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  • When a user submits a request to the UM Helpdesk the designated owner of the query (determined by which area of the UM the query relates to) will be emailed.
  • To respond to a query you will need to login to the UM Helpdesk with your Trac username/password
    [Note: This is different to your joomla username/password.]
  • View the relevant ticket by going to "view tickets", selecting the required report which will list the active tickets and clicking on the ticket summary.
    [Hint: To sort the list of tickets click on a column heading.]
  • It is imperative that the "Reported By" field has been filled in with the reporter's email address otherwise they will not be informed of any progress. Make sure that this field doesn't still contain umdoc. You can change this field by editing the "Reporter" field in the Add/Change? section of the page.
  • Responses are made, by adding comments to the ticket. In the Add/Change? section enter your response in the "comment" field. WikiFormatting should be used here.
  • Before submitting your response in the Action block of radio buttons click "Accept Ticket" if you are the primary person working on this ticket. If your response fixes the query, then click "Resolve" and select the appropriate reason from the dropdown box (fixed, invalid, wontfix, dupliate, worksforme).
  • Hit the "Preview" button to view your edits.
  • Once happy click "Submit changes" and the ticket will be emailed to the reporter as well as to the assigned owner and all those listed in the cc: field.
  • Once a query has been resolved please remember to close the ticket by selecting "Resolve" in the Action list at the bottom of a ticket.
  • If the ticket needs to be assigned to another member of the team. You can reassign it by viewing the ticket and checking the "Reassign" radio button and entering the name of the new owner (one of ros, lois, jeff, andy, cwang or bouton).