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UM Automatic Resubmission


The scripts used to run the UM have been set up so that long experiments can be run in chunks that are suitable for the batch queue structure of the computer being used. The maximum run length of a batch job depends on which computer you are running your job. The number of UM days you can run in this time will depend on the performance of the computer, the resolution of the UM, the physics options selected, the amount of STASH you are asking for etc.

Initial Run

Set up your UM job via the UMUI. You will need to specify

a) the run length: submodel independent → start date and run length options
Set the run to be the total time of your experiment.

b) the job resources for your runs
submodel independent → job resources
setting the job time limit to be the length of time needed to run a chunk of your experiment. Then press NEXT at the bottom of the window to set up automatic resubmission. Select automatic resubmission and specify the target run length and job time limit for the chunks.