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How do I do a UM Continuation Run?

When you set a model running, (or at least when I) set a model running, it only runs for the first Year and then halts. This is to allow you to check everything is running OK. Once done you can now proceed with a continuation run. To do this:

  • on your local machine do cd ~/umui_jobs/jobname
  • edit the SUBMIT file
  • change the line TYPE=NRUN to TYPE=CRUN
  • if your initial run was a compile and run job in one job then you need also to change to STEP=4 in the SUBMIT script as well.
  • save and exit
  • resubmit the UM run as you did for the initial run.

The model should now start from the end of the first year and run to completion. If you're running for more than a year or so, you should probably read about Docs/AutomaticResubmission.