16:40 Ticket #3353 (Back-end never delivered its pid (the same error as some other people had)) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, My GC3.1 suite (u-bw985) failed with an error; […] …
13:20 Ticket #3352 (Technical failure possibly?) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you, but one of my suites (bv963) failed over the …


16:12 Ticket #3351 (Setting up PUMA for UMUI) created by sallyaw
I am a first time PUMA/ARCHER and UM user and am trying to setup my …


22:19 Ticket #2938 (Soil tiling in offline simulations) closed by pmcguire
17:56 Ticket #2509 (benchmark new JULES global runs) closed by pmcguire
17:55 Ticket #2510 (new global JULES runs on elastic tape) closed by pmcguire
17:54 Ticket #2516 ('FLUXNET observations and point JULES model' comparison with global ...) closed by pmcguire
17:53 Ticket #2642 (FLUXNET/JULES suite u-al752 on CEDA JASMIN: meta data missing?) closed by pmcguire
17:47 Ticket #2847 (Plotting the observations for latent heat at fluxnet site US_Ha1) closed by pmcguire
17:45 Ticket #2778 (bug in JULES for using the Van Genuchten params) closed by pmcguire
17:43 Ticket #2636 (ILAMB model<->model comparisons) closed by pmcguire
17:42 Ticket #2631 (JULES medlyn stomata simulation) closed by pmcguire
17:42 Ticket #2543 (vegetation Leaf Area Index (LAI) for each Plant Functional Type (PFT): ...) closed by pmcguire
17:41 Ticket #2632 (CALIBRE downscaling) closed by pmcguire
17:40 Ticket #2517 (Forcing Data for Downscale RCP2.6 for UK) closed by pmcguire
17:34 Ticket #2922 (Run JULES at Mead, Nebraska with prescribed phenology but without ...) closed by pmcguire
fixed: Markus: I am closing this ticket now. Patrick
17:30 Ticket #3207 (Problem running Suite u-al752 on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
fixed: Hi Fred: I am closing this ticket now. Patrick
17:29 Ticket #3254 (Slow writing to /gws/nopw/j04/jules) closed by pmcguire
fixed: Hi Denise: I am closing the ticket now. Patrick
17:27 Ticket #2630 (Cocoa study for JULES) closed by pmcguire
completed: Ewan Pinnington has done JULES sims for parts of Africa, South America, …
17:25 Ticket #2776 (Get the SWAT model working with data for the Pang River Basin) closed by pmcguire
10:21 Ticket #3350 (Ancil suite not running on new cylc1.jasmin machine) created by ajd
Hello CMS, I am trying to run a suite to generate time slice ancillaries …


19:21 Ticket #3259 (Connecting SWAT model to SPOTPY package in Python) closed by pmcguire
19:20 Ticket #3299 (New soil ancillary for PORCELAIN offline simulations) closed by pmcguire
19:15 Ticket #3210 (1.2T input directory for Global JULES on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
19:00 Ticket #3265 (SoilGrids data on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire


14:04 Ticket #3349 (Installing CESM2 on MONSooN) created by simon.tett
HI, we have got CESM2 at 2x2 resolution partially installed on our local …
12:42 Ticket #3348 (Print statements only written for one processor) created by mtodt
Hi I'm currently trying to find the source of an error in a JULES branch, …


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11:01 Ticket #3342 (can't compile JULES on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
09:12 Ticket #3347 (Stash difficulties SET_LEVELS_LIST) created by jmw240
Hi, I've been having difficulty adding some seemingly standard stash …


17:27 Ticket #3346 (Can't copy ssh-key from Puma to Archer) created by sallyaw
Following the instructions to generate ssh-key pair and copy the public …


12:25 Ticket #3341 (Problem with xancil) closed by charlie


10:40 Ticket #3344 (nano text editor request) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Daniel, nano is now available on puma. Cheers Andy


20:12 Ticket #3345 (SHH access to xcslc0 or xcs-c hangs on login) created by wolfiex
When trying to access the xcs-c or xcslc0 I recieve the following (auto …
20:01 Ticket #3344 (nano text editor request) created by wolfiex
Can the nano text editor be installed for *quick* simple and easy changes …
18:29 Ticket #3343 (Permission denied (keyboard-interactive).) created by wolfiex
` […] ` I have recently been forced to change my MetOffice? Password. …
16:47 Ticket #3342 (can't compile JULES on JASMIN) created by davidbenz
I'm accessing sci2.jasmin.ac.uk through MobaXterm?. I used fcm to check out …
16:11 Ticket #3341 (Problem with xancil) created by charlie
Hi Jeff, Sorry to bother you, but I am having problems using xancil to …
15:52 Ticket #3340 (Can't make new branch on Puma/Monsoon) created by scottan
I'm having a problem trying to make a new branch with an [INVALID BRANCH …
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13:02 Ticket #3339 (Problems logging onto puma) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Scott, Looks like you missed the switch to two factor authentication …
12:55 Ticket #3339 (Problems logging onto puma) created by scottan
I'm getting locked out of puma with the error: Permission denied …


17:25 Ticket #3338 (different sizes for dump file on ARCHER) created by pmcguire
Hi CMS Helpdesk My postproc app was repeatedly failing, even though I …


15:03 Ticket #3337 (can't change postproc walltime) closed by pmcguire
13:04 Ticket #3337 (can't change postproc walltime) created by pmcguire
Hi CMS Helpdesk The postproc walltime for my suite u-bv932b is too …


18:18 Ticket #3336 (Compiling/Running C with X11) closed by pmcguire
18:05 Ticket #3336 (Compiling/Running C with X11) created by ass98av
Hi Patrick, Do you compile or run C programs? I am stuck with something. …


12:03 Ticket #3335 (wallclock exceeded) created by eelrm
Hello, I'm running several suites, which are exceeding their walltime for …


13:07 Archer/Transition2020/PUMASetup created by ros


00:07 Ticket #3334 (A question about “restarting if the model blows up”) created by yb19052
Hello CMS, I have a question about a process for “restarting if the model …


15:26 Ticket #3333 (reconfiguration and the North/South halos too small for advection error) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Hi Grenville, Thank you for looking into the problem. I've just come to …
12:13 Ticket #3326 (Failure to restart due to tracer dump) closed by grenville
answered: Steve see https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/moci/wiki/tips_CRgeneral
12:02 Ticket #3308 (Automate config editing and suite running by Python scripts) closed by grenville
answered: activity appears to spill into #3332
12:00 Ticket #3315 (jobs frozen appear finished on ARCHER) closed by grenville
answered: closed through inactivity
12:00 Ticket #3333 (reconfiguration and the North/South halos too small for advection error) created by ggxmy
Dear Helpdesk, In #3319 I said I had a trouble with the "North/South?
11:59 Ticket #3127 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) closed by grenville
answered: Lucia I'm assuming this is no longer a problem. . Grenville
11:56 Ticket #3251 (Restarting suite) closed by grenville
answered: Bill I'm assuming this was fixed. Grenville
11:55 Ticket #3078 (Creating (new) SST Ancillaries) closed by grenville
11:53 Ticket #3190 (IS Lampos still valid ?) closed by grenville
answered: Stu does not use Lampos - close for now
11:52 Ticket #3209 (Start dump request + OSTIA and SMC ancillaries) closed by grenville
answered: closed through inactivity


16:13 Ticket #3332 (pre compile fcm_make_um) created by s1895566
Is there any way to pre-compile fcm_make_um such that I don't need to …
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