Repository and Workflow Management

CMS provides the infrastructure to allow users on the national platforms (ARCHER, MONSooN, Polaris, Mobilis and HPC Wales) the means to:

  • seamlessly share UM job configurations
  • easily run different versions of the UM, NEMO, CICE, etc
  • efficiently update their models with shared code
  • and, for those developing new code, to manage their software development cycle.

The PUMA Service, hosted at the University of Reading, provides centralised access to the UMUI, Flexible Configuration Management (FCM) system, and hosts many source code repositories (UM, NEMO, CICE, GungHo, etc) and associated Trac systems. More recently CMS has installed & configured the new Rose & Cylc systems required for the next generation (vn10.x) of the Unified Model. Rose provides a configuration editor, application runner, suite scheduler (Cylc), log viewer, suite storage and discovery, as well as other suite utilities. In 2015 the Met Office launched the Science Repository Service (MOSRS). PUMA has been set up to enable access to the code repositories hosted on MOSRS.

Tools and Utilities

CMS have developed several utilities for use with various file formats commonly encountered in weather and climate research. Our development effort for tools to manipulate CF netCDF data in particular is intensive and ongoing. These links provide further information.

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