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High Performance Computing Modelling Infrastructure and Facilities

Raise a ticket on the CMS helpdesk or contact us [g.m.s.lister@… directly ] (g.m.s.lister@…) for advice on how to access the following

Compute and data resource

The UK atmospheric science and Earth System modelling community have available several HPC platforms on which to run large numerical simulations, notably

Contact CMS for information and advice on accessing these resources for your modelling needs. CMS can also advise on the suitability of other platforms for your modelling project.

Modelling Workflow

CMS will support your use of

  • PUMA - the CMS service hosting and mirroring important code repositories and providing shared access to the latest codes for the atmospheric physics community.
  • Rose/Cylc - new workflow management tools

Modelling Systems

Contact CMS for support with

  • UM - CMS support several versions and configurations of the Met Office Unified Model on ARCHER, MONSooN
  • NEMO - the European Ocean Model
  • OpenIFS - the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System