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Suite u-bo201 is built to remove halos from data sets. The following steps are necessary prior to converting data using CDDS. This suite can be found in the MOSRS repository using $ rosie go.

Step 1:

You will need to be logged onto JASMIN cylc (

Step 2:

Copy suite u-bo201 and change two variables within the rose-suite.conf file, HALO_START_DIR and root-dir{work} :


This is where your data sits prior to being put through the de-halo process. The path expects a suite directory which itself contains directories with data files.

The following example shows how to specify your HALO_START_DIR path:

HALO_START_DIR = /gws/nopw/j04/rdf_migrate_vol2/my_username/u-aa123

  1. root-dir{work}

This is the location where the cylc-run/work directory will be created during the run. The cylc-run/work directory is used as an intermediate space to store data files while they are being de-haloed. This must be set to a location on the same group workspace as HALO_START_DIR i.e.


Step 3:

Run the suite.

The suite will start one cycle run per directory being put through the de-halo process. A cycle will fail during ‘file_check’ if it cannot find a corresponding directory.

As part of suite workflow, a cdds-holding directory will be generated which temporarily holds files. NEVER delete anything from the cdds-holding direcory - contact CMS is you suspect a problem.

What you end up with:

  1. Your HALO_START_DIR still contains all of your original directories, but these directories now only contain the original versions of .nc files which needed de-haloing.
  1. A new directory with the same name as the start directory, but which ends in ‘-cdds’ (i.e. ‘u-aa123-cdds’) . This directory gets created at the start of the suite run at the same path location as the HALO_START_DIR. This will contain all of your data with the new .nc files which have been de-haloed.
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