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     1= Flexible Configuration Management System = 
     3The Flexible Configuration Management (FCM) system, written by the Met Office, is used to manage the UM code (as well as NEMO, CICE and other codes) from UM vn6.6.3 onwards. It has been designed to simplify the task of managing and building source code. 
     5Before jumping straight in and trying to run with the new system, there are several things you need to set up before you can use the UM within FCM, these are detailed on the [ UM Trac pages]. We recommend that you begin by reading the FCM Overview document to gain a general understanding of the system components and typical workflow. 
     7An in-depth [ Tutorial] is available for you to have hands-on practice with the new system. The tutorial repository is completely separate from the live UM repository and as such is a sandpit for you to try out any FCM commands, etc that you wish. The tutorial takes you through running a UM job, making code changes and resolving conflicts, including all the commands you will need on a day to day basis. Again it is recommended that you complete the tutorial before moving on to working with the real UM repository. 
     9=== FCM Documentation and Related Links: === 
     11 * [htdocs:FCM/user_guide/index.html FCM User Guide (html)] 
     12 * FCM User Guide (pdf) 
     13 * FCM Overview 
     14 * [ UM Tutorial Trac] 
     15 * [ UM Trac]  
     16 * [ FCM Frequently Asked Questions] 
     17 * [ FCM Project Index]