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I have been running some N512 tests of my mixed-layer coupled model (UM 7.8 + KPP mixed-layer ocean).
On HECToR, I used cores nodes (960 for the UM, 32 for OASIS and 32 for KPP) and obtained 44.65 model days / wallclock day
On ARCHER, I used 384 cores (336 for the UM, 24 for OASIS and 24 for KPP) and obtained 41.03 model days / wallclock day
If you take the model days/wallclock day figures to be the same, it indicates that HECToR gives the same speed as ARCHER 
for 2.85x more cores for the atmosphere (960/336).
My jobs were configured identically.  I used all the default compilation options on both systems. 
I do not use OpenMP or the I/O server. OASIS and KPP run much faster the UM, so the coupling is not slowing down the atmosphere.
I expect you would see exactly the same for an atmosphere-only job.