12:03 Ticket #3335 (wallclock exceeded) created by eelrm
Hello, I'm running several suites, which are exceeding their walltime for …


13:07 Archer/Transition2020/PUMASetup created by ros


00:07 Ticket #3334 (A question about “restarting if the model blows up”) created by yb19052
Hello CMS, I have a question about a process for “restarting if the model …


15:26 Ticket #3333 (reconfiguration and the North/South halos too small for advection error) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Hi Grenville, Thank you for looking into the problem. I've just come to …
12:13 Ticket #3326 (Failure to restart due to tracer dump) closed by grenville
answered: Steve see https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/moci/wiki/tips_CRgeneral
12:02 Ticket #3308 (Automate config editing and suite running by Python scripts) closed by grenville
answered: activity appears to spill into #3332
12:00 Ticket #3315 (jobs frozen appear finished on ARCHER) closed by grenville
answered: closed through inactivity
12:00 Ticket #3333 (reconfiguration and the North/South halos too small for advection error) created by ggxmy
Dear Helpdesk, In #3319 I said I had a trouble with the "North/South?
11:59 Ticket #3127 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) closed by grenville
answered: Lucia I'm assuming this is no longer a problem. . Grenville
11:56 Ticket #3251 (Restarting suite) closed by grenville
answered: Bill I'm assuming this was fixed. Grenville
11:55 Ticket #3078 (Creating (new) SST Ancillaries) closed by grenville
11:53 Ticket #3190 (IS Lampos still valid ?) closed by grenville
answered: Stu does not use Lampos - close for now
11:52 Ticket #3209 (Start dump request + OSTIA and SMC ancillaries) closed by grenville
answered: closed through inactivity


16:13 Ticket #3332 (pre compile fcm_make_um) created by s1895566
Is there any way to pre-compile fcm_make_um such that I don't need to …


18:28 Ticket #3319 (North/South halos too small for advection error) closed by ggxmy
Thank you Annete. I don't understand why the data was corrupted again but …


22:30 Ticket #3331 (X DISPLAY lost on PUMA after some time) created by pmcguire
Hi CMS Helpdesk I am logging in to PUMA directly from my Mac, with ssh. I …


21:51 Ticket #3330 (AutoAssess on JASMIN) created by annette
Has anyone run AutoAssess on JASMIN? Annette O.
21:06 Ticket #3329 (SoilGrids data, SOL_ZMX) closed by pmcguire
20:51 Ticket #3329 (SoilGrids data, SOL_ZMX) created by hmbadjana
Hi Patrick, I had a meeting with AnneV yesterday (June 10) and we went …
20:00 Ticket #3215 (ANTS on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
11:35 Ticket #3328 (PUMA no longer connecting to ARCHER) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Amber, This should be fixed now but please reopen the ticket if it …


09:07 Ticket #3328 (PUMA no longer connecting to ARCHER) created by alwalsh
Hi, Since PUMA has been put back online after yesterdays maintenance, I …


12:46 Ticket #3327 (postproc app) created by amenon
Hi, I am trying to set up the data transfer from my suite in Archer to …


20:54 Ticket #3135 (GL7 suite) closed by pmcguire
fixed: Hi Becky: Thanks for the feedback. I wonder why the prescribed co2 data …
20:51 Ticket #3219 (vegetation ancillaries) closed by pmcguire
answered: Hi Becky OK. Thanks! I am glad you and Sonja were able to get the job …
20:50 Ticket #3268 (connection to jasmin) closed by pmcguire
fixed: Hi Azin I'm glad you can connect to JASMIN now. Thanks for the feedback. …
20:48 Ticket #3173 (fsmc_gb (beta) calculation) closed by pmcguire
20:47 Ticket #3166 (rooting depth) closed by pmcguire
20:47 Ticket #3167 (soil parameters) closed by pmcguire
14:17 Ticket #3326 (Failure to restart due to tracer dump) created by seg
Hi My job is failing due to the model having issues with the tracer …
13:44 Ticket #3325 (UNRECOGNISED time profile request T6HMONM) created by jmw240
Hi, I've been having problems dealing with the error shown below which …


21:50 Ticket #3324 (Carry irrigation through (re)start from dump) created by mtodt
This is more an open deposit of information and notes than asking for …
20:06 Ticket #3201 (9-PFT Vegetation Fraction Ancillary) closed by mtodt
fixed: Hi Patrick(, Grenville) I think my suite is running successfully, or at …
20:02 Ticket #3290 (Restart UM suite from previous dump) closed by mtodt
wontfix: Hi Patrick This issue/task became redundant since the suite I was talking …
19:19 Ticket #2519 (user survey Land Surface Processes) closed by pmcguire
19:08 Ticket #3140 (err.out message) closed by pmcguire
19:07 Ticket #3141 (merging two JULES output data files (netCDF)) closed by pmcguire
19:02 Ticket #3179 (Increasing Suite runtime and memory) closed by pmcguire
18:58 Ticket #3232 (Global-JULES on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
18:56 Ticket #3241 (Error in output profile) closed by pmcguire
18:55 Ticket #3246 (Job - not moving past "submitted") closed by pmcguire
18:33 Ticket #3235 (TERM_RUNLIMIT JULES) closed by pmcguire
11:39 Ticket #3323 (Problems with post-processing on Monsoon) created by aschurer
Hi, I'm running a version of the UKESM on Monsoon2. exp u-bv174 It seems …
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15:01 Blog: UM Version 11.7 released created by dcase
12:24 Ticket #3322 (CFA on CentOS7 Jasmin) created by EmmaHoward
Hello, I've been using CFA to convert some UM-PP files to NetCDF on …


21:57 Ticket #3097 (Shortcut to saved session) closed by ros
21:54 Ticket #3221 (gedit and other text editors on JASMIN) closed by ros
21:53 Ticket #3174 (PE RANK 8 exit signal killed when adding a new emission file) closed by ros
answered: Closed due to lack of activity
21:52 Ticket #3153 (postproc App setup) closed by ros
21:51 Ticket #3146 (Archiving data from Monsoon to JASMIN) closed by ros
21:48 Ticket #3119 (perturbed ensemble produces same results for each perturbation) closed by ros
fixed: Resolved offline.
21:46 Ticket #3273 (How do I restart my suite with a modified bathymetry data?) closed by ros
21:36 Ticket #3191 (add toggle option to hide Descriptions in #cms_helpdesk Slack channel?) closed by ros
21:35 Ticket #3185 (lost ticket comments) closed by ros
21:26 Ticket #2911 (emailed tickets) closed by ros
19:40 Archer/Transition2020 edited by ros
19:39 Archer/Transition2020 edited by ros
16:45 Ticket #3321 (UM Version 11.5 not available in CMS Helpdesk options) closed by ros
duplicate: Already done. :-) Cheers, Ros.
16:43 Ticket #3321 (UM Version 11.5 not available in CMS Helpdesk options) created by pmcguire
UM Version 11.5 is not available in the options below. Can you add it? …
16:35 Ticket #3280 (MonSOON not accepting RSA keys since Jasmin mandatory change) closed by ros
answered: Hi Tom, I assume you have sorted this out now and so will close the …
16:12 Ticket #3320 (pptransfer failing for first month) created by pmcguire
Hi CMS-support I am running suite u-bb937 on ARCHER, and the pptransfer …
16:07 Ticket #3319 (North/South halos too small for advection error) created by ggxmy
Dear Helpdesk, I tied to run my UM v10.7 GC3.1 suite (u-bv563), which is …


17:06 Ticket #3318 (Fixed Radiative Forcings: GC3.1 simulation) created by seg
I wish to fix my radiative forcings to year=2000 (in a multi decadal …


14:25 Ticket #3310 (UKESM1 model run failing with no obvious error) closed by grenville
answered: Hi Andrea I'm assuming that it's all worked perfectly. Grenville
14:23 Ticket #3307 (logon to puma following recent changes) closed by grenville
14:22 Ticket #3300 (Unable to logon following change to PUMA access) closed by grenville
answered: close through inactivity
14:21 Ticket #3292 (jobs failing) closed by grenville
answered: closed through inactivity
14:19 Ticket #3285 (New error: U_MODEL_4A) closed by grenville


19:06 Ticket #3317 (UM selectively simulates tiles) created by mtodt
Hi I've noticed in the output of my UM suite (u-bt231) that Gross Primary …
12:43 Ticket #3275 (pp transfer) closed by grenville
fixed: Good catch


18:23 Ticket #3312 (fluxcom permissions) closed by pmcguire
12:08 Ticket #3313 (historical run stuck at recon tasks on Monsoon) closed by taubry
fixed: Hi Grenville, Thanks a lot, sorry for missing that. Yes I have gone …
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