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    8585- for data retrieved from MASS to Jasmin, the file structure will be $SUITE/STREAM.pp/files - you will have to change the names of the STREAM.pp dirs to STREAM and 
    8686use FILEPATHSTYPE="ARCHER" since this way the dir structure will comply with the Archer-type paths. We '''DO NOT''' support any other type of input data directory structure. 
     88'''NOTE for running individual steps of CDDS on Jasmin''' 
     89If you need to run individual steps of the pipeline (eg cdds_convert once you are on jasmin-cylc or cdds_extract for some testing) outside the regular workflow, you will still 
     90have to place all the system and run variables in your environment - for this purpose you can take the ready made file at [|this github location] and either copy paste or download the file, '''edit the user defined variables''' at the top, source it and you are 
     91ready to run each of the cdds steps individually. 
    88935. Create the json request file, naming the same as {{{$REQUEST_JSON}}} set in 4. -- here's the one used in our example. Much of the information listed here is taken directly from the file for the UM model suite that generated the data (u-bh543 for our example) - '''REMEMBER''' to consult and for information about individual experiments, specifically how to set your {{{parent_experiment_id}}} variable in the json file!!