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Configuring pptransfer app and UM suite to pull data on /work from JASMIN

The pptransfer task used to run on the ARCHER Data Transfer Node (dtn02) which we no longer have access to from February 19th. The instructions below modify a suite to run the pptransfer task on the JASMIN transfer nodes and pull the data across from ARCHER /work disk.

In the rose suite editor go to "postproc → Post processing - common settings"’’:

  • In panel "Archer Archiving" change archive_root_path to be a directory in your $DATADIR on /work disk (e.g. /work/n02/n02/ros/archive. This will be a temporary area to stage your data before transfer to JASMIN.
  • In panel JASMIN Transfer change transfer_type to Pull and remote_host to

In the ~/roses/<SUITEID>/site/archer.rc file edit the section [[PPTRANSFER_RESOURCE]]:

  • Remove the line pre-script = "module load anaconda"'
  • Replace the line host = with host =

You now need to setup ssh-agent to be able to login to and from there to

Setup required on PUMA and JASMIN


These instructions assume you already have an ssh-agent running on PUMA which you would already have needed in order to run a UM suite on ARCHER.

  • Log on to PUMA.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your JASMIN ssh-key in your ~/.ssh directory. This is the key you generated when you applied for access to JASMIN. The remainder of the instructions assume it is called id_dsa_jasmin please replace this with the name of your key as appropriate.
  • Setup ~/.ssh/config file to login to the jasmin-xfer node. For example:
    User <jasmin-username>
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_dsa_jasmin
    ForwardAgent no

Replace <jasmin-username> with your JASMIN username.

  • Run ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_dsa_jasmin to attach the key to your existing ssh-agent.


  1. Log on to JASMIN: ssh
  1. Setup PATH to Rose, Cylc and FCM:
  • In your ~/.bash_profile add the following:
    if [[ `hostname` = "" ]]; then
      # Rose/cylc on jasmin-cylc
      export PATH=/apps/contrib/metomi/bin:$PATH
      # Rose/cylc on jasmin-xfer
      export PATH=/home/users/rshatcher/software/bin:$PATH 
  1. Setup ssh-agent to access ARCHER Login Nodes:
  • Copy the private key you use on PUMA to access ARCHER over to JASMIN. This will be something like ~/.ssh/id_dsa.
    scp <puma-username> ~/.ssh
  • Copy the ssh-agent start up script:
    cp ~rshatcher/setup ~/.ssh
  • In your ~/.bashrc add the following to start up ssh-agent:
    if [[ `hostname` = "" ]] ; then
      # ssh-agent setup for transfer app
      . ~/.ssh/setup
  • In your ~/.ssh/config add the following lines:
      User <archer-username>

Replacing <archer-username with your ARCHER username.

  • Log out of jasmin-xfer2 and back in again.
  • Run ssh-add. You will be prompted for your passphrase.

Check that you can now ssh to ARCHER without prompt for password/passphrase by running: