Using modules to setup UM environment

Modules are widely used in HPC systems as a means of easily setting up or changing the environment to use particular system software and/or libraries typically needed when testing software against various compilers, reverting to default system environments, or loading bespoke environments. NCAS-CMS developed "loadcomp" to manage the HPC environment for the UM on ARHCER - loadcomp has served us well and will carry on doing so for UM versions <10.0

Initially we explored a module template scheme, developed by ECMWF and implemented on ARCHER by Simon Wilson and Ros Hatcher, to support our UM use on ARCHER which should allow for greater flexibility in testing and thus help us manage ARCHER software upgrades. However, after some testing it was found that this wouldn't work for our needs. It was also discovered that loading modules from within modules on ARCHER is not guaranteed to work. Conversation with Cray/ARCHER confirmed the problem and we were advised of a "snapshot" facility that would hopefully suit our needs better but would not be available for several months.

[Effort: 2 weeks + ongoing]

September 2017

With module update on ARCHER in August the new snapshot facility was finally made available. This should allow creation of snapshots of the module environment that can be saved, shared and loaded in order to create your own custom environments.

The basic commands are:

module snapshot <filename>      # saves the snapshot to the specified file


module restore <filename>       # to restore the environmen

For full information see the 'man' page for 'module'

CMS plan to investigate the use of snapshots in due course.

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