18:31 Ticket #3473 (missing ancillary files on archer2) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I cannot locate some essential ancillary files on ARCHER2, which I …
16:39 Archer2 edited by grenville
09:52 Ticket #3472 (UM Versions on ARCHER2) created by PHill
I have a pair of idealised UM simulations I have been running on ARCHER …


13:23 Ticket #3471 (UM_SHELL error after copying suite to MONSOON) created by mtodt
Hi I'm trying to run a suite on MONSOON that we had previously run on …


16:39 Ticket #3470 (Coupled run from restart files fail and retrying) created by jlgarcia
Hi, I've just started doing coupled runs and I have one suite that works …
16:19 Ticket #3466 (AMIP SST Files 1981-2014.) closed by jlgarcia
fixed: I have found suitable files under […] Many thanks I will close the …
15:34 Ticket #3469 (archer2-tests.rc missing from copy of u-be303/archer2) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I am testing my archer2 setup by running a copy of …
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12:53 Ticket #3468 (Add archerum key) created by zcui
I am following the instruction, but got problem as seen below. ssh-add …


16:48 Ticket #3467 (permission denied from laptop) closed by andy
fixed: I have reset your password and sent it by separate email. Cheers Andy
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16:15 Ticket #3467 (permission denied from laptop) created by zcui
Hi I tried to login on puma from my linux laptop. But it was denied. ssh …
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10:59 Ticket #3462 (Failing on second month) closed by luke
fixed: Hi James, That's great! I agree it's a bit worrying that the code didn't …


17:12 Ticket #3466 (AMIP SST Files 1981-2014.) created by jlgarcia
Hi, We are looking for ancillary files for SST and ice that span 1981 to …
14:32 Ticket #3465 (Access to n02) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I am currently unable to access /home/n02/n02 and /work/n02/n02 on …


16:51 Ticket #3461 ('surf' installation on Archer2) closed by EmmaHoward
fixed: Hi Ros, That now works with your install. Thanks for all your help, …
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15:00 Ticket #3458 (Connecting to Archer2 from PUMA) closed by ros
15:00 Ticket #3457 (submitting um jobs to archer 2 error from puma) closed by ros
fixed: Great. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers, Ros.
14:59 Ticket #3459 (Archerum key for Archer2) closed by ros


16:39 SingularityArcher2 created by simon
15:25 Ticket #3464 (I cannot access NEXCS) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Kenji, Glad you have resolved this. I will close this ticket now. …
11:33 Ticket #3464 (I cannot access NEXCS) created by yb19052
Hi, From this Tuesday evening I cannot longin to NEXCS. But, I can login …


23:15 Ticket #3463 (JULES Ancillaries files) created by fo196883
Hello Patrick, I am trying to setup a JULES run over Europe. Could you …
16:38 Ticket #3462 (Failing on second month) created by jmw240
Hi, I've been working on a vn11.7 suite u-cb848 and branch to which I had …
10:32 Ticket #3461 ('surf' installation on Archer2) created by EmmaHoward
Hi CMS, Is the tool for generating land surface ancillaries for the …
00:37 Ticket #3452 (Suite restarting and cycle and failing on wall clock) closed by ros
answered: Hi James, Yes you need to ensure that there is a dump written at the end …
00:33 Ticket #3438 (budget for n02-FEBBRAIO) closed by ros
00:32 Ticket #3425 (fcm_make submit-failed; job.err file not found) closed by ros
00:30 Ticket #3391 (WFDEI JULES suites on SLURM on JASMIN?) closed by ros
00:26 Ticket #3443 (v8.4 UM-UKCA reconfiguration failing with script invoking unknown "srun" ...) closed by ros
00:25 Ticket #3434 (Cylc Broadcast + Batch Directives) closed by ros
answered: Closed due to lack of activity
00:24 Ticket #3420 (query about restarting idealised UM from previous dumps) closed by ros
00:24 Ticket #3358 (ARCHER work allocation adjustment request) closed by ros
answered: Quotas adjusted.
00:23 Ticket #3327 (postproc app) closed by ros
answered: Closed due to lack of activity
00:22 Ticket #3322 (CFA on CentOS7 Jasmin) closed by ros
00:21 Ticket #3318 (Fixed Radiative Forcings: GC3.1 simulation) closed by ros
wontfix: Closed due to lack of activity.


17:03 Ticket #3460 (Updating suite u-bt558 for SLURM libraries) created by NoelClancy
The global gridded suite I'm trying to get working on JASMIN is u-bt558 …
16:34 Ticket #3459 (Archerum key for Archer2) created by ha392
Hello, I seem to be having an issue connecting my puma and archer2 …
16:30 Ticket #3458 (Connecting to Archer2 from PUMA) created by alwalsh
I am trying to ssh to Archer2 from PUMA but when I test the connection I …
15:02 Ticket #3433 (mpiexec example) closed by ros
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.
13:59 Ticket #3457 (submitting um jobs to archer 2 error from puma) created by hburns
Hi I've followed the steps in http://cms.ncas.ac.uk/wiki/Archer2 but on …


18:17 Ticket #3456 (fcm fail for u-br916) created by NoelClancy
Hi, There is an fcm fail for suite u-br916. Don't know what is wrong. …


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19:09 UM/SettingUpArcher2Env created by ros
18:49 UM/RunningUMUIJobArcher2 created by ros
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09:45 Ticket #3455 (Forgotten password on puma) closed by andy
fixed: Password reset and sent by separate email. Cheers Andy
01:15 Ticket #3455 (Forgotten password on puma) created by sifankoriche
Apologies but the password I thought I had for puma is clearly not the …


12:31 Ticket #3454 (disk space on Archer2) closed by EmmaHoward
fixed: Brilliant, thank you!
11:23 Archer2 edited by grenville
11:22 Ticket #3454 (disk space on Archer2) created by EmmaHoward
Hi, May I please request an increase of my disk space on the ARCHER2 …


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14:31 Ticket #3453 (Trouble using mule on MONSooN2) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Andrea, Hmmm yes, that is weird. I'm glad it's working now though. …
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10:47 Ticket #3453 (Trouble using mule on MONSooN2) created by ajd
Hi CMS, I'm trying to use the perturb_theta.py script (python2.7) to …
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10:05 Ticket #3452 (Suite restarting and cycle and failing on wall clock) created by jmw240
Hi, I'm trying to run a copy of the pi-clim control at vn11.5 (u-cb228) …
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16:45 Ticket #3451 (problems with ssh and MOSRS) created by NoelClancy
Hi, not sure what is wrong. [FAIL] …
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10:48 Ticket #3450 (Suite stalled unless inserting "sleep 1" in a script) closed by luciana
fixed: Hi Ros. I just got that idea and fixed the code. Really silly, but at …


00:50 Ticket #3450 (Suite stalled unless inserting "sleep 1" in a script) created by luciana
Hi guys. I managed to solve the problem I'm having (inserting sleep 1!), …


16:17 Ticket #3449 (What does the l_mask_snow_orog switch actually do?) created by jmackay
Hi all, I'm currently using jules to simulate mountain snow-ice …
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