18:08 Ticket #3269 (Address not mapped to object ERROR - is it the STASH?) created by mvguarino
Hello, My suite u-bt694 running on MONSOON is giving me an error …
16:46 Ticket #3268 (connection to jasmin) created by awright
Hello Patrick, I try to connect to JASMIN through eduroam as but I get …
16:17 Ticket #3267 (Permission Denied CEDA-JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
11:52 Ticket #3267 (Permission Denied CEDA-JASMIN) created by NoelClancy
generated new key pair as per instructions in email updated the key on …


11:38 Ticket #3266 (Availability of year-specific UM/NEMO start dumps) created by mk1812
Hi, I'm trying to find out about data availability for year-specific …
11:10 Ticket #3263 (pptransfer failed) closed by ros


13:54 Ticket #3261 (Disk quota exceeded) closed by ros
13:53 Ticket #3258 (Analysing pp files on the RACC - python, iris, mo_pack) closed by ros
fixed: Thanks for letting us know how you solved this.
13:52 Ticket #3250 (pptransfer does not show on Gcylc) closed by ros
13:51 Ticket #3245 (Branch for FAFMIP NEMO Code) closed by ros
13:50 Ticket #3230 (MOSRS remote access) closed by ros
13:49 Ticket #3227 (Accessing pumatest from home) closed by ros
13:49 Ticket #3265 (SoilGrids data on JASMIN) created by pmcguire
Hi Patrick, I just wondered if you had the SoilGrids data? And if so if …
13:48 Ticket #3223 (Slow running of suites on Monsoon) closed by ros


15:01 Ticket #3264 (MOSRS account for user swsdong) closed by grenville
14:59 Ticket #3225 (pptransfer stuck) closed by grenville
14:15 Ticket #3262 (Suite won't restart) closed by grenville
answered: nexcs-n02 disk looks much healthier - I'll close this ticket Grenville
11:04 Ticket #3264 (MOSRS account for user swsdong) created by swsdong
Dear Sir/Madam? I will try to setup some UM runs with UM10.x version. …
03:01 Ticket #3263 (pptransfer failed) created by s1895566
pptransfer to jasmin failed with unknown error. However, I was able to …


12:17 Ticket #3260 (No connection to ARCHER) closed by mtodt
fixed: Hi Ros I checked and indeed wasn't subscribed to one of them. Thanks a …
11:56 Ticket #3262 (Suite won't restart) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you, but one of my suites (that has been perfectly …
00:34 Ticket #3261 (Disk quota exceeded) created by s1895566
I was trying to run suite u-bu226 on Monsoon and it failed at fcm_make_um …


19:41 Ticket #3260 (No connection to ARCHER) created by mtodt
Hi I cannot submit a suite or login to ARCHER since this afternoon. The …


16:36 Ticket #3259 (Connecting SWAT model to SPOTPY package in Python) created by hmbadjana
Hi I would like to request for support on connecting the SWAT model to …


17:16 Ticket #3257 (creating ancil files from netcdf) closed by EmmaHoward
fixed: Hi Jeff, Thanks, that's worked. I must have missed that switch! Emma
15:46 Ticket #3258 (Analysing pp files on the RACC - python, iris, mo_pack) created by gn907779
Hi, I have been using a python script for converting pp files to netcdf. I …
14:27 Ticket #3257 (creating ancil files from netcdf) created by EmmaHoward
Dear CMS, I'm trying to produce a new ancillary file to initialise …
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09:26 Archer2 created by ros
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18:56 Ticket #3256 (No hosts selected - MONSOON2) created by mvguarino
Hello, I am trying to run my first simulation on MONSOON2, suite u-bt694 …
11:12 Ticket #3224 (pptransfer from work to Jasmin) closed by grenville


09:48 Ticket #3157 (a LGM suite failing at the "coupled" stage) closed by grenville
09:25 Ticket #3211 (ARCHER-specific packing error) closed by grenville
09:23 Ticket #3220 (Required field is not in input dump) closed by grenville
09:19 Ticket #3238 (Restarting from existing run) closed by grenville
09:17 Ticket #3229 (CMOR conversion - help! lost files) closed by grenville
09:15 Ticket #3228 (Unending dehlo_and_move) closed by grenville
09:14 Ticket #3226 (PostProc failing due to missing .ps file on Monsoon) closed by grenville
answered: closed through inactivity
09:13 Ticket #3248 (Error making vegfrac ancillary) closed by grenville
09:12 Ticket #3234 (ERA5-nudged model) closed by grenville
09:12 Ticket #3233 (Jasmin Workspace) closed by grenville
09:11 Ticket #3206 (check_iostat/RUN_UKCA namelist issue) closed by grenville
answered: closed through inactivity
09:09 Ticket #3242 (Disk quota) closed by grenville
09:09 Ticket #3237 (Increase disk quota on ARCHER) closed by grenville
09:08 Ticket #3247 (pptransfer failed checksum) closed by grenville


16:33 Ticket #3255 (saving iris cubes) created by NoelClancy
When you run a long python script, and you are only making minor changes …
15:20 Ticket #3252 (Xancil overwrites pseudo_level tile IDs) closed by jeff
fixed: Hi Marcus I've copied this version onto jasmin, in […] Glad it now …


15:24 Ticket #3254 (Slow writing to /gws/nopw/j04/jules) created by dhertwig
Hi, I noticed that writing JULES output to the new JULES gws on JASMIN …
13:36 Ticket #3253 (cylc gscan) created by NoelClancy
Hi Patrick, Do you know why cylc gscan is not working now. Also the …
12:30 Ticket #3252 (Xancil overwrites pseudo_level tile IDs) created by mtodt
Hi I'm currently trying to run a Met UM suite with 9 PFTs, for which I've …


10:14 Ticket #3251 (Restarting suite) created by wcollins
I have a suite u-bs981 that fails in "coupled". I've tried "Trigger" on …


22:13 Ticket #3249 (Tile Configuration in Namelist jules_surface_types) closed by mtodt
fixed: I've found the cause, I had created an optional configuration file but …


22:57 Ticket #3250 (pptransfer does not show on Gcylc) created by yb19052
Hello CMS, I run a suite (u-bp881) and it worked for the last 10 model …
15:10 Ticket #3249 (Tile Configuration in Namelist jules_surface_types) created by mtodt
Hi I'm currently trying to run a Met UM suite with 9 PFTs (u-bt231) )but …


16:37 Ticket #3248 (Error making vegfrac ancillary) created by anmcr
Hello Helpdesk, My job is u-bt436, running on Monsoon 2. It is a nested …


14:35 Ticket #3247 (pptransfer failed checksum) created by m.couldrey
Hi CMS Lately I've been getting failed transfers from XCS-C to my GWS on …
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