What files can I safely delete on PUMA?

There is limited disk space available on PUMA, so all users need to clear up files in their home directories regularly to stay within their quota.

Extract directories:

Submission of UM jobs via the UMUI and UM suites through Rose/Cylc, generate lots of files which mount up quickly and can be safely deleted as follows:

For the UMUI:

Job extract directories usually under ~/um/um_extracts or ~/FCM_extracts can be deleted. They will be recreated as required.

For Rose suites:

The extract directory ~/cylc-run/<suite-id>/share/fcm_make_um/.fcm_make can be deleted safely. If you are running a coupled suite there will also be a corresponding extract directory for the NEMO build (e.g. ~/cylc-run/<suite-id>/share/fcm_make_ocean/.fcm_make)

Cylc-run directories:

Once you are finished running a suite you should delete the cylc-run directory for that suite. (E.g. ~/cylc-run/u-ag137)

Working copies of branches:

Once all local changes to a branch have been committed you should delete the working copy and reference the branch in your job/suite by its repository URL. (e.g fcm:um.xm-br/dev/marcstringer/vn10.6_fix_OpenMP_nice_use)

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