Met Office UM Documentation Papers

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This is the list of available documentation up to vn8.6. These documents are also available from the Met Office Collaboration Twiki (username and password required for access).

The newest version of the documentation papers are available on the Met Office Science Repository Service at (username and password required for access).

Number Title vn4.5 vn5.x vn6.x vn7.x vn8.x
000 Unified Model User Guide vn6.6 vn7.3, vn7.7 vn8.0, vn8.2, vn8.4, vn8.5, vn8.6
002 Change Control Management of the UM System vn4.5
003 Software Standards for the UM: Fortran and Unix vn4.4 vn7.6 vn8.1, vn8.5, vn8.6
005 Notation, physical constants, units and variable names vn2.6
007 Filenaming conventions for the UM System vn4.5 vn6.3 vn7.9vn8.4
010 Conservative finite difference schemes for the Unified Forecast/Climate Model vn4.5
011 Positive definite advection scheme vn4.3
013 Derivation and calculation of Potential Vorticity vn4.5
014 Solution of Poisson's equation on the sphere using Fourier Transforms vn4.5
015 New Dynamics Formulation vn6.3
020 Aerosol Processes vn6.3 vn8.1, vn8.5
021 Vertical Diffusion vn4.5
022 Gravity Wave Drag vn4.5 vn5.5 vn8.1, vn8.5
023 Radiation vn4.5 vn5.5 vn8.2, vn8.6
023A Spectral Files for the Radiation Scheme vn8.6
024 The Parametrization of Boundary Layer Processes vn3.1 vn6.3 vn8.5, vn8.6
024 Subsurface, Surface and Boundary Layer Processes (Part 2) vn3.1 vn6.3
024 Subsurface, Surface and Boundary Layer Processes (Part 3) vn6.3 vn7.9 vn8.2, vn8.4
024A The TKE based higher order turbulence closure scheme vn7.7 vn8.5
025 Canopy, Surface and Soil Hydrology vn3.4 vn5.0
026 Large-scale Precipitation vn4.5 vn7.6 vn8.0, vn8.2, vn8.4
027 Convection Scheme vn4.4 vn7.3 vn8.2, vn8.5
027 Convection Scheme - 6A vn8.5, vn8.6
028 Subgrid Turbulence Scheme vn6.6
029 Calculation of SSH and Large Scale Cloud vn4.5 vn6.4 vn7.8 vn8.0
029A Annexe to 029: The PC2 Cloud Scheme vn6.4 vn7.6, vn7.8 vn8.0, vn8.1
030 Analysis Correction Data Assimilation Scheme vn4.5
031 Incremental Analysis Update (IAU) Scheme vn7.6, vn7.9 vn8.2
033 Running the UM in Idealised Model vn6.6
034 Non-Orographic (Spectral) Gravity Wave Parametrization vn8.5
035 The Thunderstorm Electrification Parametrization Scheme vn8.6
040 Ocean Model vn4.5
041 Ocean Model fixed layer formulation vn2.0
044 Ocean Model - Variable timestep with depth vn2.0
045 Thermodynamic/Dynamic Sea-Ice Model vn4.0 vn6.1
047 Heat Transfer diagnostics in the Ocean Model vn3.2
048 Lateral Boundary Conditions in the Ocean Model vn4.5
050 Application of surface heat and freshwater fluxes in the Ocean Model vn4.5
051 Isopycnal Diffusion Scheme in the Ocean Model vn4.5 vn6.0
053 The Ocean Carbon Cycle in the Ocean Model vn4.4
054 The Gent and McWilliams Parametrization Scheme, including Visbeck and Biharmonic GM Schemes vn6.0
055 Implementation of the Elastic-Viscous-Plastic Sea Ice Dynamics Scheme vn5.3
058 The Slab Model vn4.5 vn5.4
059 Ocean Models and the implementation of Vertical Diffusion and Vertical Mixing vn4.5
060 Fourier Filtering in the Ocean Model vn4.5
061 The McDougall et al. equation of state density calculation in the ocean vn5.5
070 Specification of ancillary files vn4.0 vn6.6
071 Specification of sea-ice fields vn3.2
072 The SST analysis system vn3.3
073 Ancillary file creation for the UM vn4.4 vn6.6
074 Orography Ancillary file creation vn6.0
080 Dynamical and Physical Diagnostic Calculations vn2.2 vn5.2
081 Stochastic Physics Code in the UM vn7.1, vn7.7 vn8.0, vn8.6
082 Transformed Eulerian Mean and Wave Drag Diagnostics on Pressure Levels vn7.5
083 Nudging the Unified Model vn8.0, vn8.4
084 UKCA Technical Description vn8.2, vn8.4, vn8.5, vn8.6
085 Global Energy Correction vn8.6
302 HOWTO - Initialise a Field via the Reconfiguration vn8.5
303 HOWTO - Convert GRIB data to a UM Dump via the reconfiguration vn7.0 vn8.1
304 HOWTO - Add a new input variable to the UKCA interface vn8.3
C1 Dynamical Allocation of Primary Fields vn3.2
C2 Atmosphere-Ocean Coupling: Technical Overview vn4.5 vn7.5, vn7.7 vn8.0, vn8.2, vn8.4, vn8.5, vn8.6
C3 List of external files vn4.5 vn5.1 vn7.7 vn8.5
C4 Storage Handling and Diagnostic System (STASH) vn4.5 vn7.1, vn7.8 vn8.2, vn8.3, vn8.6
C5 Control of means calculations vn2.7 vn5.1 vn7.7
C6 OASIS Coupling - Technical Overview vn4.4
C7 Update ancillary and boundary files in the atmosphere and ocean models vn3.1
C71 Atmospheric LBCs at UM5.3 - 6.3 vn6.3
C9 The Single Column Model vn6.2 vn7.7
C10 Input/Output Services in the Unified Model vn8.0, vn8.2, vn8.3, vn8.6
D4 Diagnostics on pressure levels for calculating eddy fluxes and variances of fields vn4.5
D6 Printed Diagnostics vn2.7
D7 Test Diagnostics for Output vn3.1
F3 Dumps, fieldsfiles, observation files and ancillary dataset format vn4.5 vn7.3, vn7.8 vn8.2, vn8.3, vn8.5
F5 Unified Model file utilities vn4.5 vn7.1, vn7.4 vn8.2, vn8.5
F51 Merge Utility vn4.5 vn5.1
F52 Modifying UM output fields vn4.5 vn5.1
F53 Fieldcalc vn8.1, vn8.5
F54 MAKEBC Utility vn7.6 vn8.4, vn8.5
F57 Frames - Utility to make a boundary dataset from model output vn8.2
F59 GRIB Utilities - Conversion to and from UM Output vn8.2, vn8.5
S1 Interpolation techniques and grid transformations vn4.5
S4 PP File Reinitialisation Scheme vn5.3
S5 C Utility Routines vn4.5 vn6.1 vn7.9
S11 Technical Aspects of the Reconfiguration Program vn7.1 vn8.2, vn8.5, vn8.6
X0 Unified Model for External Users vn4.5 vn7.6, vn7.8 vn8.0, vn8.2, vn8.4, vn8.5, vn8.6
X1 Portability Considerations vn3.4
X2 The Nupdate Source Code Manager vn3.2
X4 Guidelines to Building the UM on External Systems vn4.5 vn7.6, vn7.8 vn8.0, vn8.2, vn8.4, vn8.5, vn8.6
X6 Unified Model System File Details vn8.0, vn8.4, vn8.6
X7 The User Test Framework vn8.0, vn8.2, vn8.3
Y1 Unified Model Automated Output Processing System vn4.5 vn7.6 vn8.6
Z5 System Maintenance Procedures vn4.5
Z52 Unified Model Compilation System vn4.5 vn7.5, vn7.7, vn7.9 vn8.1, vn8.4, vn8.5
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