by dcase
fixed: Nice. I'll shut the ticket, but feel free to reopen it if you get problems …
12:08 Ticket #2980 (Set up the directory for UM model output) created by jfgu
Dear CMS helpdesk, I am now running a simulation with UM but I have a …


15:13 Ticket #2979 (New AMIP Time slice failing at recon) created by jjas3
Hi, Hope you can help! I am trying to set up an AMIP time slice …
11:32 Ticket #2973 (unrealistic output in 1.5km suite) closed by amenon
10:37 Ticket #2978 (Suite control GUI error) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, On attempting to launch the suite control GUI for my suite u-bk417 …


17:40 Ticket #2977 (Changing compiler on ARCHER) created by luciad
Hi, I'm getting errors from fcm_make2_um when I try to run the suite …
16:45 Ticket #2976 (Using CLASSIC instead of GLOMAP-MODE aerosol in UKESM-AMIP) created by yaweiqu
Hi, I'm trying to do some simulations related to the aerosol-photolysis …
12:09 Ticket #2975 (CDT training question) closed by grenville
11:36 Ticket #2969 (Segmentation fault errors) closed by grenville
11:15 Ticket #2960 (HadGEM-GA7.1 & NEXCS) closed by grenville


13:07 Ticket #2950 (Problems with restarting a model run) closed by ros
fixed: Thanks for letting us know. I'll close this query now. Regards, Ros.


15:48 Ticket #2975 (CDT training question) created by simon.tett
Hi, my colleague Ed Mitchard is completing a CDT bid for the "Earth …
12:14 Ticket #2974 (ACUMPS: Diagnostic error) created by akpandeyjnu
Hello, I am running the suite u-bj506 (nudged UKCA11.0 with transient). …
10:59 Ticket #2973 (unrealistic output in 1.5km suite) created by amenon
Dear CMS, I did some case studies using the nesting suite at 17 km, 4.4 …


22:12 Ticket #2972 (two suites failed at the same time) created by xd904476
Hi, I am running two suites and a couple of hours ago both failed within a …
14:09 Ticket #2963 (Failure of pptransfer when pushing data from Nexcs to Jasmin) closed by charlie
12:58 Ticket #2971 (AINITIAL issue from UKESM coupled to atmos-only) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I tried to run the AMIP UKESM suite with an AINITIAL file of my own, …
11:51 Ticket #2970 (Adjusting Decomposition) closed by ChrisWells
fixed: Hi Ros, Apologies for the confusion; I've spoken to Mohit and he's told …
10:54 Ticket #2966 (ImportError: No module named um_utils.fixframe) closed by ros
09:51 Ticket #2970 (Adjusting Decomposition) created by ChrisWells
Hi, I'm trying to turn the ocean off in a UKESM run (u-bl128), but when I …
09:30 Ticket #2962 (Post Processing not working/ taking to long to run.) closed by ros
answered: Problem with RDF was resolved so closing this now. If you are still …


18:18 Ticket #2969 (Segmentation fault errors) created by scottan
Hello, I am having problems with recurring segmentation fault errors that …
18:17 Ticket #2968 (Global JULES tutorial) created by NoelClancy
When restarting a global run at step 13 "You would need to change the …
13:06 Ticket #2967 (missing fluxnet sites) created by awright
Hello Patrick, I run my suite (roses/BC_all_JulesStandard_NOTRIFFID_NEW) …
08:37 Ticket #2966 (ImportError: No module named um_utils.fixframe) created by nx902220
Hi, I have just run my suite u-bc220 for the first time in 5 months and …


13:11 Ticket #2965 (Revision not being recogized) created by eeara
Hi, When I make commits to my branch, the commit appears on the Mosrs …
11:08 Ticket #2964 (suite u-bj538 failed fcm_make2_um) closed by ros
answered: For reference files are on ARCHER under: …
07:43 Ticket #2964 (suite u-bj538 failed fcm_make2_um) created by xd904476
Hi, my suite u-bj538 has failed during the fcm_make2_um but the job.err is …
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