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GO5.0 on Archer

This page is under construction

3 March 2014

The GO5.0 ORCA ¼ degree standard job has been ported to Archer (xiylc).

This is a forced spin-up run (xhjeh on MONSooN and amhih on the main Met office system).

Page contents:

Timing runs

5 day test runs (320 timesteps) with restart files written at the end of 5 days but no mean diagnostic output.

In all cases here NEMO and CICE have the same decomposition.

MONSooN:   8x12     3 nodes    20m 

HECToR:    8x12     3 nodes    1h 16m
           8x16     4 nodes    50m 23s

Archer:    8x12     4 nodes    23m 3s

Input data

Data files for the NEMO and CICE components are stored under $UMDIR on Archer:


Instructions for running

Quick start

Take a copy of job xiylc under owner annette in the UMUI on puma.

Open up the job and change:

i) The user settings in User information and submit method → General details

ii) The local

Job output

Making changes

Porting from MONSooN to Archer