We are contributing to the NERC project “Improving simple climate models through process-based analysis of ocean heat uptake in AOGCMs and observations” (T.Kuhlbrodt, R Tailleux, J M Gregory). Our contribution will be to set up NEMOTAM (NEMO Tangent Linear and Adjoint models) on our local system, on MONSooN, HECToR and possibly on LOTUS. We shall port the model and subject it to performance testing and carry out some tuning and optimization for the various architectures on which it runs. This project is in its early stages.


Instructions for running the IPSL ShaCoNEMO ORCA1 configuration on ARCHER: wiki:Projects/INSPECT/ShaCoNEMO-ORCA1-ARCHER.


NEMOTAM version 3.4.1 is now available on the PUMA NEMO repository as a branch:

The NEMO and NEMOTAM code, along with supporting software, have been installed on a local Reading machine (um1 and um2).

We have also set up and run a simple NEMO/NEMO-TAM pair of experiments using the example configuration provided in the software - see wiki:Projects/INSPECT/NEMOTAM.


GO is the name for the Met Office's global ocean development. The current configuration is GO5.0 (released October 2013), with some documentation here:

We have taken a copy of the MONSooN/puma standard ORCA025 job xhjeh and ported it to HECToR and Archer - see wiki:Projects/INSPECT/GO50Archer.

NEMO ocean model :

NEMO and CICE trac wiki on puma :

Met Office Global Ocean Development: (note this requires MOSRS access)

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