Interaction of Convective Organisation with Monsoon Precipitation, Atmosphere, Surface & Sea: 2015 - 2018

The overall INCOMPASS objective is to improve the skill of rainfall prediction in operational weather & climate models by better understanding/representation of interactions between land surface, boundary layer, convection, the large-scale environment and monsoon variability on range of scales.

NCAS-CMS are providing 10% time for the project duration to install packages required by the UM nesting suite being run for the project and to provide technical support to get the model running on ARCHER as well as on-going assistance, as required.

Update August 2016

NCAS-CMS have installed the SURF executable required by the suite on ARCHER and been providing support in getting project researchers up to speed using the Rose/Cylc infrastructure, as well as giving assistance in configuring/porting the Rose suite to ARCHER.

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