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CMIP6 data CMOR'isation - How to run the CDDS work flow on JASMIN

1. JASMIN GWS access

You will need access to the cmip6_prep Group Workspace. Apply here:

2. MOSRS access

You will need MOSRS access from JASMIN

3. Where to run

The CDDS work flow comprises several phases

  1. preparation
  2. data reformatting
  3. quality check

Phase A runs interactively, is light on computational resource and can be run on jasmin-cylc. Phase B is computationally intensive, runs on LOTUS, and monitored from jasmin-cylc. Phase C is potentially computationally intensive and should not be run on jasmin-cylc - one of the jasmin sci machines will be appropriate.

4. Model Data

CDDS expects data to be in a JASMIN group workspace. CDDS supports two data directory structures:

  1. data by stream