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As part the regular software upgrade cycle, ARCHER will remove the Cray cce8.2.1 compiler. cce8.2.1 has been the UM compiler since ARCHER became operational and we have maintained its use to minimize possible disruption but it does appear to be a source of OOM errors in some long-running UM jobs. These OOM errors have not appeared in jobs running code compiled with later Cray compilers, so it is timely to upgrade to the current ARCHER default - cce8.3.7.

HECToR-ARCHER Comparison

UM Version Description cce8.3.7 jobid cce8.2.1 jobid Comments
8.2 N96 HadGEM3A xlnia xleha Needed to reduce optimization on convection to 01 - didn't look for specicific routine - only checked with 1 start file
8.2 12km SWAMMA xlnib xlehb Worked as is