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    148148||xidef||HadGEM3-A r2.0 N96 L85|| 
    149149||xideh||UKCA-!StratChem N48 L60 QESM-A|| 
     155= Setting up UM 8.4 to run on Polaris = 
     157== 1 Central Installation Directory Structure == 
     158The vn 8.4 installation is under /home/polaris_lds1/earhum/vn8.4/.  
     161== 2 Your Setup on Polaris == 
     162Copy the UM Setup section from /home/polaris_lds1/ldsgl/.bashrc to your .bashrc. In order to use vn 8.4 utilities make sure you source .umsetvars_8.4. 
     164== 3 Model Build Information and UMUI Settings == 
     165The model build information is kept in configuration files which are read by the FCM build system. The appropriate compiler flags are used to build the model along with information about which libraries to link. We have used the following flags for the Polaris intel compiler for both model and communications builds 
     167{{{-i8 -r8 -fp-model precise -O1}}} 
     172=== FCM Branches === 
     174Navigate to ''model selection -> FCM configuration -> FCM options for atmosphere and reconfiguration'' and include the following branch 
     179in the '''User Modifications''' table. The naming of this necessary branch may change in future - this branch contains a script change needed to ensure CRUNS behave correctly. 
     183=== General UMUI Settings === 
     185Navigate to ''model selection -> FCM configuration ->  FCM extract directories and output levels ''. 
     186Experience will help determine the most convenient places where the extracted model should reside. Explicitly set '''UM_ROUTDIR''' to be your user directory on /nobackup, however, note that files left in this directory may be marked for deletion in accordance with Polaris data policy. 
     188Navigate to ''model selection -> user information and submit method -> general details'' 
     189Set '''User-id''' to be your Polaris id. The '''Tic Code''' is not relevant to Polaris. We have not tested end of run email notification. 
     191Navigate to ''model selection -> user information and target machine -> job submission method'' 
     192Choose the option ''''qsub' for SGE(SGI)''' for the submission method, enter for the '''Host name''', select '''Change machine config file''' and enter '''sgi-intel-polaris'''. We note that OpenMP works on Polaris, but there appears to be an issue with MPI multi-threading which prevents the use of the UM I/O servers, in which case, navigate to ''model selection -> input/output control and resources -> IO services'' and set '''Number of IO servers''' to "0" 
     194Navigate to ''model selection -> input/output control and resources -> user hand edit files'' and include '''/home/grenville/umui_jobs/hand_edits/polaris_8.4.1''' in the Hand edits list. This is currently necessary to mange the way Polaris handles the module command in the k shell. Future work should see the need for this to disappear. 
     197== 4 Example UMUI Job == 
     198The following job is currently under user grenville in the UMUI 
     199||Job Id||  Model  || 
     200||xidew||HadGEM3-GA4.0 Polaris||