Met Office PV-Wave/IDL License


This agreement is between The Meteorological Office, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence (The Authority) and the licensee.

  1. Subject to the terms and conditions herein, the Authority grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive Licence to use, adapt and modify the data and/or software: Met Office library of PV-WAVE routines ("UKMO library") for bona fide research in connection with analysis of UM data
  2. Such Licence does not permit the use of the data/software for commercial exploitation, business use, resale or transfer to any third party without the written consent of the Authority.
  3. The Authority shall provide one copy of the data/software and associated documentation where appropriate on payment of the following charges: No charge
  4. The data/software has been developed and/or produced for the purposes of the Authority and no warranty is given as to its suitability for use on the Licensee's equipment.
  5. No liability is accepted by the Authority for any errors or omissions in the data, software or associated information and/or documentation.
  6. Licensed use of the data/software shall include acknowledgement of Crown Copyright where appropriate.
  7. The Authority retains the intellectual property rights on the data/software.
  8. The Authority reserves the right to require acknowledgements and, where appropriate, co-authorship in any publication of scientific papers arising out of use of the data/software and/or information supplied by the Authority.
  9. The Licence shall run from the date of the signing of this agreement. The Authority reserves the right to terminate this Licence without notice if the Licensee is in breach of any of the conditions herein.

No support from the UK MetOffice, NCAS-Climate or NCAS-CMS is provided for this software.
Site licenses can be arranged through special application.

You are allowed to use the library only if you are running the Unified Model, or if you have obtained data in PP format for analysis. The library must not be used for other purposes.

To obtain the IDL library please email Jonathan Gregory (j.m.gregory @ clearly stating the following:

  • A sentence indicating your acceptance of the above license agreement
  • Full name
  • Your institution
  • Email address
  • Research interest for which the library could be useful
  • Conditions of use - Please state whether you are:
    a) running the Unified Model and/or
    b) analysing data in PP format from the Unified Model

Once your email has been received you will receive a link to download the library.

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