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Introduction to the MONSooN service

MONSooN is an acronym (of sorts) for the Met Office and NERC Superco(o)mputing Node.

The start date for the full user service on MONSooN was 1st December 2009.

The MONSooN service is intended to provide a collaborative environment for approved NERC and Met Office users. This collaboration is managed under the auspices of the Joint Weather and Climate Research Program (JWCRP). The MONSooN service aims to facilitate

  • sharing of modelling results
  • joint development of software
  • access to Met Office data

The MONSooN service is provided by the Met Office outside of the full Met Office firewall. The hardware for the service is identical to the Met Office hardware inside the firewall but is smaller in size and configured for more flexibility. The MONSooN service currently (September 2015) consists of:

  • a 120 node Cray XC40 system, that is 3840 cores in total
  • 500 Tbytes of fast storage, for /home and /project disk areas
  • a postprocessing (linux) system

Further information on the MONSooN Cray XC40 hardware can be found on the Met Office Collaboration Twiki

The Unified Model (UM) is available on MONSooN using the PUMA service for the UMUI and FCM servers. This means that

  • all MONSooN users will need to register for a PUMA account. Instructions can be found here?.
  • MONSooN users should set up ssh-agent on PUMA. Instructions can be found here.

For help and support on the MONSooN service users should contact

  • Katie Kerr, the MONSooN service manager for all questions about the service delivery (monsoon at
  • John Whitlock, for all questions about current or potential collaborative project proposals (john.whitlock at
  • the NCAS CMS helpdesk for all questions about the PUMA service, the UMUI, FCM and the UM installations on MONSooN
  • Further information can also be found on the MONSooN Collaboration Twiki

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