13:02 Ticket #3411 (Problem running GA6 at n1280) created by cbarrell
Hi, I am trying to get a suite (u-by119) up and running that I have …


10:48 Ticket #3410 (submit-failed: no associated application) created by eelrm
Hello, I've been trying to submit some suites (u-bz04[0-3]) that keep …
10:30 Ticket #3409 (NEMO timeout problem) created by smisios
Hi Grenville, I trying to help a user (Dr Stergios Misios, Oxford) who …


15:51 Ticket #3407 (Cylc broadcast: settings from file) closed by luciana
fixed: Dear Rosalyn. I managed to get what I needed. Not sure if it's the best …
10:33 Ticket #3408 (Tasks getting submit-failed error) created by dgalea
Hi, I stopped a suite (u-by690) during its run as I figured out that …


12:00 Ticket #3407 (Cylc broadcast: settings from file) created by luciana
Good morning. I'm trying to learn how to use Cylc broadcast. I've found …


18:42 Ticket #3406 (IO Server is not active) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I submitted a copy of running UM GC3.1 suite with reduced …


11:43 Ticket #3405 (PPTransfer App Help) created by dgalea
Hi, I am trying to set up the PPTransfer app to transfer all the UM data …


11:29 Ticket #3404 (Removing suite metadata for development work) created by LesleyGray
I'm trying to run a copy of the CMIP6 piControl at N96 on Monsoon and …


11:41 Ticket #3403 (help with connecting to ARCHER) created by peterh
I created a new id_rsa_archerum last week on Friday, but am still getting …


16:21 Blog: Latest CF data tool releases with a new paper for cfdm created by sbartholomew


17:12 Ticket #3399 (Turn off pptransfer) closed by dcase
fixed: That's great. I'm going to close this ticket, which I hope is ok with you; …
16:00 Ticket #3402 (Legacy naming error) created by s1895566
I got the following error when I was running u-by177. My simulation was a …
12:32 Ticket #3401 (issue with JULES with suite.rc.CEDA-JASMIN) created by aejigu
Hi Patrick, I am at testing stage to run jules with rose but I get the …
10:50 Ticket #3400 (increase pumatest quota) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Lucia, I have increased your quota by 4GB. Cheers Andy
10:37 Ticket #3400 (increase pumatest quota) created by luciad
Hello, Is it possible to increase my pumatest quota with one additional …


10:23 Ticket #3396 (GA7 Recon in KPP suite) closed by annette
answered: Hi Emma, I did have a look and I can't see why the recon doesn't work, …


22:17 Ticket #3399 (Turn off pptransfer) created by s1895566
How can I turn off pptransfer? It's time-consuming and sometimes it …
21:09 Ticket #3398 (editing non-existent files in linux) closed by pmcguire
21:07 Ticket #3398 (editing non-existent files in linux) created by aejigu
Hi Patrick, A follow up question, the JULES tutorial suggests adding …
21:05 Ticket #3397 (Bad passphrase on cylc1 on JASMIN) closed by pmcguire
20:58 Ticket #3397 (Bad passphrase on cylc1 on JASMIN) created by aejigu
Hi Patrick, Hope you are doing well. I started working on JASMIN and …
11:46 Ticket #3396 (GA7 Recon in KPP suite) created by EmmaHoward
Hi CMS, I'm attempting to set up the KPP-South East Asia suite that …


20:07 Ticket #3395 (renaming conda environment) closed by pmcguire
20:00 Ticket #3395 (renaming conda environment) created by NoelClancy
Hi Patrick, thanks for your help, the ticket with Azin was enough. Just …


14:23 Ticket #3386 (Monsoon Access) closed by ros
13:01 Ticket #3394 (submission failed with spin up runs with dump file) created by yaogao
Hi Patrick, I have run JULES vn5.8 on SLURM and got outputs. However, …


20:35 Ticket #3393 (Problems with adapting nudging code) created by jlgarcia
Hi, My suite u-by341 has been failing at the atmos_main task and I can't …
20:19 Ticket #3392 (Model levels to pressure levels) created by jlgarcia
Hi, This is more of a general query about model levels-to pressure …


18:37 Ticket #3391 (WFDEI JULES suites on SLURM on JASMIN?) created by rfu
Hi Patrick, [Can I get some help with converting my JULES suites to …
18:29 Ticket #3390 (Running JULES on SLURM on Jasmin) created by sarahchadburn
Dear Patrick, Since the lotus queues are closing down and none of my jobs …


21:35 Ticket #3389 (ssh PUMA to ARCHER not working) created by sallyaw
When I have tried to submit jobs to ARCHER today I have been getting a …
20:18 Ticket #3384 (Transitioning rose/cylc suites to SLURM) closed by mtodt
19:10 Ticket #3383 (supermeans Python2.7 code crashing with iris and biggus on JASMIN ...) closed by pmcguire
19:09 Ticket #3368 (stuck UM suites on ARCHER; login7->login) closed by pmcguire
19:08 Ticket #3374 (follow copies feature in browser revision log works for a JULES suite but ...) closed by pmcguire
13:20 Ticket #3377 (MPI library JULES) closed by grenville
13:19 Ticket #3382 (Submit multiple UMUI jobs on external HPC without requiring password for ...) closed by grenville
13:17 Ticket #3387 (Request for increase of quota) closed by grenville
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