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Converting a MONSooN job to run on ARCHER

This is how to convert a UM FCM MONSooN job into a ARCHER job.

Please note that all jobs are different, and there may be other configuration issues not covered by this document. Also note, this document assumes a working knowledge of the UMUI. Window names will vary slightly from one UM version to another. Please contact the NCAS Modelling Helpdesk if you have problems.

Change the settings in the UMUI as follows:

1. User Information and Target Machine:

General details:

Set user name, email address and Tic code

Target machine:

Click other, Set other machine name ( and number of processors

2. Sub-Model Independent:

Compilation and modifications→Compile options:

Set required compile type and compile time limit

Compilation and modifications→User defined overrides:

Remove all

Compilation and modifications→Mods to reconfiguration:

Set options as required

Sub-model independent section options:

Section 96 should be set to 1A

Post processing:

Set up as required for archiving

FCM Configuration → FCM Extract Directories:

Set paths for Local and Target root extract directories.
(We recommed that you set the Target root extract directory to a location in your /home directory on ARCHER as compilation will be quicker than in /work)

FCM Configuration → FCM Options for UM Atmos and Recon:

Bindings Location:

Set to fcm:um_br/dev/um/VNx.y_machine_cfg/src/configs/bindings for UM Versions 8.0 and earlier
Set to fcm:um_br/dev/um/vnx.y_machine_cfg/src/configs/bindings for UM Versions 8.2 and later

Switch off "Use precompiled build"

Add the following branch to the "User Modifications" Table:

For UM Versions 8.0 and earlier add fcm:um_br/pkg/Config/VNx.y_ncas/src and place a Y in the last column.
For UM Versions 8.2 and later add fcm:um_br/pkg/Config/vnx.y_ncas/src and place a Y in the last column.

For UM Versions up to and including 7.5:
Container File name and Location: $UM_SVN_BIND/container.cfg
Use different version of UM code base: set to vnx.y_cfg

For UM Versions 7.6 and onwards:
Container File name and Location: $UM_SVN_BIND/container.cfg@vnx.y_cfg
Use different version of UM code base: set to vnx.y

Where x.y is the UM version number.

3. Input/Output Control and Resources:

Time Convention and SCRIPT environment variables:

Change Paths as appropriate for all variables in the "Defined Environment Variables" Table.

Adjust settings for $DATAM and $DATAW as required.

4. Job Submission:

Click on "qsub for pbs Pro (CRAY XT)"

Set job length

5. Reconfiguration:

If using reconfiguration, set to run on same number of processors as model

6. Input Files:

Copy over any non-standard ancillary files and start dumps.

Check paths to input files (ancils, dumps, etc) are correct.