23:36 Ticket #3246 (Job - not moving past "submitted") created by NoelClancy
Patrick, How can you re-submit a job in Global JULES if it seems to be …
10:09 Ticket #3245 (Branch for FAFMIP NEMO Code) created by m.couldrey
Hi CMS I have a local copy of NEMO code that I've been working on and …
08:16 Ticket #3244 (pptransfer broken pipe during rsync) closed by m.couldrey


14:22 Ticket #3244 (pptransfer broken pipe during rsync) created by m.couldrey
Hi CMS I've not had any luck trying to restart a failing PPTRANSFER job …
13:38 CDDS edited by valeriu


11:10 Ticket #3243 (Error submitting jobs to archer) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Nicola, Great! I'll close the ticket but do get back to us if it …


13:14 Ticket #3240 (JASMIN - Set up SFTP session for Data transfer to Desktop) closed by pmcguire


11:55 Ticket #3243 (Error submitting jobs to archer) created by emnicki
Dear CMS, When attempting to submit a job using the UMUI I get the …


11:17 Ticket #3242 (Disk quota) created by mvguarino
Hello, Since the RDF shutdown my /work directory started to fill up, …


15:06 Ticket #3241 (Error in output profile) created by NoelClancy
{MPI Task 15} [FATAL ERROR] register_output_profile: Duplicate variable …


12:06 Ticket #3240 (JASMIN - Set up SFTP session for Data transfer to Desktop) created by NoelClancy
Patrick, you set up a shortcut on my Desk PC to help me transfer plots …


15:20 Ticket #3239 (pumatest account request) closed by ros
completed: PUMA2 account created.


19:30 Ticket #3239 (pumatest account request) created by pmcguire
Hi CMS Helpdesk: Can I get a pumatest account, please? Thanks, Patrick
16:59 Ticket #3231 (LGM input/output are something wrong) closed by simon
fixed: OK, I'll close the ticket.
14:56 Ticket #3238 (Restarting from existing run) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you this difficult time, but I have just encountered …
13:54 Ticket #3237 (Increase disk quota on ARCHER) created by luciad
Hi Grenville, I would appreciate if you could consider raising my disk …
12:16 Ticket #3236 (ILAMB not working on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
11:52 Ticket #3236 (ILAMB not working on JASMIN) created by pmcguire
Hello CMS Helpdesk ILAMB doesn't appear to be working on JASMIN anymore. …


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09:42 Ticket #3235 (TERM_RUNLIMIT JULES) created by NoelClancy
job.err User defined signal 2 MPI Application rank 5 killed before …


18:19 Ticket #3234 (ERA5-nudged model) created by s1895566
Is there any ERA5-nudged model available on Monsoon? Thanks!
16:24 Ticket #3233 (Jasmin Workspace) created by s1895566
Which Jasmin workspace should I apply for? I am Eden Au, a NERC-funded …
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Added line advising not to remove content of cdds-holding directory (diff)
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changed the path of gws to be more generic (diff)
09:47 Ticket #3232 (Global-JULES on JASMIN) created by NoelClancy
Hi Patrick, I ran suite u-bs482 last week but as far as I recall it …


15:55 Ticket #3231 (LGM input/output are something wrong) created by yb19052
I have a suite (u-bp881) for the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). It runs, but …


15:38 Ticket #3230 (MOSRS remote access) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, For the first time I am attempting to access pumatest remotely. I …
13:24 Ticket #3222 (data transfer from Monsoon to JASMIN) closed by ggxmy
completed: I consulted ceda service desk and this has been resolved now. what I did …
11:19 Ticket #3229 (CMOR conversion - help! lost files) created by mvguarino
Hello, I need some help understating what is going on with my simulation …
09:19 Ticket #3228 (Unending dehlo_and_move) created by m.couldrey
Hi CMS I set the suite u-bo201 running on my output from my GC3.1 …


17:46 Ticket #3117 (Cannot create land surface fraction ancillary suitable for MORUSES) closed by jeff
15:34 Ticket #3227 (Accessing pumatest from home) created by c.c.symonds
Hi Like most at the moment, I'm working remotely. I'm trying to access …


09:36 Ticket #3188 (ARCHER allocation for project partners - additional project partner) closed by grenville
answered: answered by email
09:22 Ticket #3205 (pptransfer not working on archer /work) closed by ros
09:21 Ticket #3200 (running met office suite on monsoon) closed by ros
answered: Dealt with in #3202 & #3203
09:18 Ticket #3178 (HadGEM-GC7.1@N96 config) closed by ros
09:17 Ticket #3148 (Error from routine: WGDOS Packing (f_shum_wgdos_pack) stash 2351) closed by ros
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.
09:15 Ticket #3115 (Error from routine: CHK_OPTS_MOD:CHK_INT_STR called by CHECK_NLSTCGEN) closed by ros
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