17:27 Ticket #3129 (too many levels of symbolic links) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I'm trying to run my UKESM job u-bq507 but I got an error; …
16:07 Ticket #3106 (ARCHER /home quota increase) closed by grenville
15:28 Ticket #3126 (Reconfiguration failure) closed by grenville
fixed: Arathy Memory usage must have been at the limit for 1 node (I assume) …
15:03 Ticket #3128 (PUMA set -u) created by pmcguire
Hi CMS Helpdesk Tab completion of commands on PUMA with bash often gives …
13:36 CDDS edited by grenville
10:42 Ticket #3127 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) created by luciad
Hello, I am running the suite u-bo228, and I don't understand why I get …


15:46 Ticket #3116 (error using pp_merge) closed by simon
fixed: Excellent! I'll close the ticket.
12:39 Ticket #3126 (Reconfiguration failure) created by amenon
Hi, One of my suites (u-bq450 in Archer) is failing at the …


22:14 Ticket #3125 (WRITHEAD, UM) created by pmcguire
Hello CMS helpdesk: I have been able to get my UM AMIP suite (u-bq290) …
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11:21 Ticket #3124 (password reset) closed by EmmaHoward
fixed: Thanks!
11:00 Ticket #3122 (Restarting suite) closed by ros
duplicate: Duplicate of #3123.
10:49 Ticket #3124 (password reset) created by EmmaHoward
Hello CMS team, I've forgotten my PUMA ssh password. Could you please …
10:46 Ticket #3123 (Error: Mismatch between model_basis_time read from namelist and validity ...) created by luciad
Hello, I wanted to start the run of my suite (u-bo228) in 20170801 …
10:29 Ticket #3122 (Restarting suite) created by luciad
Hi Ros, Following on this ticket (#2357), I also had the same error, but …


20:17 Ticket #3121 (Change start dump time) created by mtodt
Hi I'm trying to run a Met UM suite from 1979 onwards using a start dump …
13:21 Ticket #3120 (10GB work quota on Archer) closed by grenville
13:01 Ticket #3120 (10GB work quota on Archer) created by pmcguire
Hi CMS Helpdesk According to the SAFE Archer website, the quota for …
12:02 Ticket #3118 (budget n02-FEBBRAIO does not have enough resource) closed by mtodt


23:31 Ticket #3119 (perturbed ensemble produces same results for each perturbation) created by xd904476
Hi, I am running a perturbed ensemble (suite u-bq215), but when I look at …


20:01 Ticket #3118 (budget n02-FEBBRAIO does not have enough resource) created by mtodt
Hi I am trying to run a suite on ARCHER using the group n02-FEBBRAIO but …


13:24 Ticket #3117 (Cannot create land surface fraction ancillary suitable for MORUSES) created by nx902220
Hi, I am taking the qrparm.veg.frac file which contains 10 pseudo levels …


15:08 Ticket #3110 (3 hourly accumulation in time profile) closed by ros
11:28 Ticket #3101 (Mass @ Jasmin problem extracting) closed by ros
11:28 Ticket #3099 (Archiving netcdf files / Error message: Supplied buffer too small) closed by ros
11:23 Ticket #3093 (Submitting revised suite without changing code - won't submit) closed by ros
11:22 Ticket #3089 (ARCHER running slowly) closed by ros
answered: Sorry this ticket wasn't replied to. In general, when this happens, it's …
11:12 Ticket #3086 (suite failing at the "coupled" stage) closed by ros
11:11 Ticket #3082 (node down) closed by ros
answered: I presume this has now been resolved. Please reopen if not. Regards, …
11:07 Ticket #3075 (missing months with postprocessing task and Gregorian calendar) closed by ros
11:06 Ticket #3063 (error of missing partial sums) closed by ros
answered: Hi Dani, I assume this ticket was dealt with as part of another ticket or …
10:39 Ticket #3062 (Archive Integrity Error) closed by ros
answered: Closing due to lack of activity.
10:38 Ticket #3056 (GRIB start dump) closed by ros
10:06 Ticket #3116 (error using pp_merge) created by ambrogio
Dear Helpdesk, I am using the pp_merge routine, part of PPFileTools, to …
09:55 Ticket #3114 (Cylc shoutdown failed) closed by ros
09:50 Blog: CMS Support over Christmas Period created by ros


10:35 Ticket #3115 (Error from routine: CHK_OPTS_MOD:CHK_INT_STR called by CHECK_NLSTCGEN) created by luciad
Hello, I am getting this error, while running the suite u-bo228 on …


15:29 Ticket #3114 (Cylc shoutdown failed) created by dgalea
I am trying to run a suite which is a copy of a training suite but I have …
10:17 Ticket #3113 (UKESM-AMIP pptransfer) created by eelrm
Hello, I'm running several suites (e.g., u-bp572) that seem to be stuck …
09:26 Ticket #3112 (Increase storage) closed by grenville
answered: increased to 1TB Grenville
08:02 CDDS edited by grenville


17:48 Ticket #3112 (Increase storage) created by luciad
Hello, I would like to increase the storage for my account on …
15:51 Ticket #3111 (Module 'scitools' is currently not loaded) created by luciad
Hello, I am trying to run a new application python code within a suite …
15:08 Ticket #3110 (3 hourly accumulation in time profile) created by amenon
Dear CMS team, I have an issue with outputting some diagnostics every 3 …
11:02 Ticket #3109 (scratch space on PUMA) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Patrick, I have increased your home directory quota on puma from 1GB …


15:09 Ticket #3109 (scratch space on PUMA) created by pmcguire
Hi It looks like I keep running out of space in my home directory on PUMA …


16:35 Ticket #3076 (I can't submit new jobs) closed by ros
fixed: Closing ticket - 4 weeks have passed since last comment, assuming this is …
13:29 Ticket #3108 (integrate JULES vegetation acclimation branch into UM) created by vidale
Hi Patrick Can you integrate the JULES vegetation acclimation branch into …


13:55 Ticket #3107 (error in PPtransfer) created by xd904476
Hi, I am issues when transferring data from the RDF to Jasmin. The error …
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12:09 CDDS edited by valeriu
09:20 Ticket #3104 (Nesting Suite Tutorial 2019 - DM Initial Conditions File) closed by dcase
fixed: Jez, I'll close this ticket, if you don't mind. It can be reopened if the …
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