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     1This is a very basic guide to getting a UM 8.6 SCM model to run on the ARCHER post processing machine. At this stage it's an aide memoire for me as much as anything. This requires a low degree of hacking - this could be removed by creating some hand edits in the future. 
     3The UMIU job is xlmjb. 
     5Set it up to extract and build the model and submit it to ARCHER. qdel the job before it starts to build - we need to build the model to run serially on the post processor machine. 
     7ssh to the post processor machine  -- ssh espp1 
     9Go to the target machine route directory and then find the cfg subdirectory (/home/n02/n02/n02/grenvill/um/xlmjb/umatmos/cfg in my case) 
     11Make sure you have the intel programming environment loaded and that you swap to intel/ before using.  
     13You will need to change bld.cfg so that it builds a model linked to the serial communications library (/work/n02/n02/hum/gcom/intel/gcom4.5/archer_intel_serial) and that, since some module information doesn't work on the post-processor (see, you need to specify netcdf library paths explicitly. Use /home/n02/n02/grenvill/um/xlmjb/umatmos/cfg as an example config file. 
     16Then build the model 
     18fcm build  
     20My executable was created in /home/n02/n02/grenvill/um/xlmjb/umatmos/bin - yours will be similarly. 
     22The path to the executable should be typed in the UMUI window in the model compile and run options, and the UMUI now set to run the model (switch off extraction and compilation). 
     24Submit the job to ARCHER and again qdel the job to prevent it from trying to run. 
     27Go to the umui_runs directory just created, add to CNTLATM the namelist 
     33just before 
     35 &RUN_Dyn 
     36 IntRand_seed=0, 
     41and type ./umuisubmit_run